How long before you realize that you are already awake?

What is some information that everyone needs in this time of shifting and (apparent) chaos on this planet?

There is no way in which you are not already connected. You are awake when you realize that you are awake. That part of the shifting has already happened. Now is the time to learn how to stay in the awakened state and to function from within this awakened state. You have the frequency levels of 4th density available to you at all times now. You're planet and your solar system are already well into this energetic shifting.

Have we already shifted, or is there a big event that will be happening that we will experience on this planet?

Both. You have already shifted into the potential for functionality within 4th density, but there is also potential for large energetic events to transpire within your timeline. You are now on a “positive” timeline and the chance of experiencing the major cataclysm of the “negative” timeline is decreasing more and more. The strongest part of the convergence of multiple timelines (the convergence of harmonic pathways) is behind you at this time. It is certainly still possible to jump to one of those timelines, but the more you continue in the direction you are currently going, the less and less the likelihood of aligning with that experience is.

You must remember, you are the one that determines the experiences of this shifting in energetic functionality. It's always been and always will be your choice. The more you decide to take back your personal power from the “powers-that-be” and take responsibility for your own experiences, the more you are able to step into the Light and to align yourself with the Great White Light of Infinite Creation. The power is yours. The choice is yours.

What about the experience of the solar blast energy that will elevate human consciousness that we keep hearing about? Will this event come to pass? Will we experience this rapid ascension?

You can and will experience this if you choose to. With each step you take toward reclaiming your personal power, individually and collectively, you step more and more into having direct control over your experience of the shifting. If you choose to step into the experience of having a massive evolution of consciousness at a very rapid rate, what you call "ascension," then that is what you will experience. And you are in fact coming more and more into alignment with this leap in consciousness that will bring you collectively into the next “Golden Age” of humanity's connected experience on Earth.

This is in fact the experience that many of you incarnated on Earth specifically to experience. Many of you are waking up to the paths that you set out for yourselves as you came into your current incarnations. Many of your paths involve helping others to wake up to their paths as well at this time; bringing this Light to the world, as the “Lightworkers” that you all are.

As you remember how to come together in this Light, you will also align yourself more and more with the experience that you came here together to create. The choice is yours. The power is yours. You choose this path in awakening to these powers, this ascension, with every step that you take, with every action that you set in motion, with every person that you invite into this Light. You are building resonance with this path, strengthening this resonance to the point where it creates an energetic pull that calls others into awakening to this path, into entrainment with the resonance of this path as well.

This experience of ascension is here for you. If you continue to choose to move towards this experience in your thoughts and actions you will have this experience. As we said, this is the experience that many of you specifically came here for.

So we now ask you a question. Is this still the experience that you choose to have? If the answer is yes, what are you going to do about it?