How can sound can be used to unlock Universal knowledge?

How can the use of sound help to awaken one to new knowledge?

Sound can be used to unlock vibrational patternings within your own physicality. Holding specific vibrational patternings unlocks specific information within you; Geometric informational patternings, which is information crystallized into geometric form. By entraining to the frequency patterns of that geometric form you unlock the informational access.


This is how your Universe propagates. This is the basis of all life, of all form, and of all information. Energy, Frequency, Vibration...matching resonance...that is the key that Tesla was speaking of in his famous quote. Tuning yourself in specific ways, holding specific resonance, that is how you access this geometric information, literally tuning in. Sound is a lovely tool for this, very efficient, if you allow it. Working with electromagnetics is another way of tuning, using the electromagnetic field that surrounds your own body, and using the electromagnetic field that surrounds the Earth. This is very powerful.

How about using sound to bring your own electromagnetic field into resonance with that of the Earth?

Yes. Although the Earth is so massive you may need some sort of tool to focus that energy. That is what a lot of ancient structures around your planet were built for, they were built on specific meridians where the vibratory resonance was in phase. Pyramidal structures are great for this. Even working with a small pyramid shape can be useful. By bringing yourself inside of the structure and using sound to enter into a state of consciousness where you can tune yourself, the effects will be amplified and focused. You can unlock many geometric informational patternings in this way, with the help from the efficient way that a pyramidal structure focuses energy flow.


The pyramidal structure creates a flow of coherence out of the electromagnetic field of the Earth that the human energy field can tune into. A funneling down and an interweaving together in coherence...a focusing.

Pyramids aren't the only structures that can do this, but they are a very efficient one. Stone circles can create another specific kind of coherence, especially when created out of geological formations of stone that are conducive to specific energy production; piezoelectric, granite and quartz mixtures are effective. Different geologies hold different properties and can help to allow access to different geometric informational patternings.

Using sound with these structures is a very effective way to bring yourself into a specific tuning...holding specific resonance that works with the specific structuring you are looking to work with. Perform a frequency sweep to tune into the specific resonance and then create sound to bring others into tune with that resonance to then unlock the geometric informational patternings.

What is the best way to do a frequency sweep, individually as well as with a group?

Groups are always the most efficient way to perform a frequency sweep. Your bee's breath is an effective tool for this, for getting people to vibrate in a similar way.

Individually, working with specific crystals can help with this. Quartz crystals are great amplifiers of this tuning in. We suggest obtaining a larger cluster to work with, 6 to 12 in in diameter by 4 to 8 in tall natural quartz organically mined. Having this quartz on a granite slab with pressure will create a slight energetic field, and an amplification of the naturally occurring field of the area. Although this is more effective in a larger structure with larger stones, like at the biodome, it is possible to utilize this technology on a smaller scale.

Learn to listen to your heart. Keep your heart center turned on, and in a state of flow. Focus this energy through your pineal. This flow will allow you access to your intuition, information from your higher self.