The guiding force between all things


The guiding force between all things...

Your functionality lies within a sort of vibrational guidance system. Your life follows specific harmonic patternings that give you an outline and overview to the density that holds and guides your life's path. “Free will on train tracks” is how you have put this.

Humanity has been on the path of duality, and “the hero's journey,” on your planet Earth for many millennia. The formation of your consciousness harmonizing patternings are a refraction of the vibrational resonance carried by the density that you live within, the density that you call 3rd density.

This density and these vibrational patternings are currently in the process of being shifted to higher vibrational rates, higher states of resonance. As the vibrational rates are raising within your whole solar system, and within the light of your Sun, this shifting upwards of the vibrational resonance begins to shift the density in which the entire solar system is functioning within. Very specifically for you, the Earth, as part of this solar system, is shifting densities.

With the shifting density of the planet that you live upon / within comes a shifting of the harmonic patternings of your lives. Your “hero's journey” of this duality state comes to a head, and ultimately shifts into a new harmonic patterning, a new story, as it becomes a harmonic refraction of this new vibrational density that you will begin to function within.

This shift has been slowly building within the vibrational structure of your planet for 83 to 87 of your years. This has been a slow gradient of shifting that is moving faster and faster exponentially. Where you are at now vibrationally is a place that is sometimes 3rd density, and sometimes 4th density, depending on the vibrational levels of your day-to-day / week-to-week homeostasis (equilibrium) as individuals and as a collective. There is no individual without the collective and there is no collective without the individual, these are the micro / macro of your functionality as human beings within the timespace density of this fractal Universe. Both individual and collective are really one in the same, but that is another story, you don't yet view it that way within your resonant state of duality.

The shifting densities means a shifting of the guiding force between all things. As the vibrational resonance of your planet continues to rise and begins hold different vibrational patternings, your consciousness shifts to express these new patternings. These vibrational patternings form the geometric informational systems, that forms the harmonic refraction of your functionality within a specific density, that forms your specific level of consciousness as expressed within that specific density. This is the nature of your operating system. As the resonant vibration of your planet shifts to higher frequencies, you are entrained into those higher frequencies, (or “shaken apart.”) As you learn to hold and work with this higher resonance you are then able to access the geometric informational systems of the higher densities carried to you by the light of your Sun.

As you learn to access and work with this new level of consciousness EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE. This change will start (is starting) with individuals. Like popcorn, one will pop into this new state of consciousness, and then another, and then a few more, and as the “temperature” rises more and more will pop, until you reach the tipping point that shifts all of humanity, like the hundredth monkey story.

Unlike popcorn, you can also unpop. The vibrational atmosphere you now occupy has a gradient that covers both the 3rd and 4th density, and as you fluctuate you may raise above this threshold, and then slip back down below it. This is not true 4th density. True 4th density occurs when you are able to hold this resonance as a collective. You are not quite there yet, but with the continual shifting of resonance within your solar system and your planet, getting there is inevitable. Again, in your density you view yourself as individuals and don't yet understand how you are also a collective. You are both parts, equally an individual and a collective, therefore both parts must learn to work with and hold this new higher vibrational resonance.

By keeping your own vibrational state high you can access these new geometric informational structures and share this with others. As you do so you will stir this up within them as well. There is a familiarity in this information because on another level it is already an inherent part of who you are. It's like a dream that is just on the tip of your memory, you know you know it, you know you've experienced it, but you just can't quite access it. Well, that dream is your new reality.

Wakey wakey, rise and shine, it's on again, off again, on again...