Why did this new moon solar eclipse affect us so heavily?

Can you give any information on how/why this new moon solar eclipse affected us so heavily?


You are currently in between the 3rd and 4th densities of your energetic functionality within this timespace matrix. Sometimes the vibrational resonance you are holding is more in line with one density than the other. 3rd density on planet Earth has begun to be a tough place to be right now. The frequency gradient of that particular bandwidth on your planet is getting squashed and infiltrated with a dissonance which is caused by the higher frequencies that are coming into your solar system at this time. Functioning from within this 3rd density frequency bandwidth leaves your physicality feeling weak...headaches, nausea, insomnia, body stiffness, dizziness, foggy brain, and that squished/pinched head feeling...this is what many of you have been experiencing. This is caused by the narrowing of the 3rd density bandwidth on your planet, and your stubbornness of trying to still function from within this frequency bandwidth at this time of shifting away from that, on your particular timeline.

As you raise your vibration and come into the 4th density all of those symptoms dissipate. When the vibrational resonance of your being within this current incarnate raises into that of the 4th density bandwidth, bringing yourself into closer resonance with these higher frequencies, you have a lot more energetic space, i.e. frequency bandwidth, to function within. (Something to do with Electromagnetics..? I was shown something about the flow of electromagnetic energy, but it seems beyond my current comprehension in this moment.)


This 4th density bandwidth are the resonant frequencies that your planet is currently starting to hold and function within on this timeline that you have chosen. Your planet is going through this shift and functioning from within this 3rd/4th density shifting gradient in the same way that you are. Simply put, being in line with the resonance that your planet is currently holding will make you feel good and energized, while being in line with your past familiar resonance from before this shifting started kicking into high gear will feel bad and restrictive...and you will feel some or all of these symptoms that you have been feeling; headaches, nausea, insomnia, body stiffness, dizziness, foggy brain, and that squished/pinched head feeling...

Actively seek to raise your vibration will help to alleviate all of this “density sickness.” ("We told you so" is how this feels to me...)

Sometimes outside events come along that give you a nice boost in your vibrational resonance. This new moon solar eclipse is just one of such events. All of this is hardwired into your solar system/Galaxy/Universe, and it is no coincidence how much this particular astrological event helped you with raising your vibrational resonance. The Universe is truly on your side and is conspiring with you.

You are deeply loved and you have more help than you could ever even possibly imagine.

We recommend keeping a daily practice in raising your vibration, whatever that means for you. Working with group energy is an extremely positive amplifier of your energetic resonance as well.


Navigating this gradient between the 3rd and 4h densities can be an extremely blissful experience, but it can also be an extremely challenging experience. The experience of this shifting is really your choice. If you can keep your vibrational resonance level above a certain point within the gradient between these 3rd and 4th densities you will have a very positive and blissful experience within this shifting. When your vibrational resonance falls below this optimal experiential point, this is when the challenging experiences within your physicality begin to occur. (Tonal Balance Control - I was shown this iZotope audio plug in for matching optimal EQ setting in an audio mix, which I regularly use, as the perfect example. Our body feelings work in this same way and alert us to when we are falling below the optimal bandwidth...)

Recognize these symptoms as warning signs, and work to keep your energy flow and vibrational resonance as high as you are able to. Of course difficulties will happen as you bump into energetic patternings that you have been holding onto, that may have been buried quite deeply within you until being lifted out by this shifting like oil rising to the surface of water. Don't allow yourself to cling to these old energetic patternings. Allow yourself to flow, allow your energy to flow, keep yourself in flow and allow yourself to release these blockages to that flow.

When you are able to manage your vibrational resonance intentionally this will all become very easy. Until then, "Constant vigilance, Potter!" Welcome to the fourth density.