Finding balance to access your complete multidimensional self

I'd like to talk more about balance. It feels like finding balance is extremely important at this time. Can we go into a comprehensive overview of this? How does one attain balance of the type that helps them to open up their multidimensional awareness?

Balance truly is the key to opening up to multidimensional awareness / perception from your physicality. Balance causes the ability to align vibrationally with the resonance required for that connection to take place.

The balance you seek is a balance between your body, mind, and spirit.

Your physical body is a reflection of the interpretation you hold of your physicality within your creator mind. The mind is a powerful tool. As you get assimilated into the societal structures of your physical existence, you are taught to filter your creator mind through belief systems. This programming affects how you view the world, and therefore, how you form the world of your physicality.

Your childhood moving into your adulthood is all about being schooled in "the way the world is." These systems of belief become programmed into you until they become defining parameters within your very physical existence. These programs that you function within do not necessarily hold ultimate truths, but you've worked with them as defining guideposts within your physicality for many generations, and therefore many of you have accepted them as unquestionable truths. And you have progressed well as a worldwide civilization within these parameters for many millennia, but now in this time everything has changed, is changing, and will be changing much further in the near future.

These systems of belief, this programming, is no longer fully a vibrational match with the density that you are functioning within. Your planet and your whole solar system have entered a place of higher energetic resonance, and this higher resonance is shifting the whole of your physical reality interface. As this shifts more and more the old programming that you've undergone, these old belief systems, are no longer a vibrational match to the time-space reality you exist within.

For many generations you have allowed your logical mind to rule your perceptions of the world around you. This is how you are trained to function in your cultural assimilation known as schooling. You are rewarded for functioning within the parameters of your logical mind and scolded for functioning with any parameters that lie outside of that logic viewpoint. Your emotions and your intuition are taught to you as being frivolous...but this could not be further from the truth.

The logical mind is a wonderful tool, we are in no way downplaying the power of this tool that you have developed. The logical mind is a tool used well for classifying your reality and then holding access to definitions and parameters within which you allow yourself to function in a predefined manner by way of judging situations and placing them into specific categories.

Where this falls short is that as you define things you see yourself as separate from them, and in doing so you train yourself to only see one aspect of these things that you have defined, which is namely whatever you have defined them as. If you look at a tree and only see the definition of a a tree that your logical mind is holding, and you are not seeing the energetic living creature that lives in breathes in perfect balance within this living matrix, you are only allowing yourself to see a very tiny portion of what that tree actually is, and therefore you are filtering your reality down to a space of a very very finite and limited perception.

By functioning within your physicality and only allowing your perceptions to be that which can pass through the filters of your logical mind, you are shutting yourself down from a much, much greater reality that exists interwoven with the physical aspect that you are identifying with.

As we said, the logical mind is a tool, a powerful and useful tool that can and does help you to function within this physicality in this density, but you should start to realize that the logical mind is a terrible driver. By using your logical mind as your sole point of perception within your reality time space, you are shutting yourself off from a vast portion of your energetic reality, especially within this time of the great shift upon your planet.

Unleashing your true powers and your deeper connection to your multidimensional existence will come from finding balance between your mind, your body, and your spirit; your logical mind, your emotional body, and your intuitive spirit.

Emotions are an extremely important and powerful aspect of yourself. Emotions are a connecting force which dissolves the illusion of separation that the logical mind inherently holds by the nature of its functionality. You are programmed from a very young age that your emotions are a useless and frivolous byproduct. You are trained to ignore and stuff those emotions down repeatedly until the point where energetic blockages are formed and this stuffing down causes physical illness, and if left in a state of blockage, can even results in the death of your physicality.

Your emotional body is an extremely powerful and a vastly important aspect of yourself. When you think of your body and you visualize only the physical aspects of yourself, 10 fingers, 10 toes, head and shoulders, and so on, this is the logical minds perception of your physicality. The way in which we see your body is vastly different then this perception of yourself. You are beings of physicality, yes, you require sustenance and shelter to survive within the density in which you perceive your existence. But you are also beings of vast energy and brilliant light deeply connected with each other and the world you live in.

We see you as luminous bodies of flowing energy that are deeply connected and flowing with your surroundings on many levels. All of this together is your emotional body, the physical body and the energetic flow, like a planet with an atmosphere. Just because the atmosphere of a planet isn't the same density as the minerals that make up what you perceive as the ground does not make the atmosphere not part of that planet. That is a vastly distorted view point. Without that atmosphere being a part of the body of the planet, life on that planet would be impossible. You need both of those aspects together to hold your life sustainably.

Your emotional body functions in the same way, you need both your physical and your energetic bodies working together in balance. The emotional perception of your existence is how you function within and work with the energetic aspects of your body. Understanding this and opening to this becomes more and more important as the shifting resonance of your physical existence moves to higher and higher frequencies. With this shifting the physical becomes less and less substantial and your ability to work with this non-physical energy becomes more and more of how you will function within your incarnate.

If you are still trying to stuff your emotions down, ignore your emotional body, and ignore the energetic aspects of yourself in favor of only the logical minds interpretation of the physical, you will have, and are having, a much harder time functioning within this time space reality as it undergoes the energetic upcycling that is currently happening on your planet and in your solar system.

All of the past traumas that you find rising to the surface at this time are the places where you have been blocking your energetic flow by stuffing down your emotional connection to your energetic body. As you inevitably undergo this shifting of resonance, that blocked energy is becoming less compatible with your vibrational matrix and is rising to the surface in the same way that oil will rise to the surface within water.

Blocked energy making itself known, although it can be difficult, is not a bad thing. It means you are doing exactly what you would want to be doing, learning how to work with and function within these new energies and hold this new resonance.

If you did not allow the shifting to take place you would eventually become incompatible with the time space matrix of this current timeline as it cycles upwards into higher and higher vibrations, shifting to higher and higher resonance. If you don't allow yourself to move with this shift, eventually you will become incompatible with this timeline.

Allow yourself to come back into familiarity with your emotional body, as you were as a child before undergoing the sociological programming. Allow the releasing of these blockages that you have formed within yourself and relearn how to access your energetic flow state. This allowance will bring your physical body and your emotional atmosphere back to working in tandem. This energetic field runs all through your physical body, through the energy centers known as Chakras, of which there are many, and also expands out into an energetic bubble that's around you, a toroidal field of flowing energy that extends outwards from you up to about 16 feet around.

As you become more and more in alignment with your physical and energetic balance, you open yourself up to working with larger and larger amounts of this newer higher dimensional energy that is flooding your planet and your self. As you hold more of this higher resonance within you, you start to remember your connection to higher dimensions. By making this connection to your higher dimensional aspects of self, by bringing your logical mind and emotional body into more of a state of balance you will start to come into a balance with the multidimensional aspects of your existence as well. This coming into resonance with your multidimensional awareness reawakens your connection to your intuitive spirit.

A strengthening connection to your intuitive spirit occurs when your logical mind is being used as only the tool that it is, not the driver of your reality experience, and you are functioning from within your emotional body in a state of free energetic flow. Functioning from within the emotional body flow state means a deeper connection to everything that surrounds you, people, nature, energy, all of it. This deeper state of connection realigns your ability to connect to your intuitive spirit.

This is how "one attains the balance of the type that opens themselves up to their multidimensional awareness." That multidimensional awareness is actually an integral part of the balance, the intuitive spirit.

As you start to bring these 3 aspects into balance, functioning together in tandem, complimenting each other in the way that they are designed to, instead of putting themselves against each other as you've been programmed, you will awaken to a new reality. This balance is the key that will open the door to fully realizing this vibrational shift that you are undergoing and to learning to hold this new resonance... Not just hold it, but become it in all aspects of your incarnation.

You are moving up to a higher density of existence, that is the nature of this shift. Accessing more aspects of multidimensional awareness is only one of the many Awakenings you will undergo. The whole nature of your reality, the way you function within the time-space matrix, the way you access and attain knowledge, and so much more will be a completely different experience from the way that you currently define it.

So, lose your unwavering definitions. Take the logical mind out of the driver's seat, reconnect to your emotional body's energetic flow, and use that emotional connection as the interface to your physical / energetic experience, which will create a balance that will awaken your connection to the intuitive spirit.

As these three aspects come into balance, the logical mind, the emotional body, and the intuitive spirit, you are able to hold and fully in entrain yourself to this new higher dimensional resonance, and you will become this in all aspects of your experience.

You are in for unimaginably beautiful and amazing experiences as you undergo this awakening. It is truly an unparalleled sacred experience, this awakening.

We are so deeply grateful for being able to experience this with you through our helping.