How do we experience the positive path of ascension?

How do we experience the positive path of ascension at this time of great shifting on Earth?

The experiences that you receive inwards are a direct reflection of the experiences that you put outwards. Notice in your life how you are acting and reacting in your interactions, this shows you the exact path that you are on.

Helping others towards this path helps to align yourself with this path. You are doing much good in this world. You are practicing and openly sharing the knowledge that is awaking within you, for the most part.

The more you can be an open book as you allow knowledge to come through you from your higher multidimensional self, the more of a positive reflection you will create. Stay out of fear. Stay out of judgment. And stay out of the fear of judgment. That fear of judgment is a great separator which cuts you off from connecting with others at the level of energetic depth that is needed to awaken and maintain this connected state.


Be an open book. Share the knowledge that you have inside of you without judgment, and without the need for others to see things as you do. Doing so will inspire others to do so, allowing more and more knowledge to come to the light, which in turn will show you all a greater and greater portion of this puzzle you find yourself within as you come to greater and greater levels of awakening. You are truly in this together. No single person holds all of the answers accessible at once within the density of your physical incarnate at this time. There is no savior outside of yourselves coming together. Your experience of this shifting is intentionally designed this way to allow you to reinstate your connection to your own personal power which you have so freely given away to others in times past, as well as the realization of the power you hold as a collective.

If you think the information you have access to now is vast, just wait until you start incorporating the information that others are awakening to as well, bringing the pieces together. This causes a chain reaction, a great shifting in your connection. The key is in coming together, coming together in openness without judgment, without dogma, without the fear of being judged, just coming together as human beings having the infinite experience of reconnecting to the truer essence of your higher multidimensional selves.

Everything is changing. This is happening now. Don't hold back. Throw caution to the wind and allow yourself this experience. A large portion of this experience is in the sharing of this experience. Humans are inherently a deeply connected species. Human experiences are vastly more potent when they are shared with others. Coming together in this way literally amplifies.


Try to intentionally open up to each other in intentional ways, not sharing beliefs and dogma, but sharing a connection of energetic flow. Too many times when humans get together it turns into an “I'm right and you're wrong” scenario of people acting in judgment of one another, trying to force others to see things with their way as the only correct way. That way of being closes you down. That way of being puts the focus on the self and on the logical belief systems and programming of the societally integrated self. Being together in this restrictive way shuts down the open flow of energy between humankind and makes inaccessible any greater connection to their higher levels of multidimensional consciousness.

Come together and remain open, without being in judgment of one another. Your logical thinking and societal structures have nothing to do with your connection to infinite wisdom and your awakening / energetic up-cycling that is occurring at this time, that which you refer to as the 'ascension experience.' The logically programmed societal structures are dogma created as a byproduct of your experiences in this time-space density and are restrictive to the open flow of connection to the higher aspects of your multidimensional self.

Emotions are a key. The true connection lies in the emotional body, in coming together unguarded, open, without judgment of yourself or of others. Appreciate each other from a space of connecting to beauty, the way one might appreciate a beautiful majestic sunset or an awe inspiring shooting star. Be in appreciation and awe of the magnificence and beauty of infinite creative force coming into alignment to allow such a flowering of physical being and conscious interwoven in perfect symbiotic resonance.

There is no right or wrong way to do things, so coming together with the need to tell one another how it is done is utterly useless. Just learn how to be with each other in appreciation of one another. See the beauty in each of your individual experiences, each so completely unique and each so completely right unto yourselves.

Honoring another's experience without judgment allows you to honor your own experience without judgment. Both seem to be equally difficult for you, because you have not yet come to realize that they are one and the same. If you want to release all that you hold within you that causes you turmoil and dis-alignment, then you must release all that you judge as out of alignment and downright wrong in others. The action of judging another human's belief systems and way of being as being wrong reflects inside of you to create spaces of dis-alignment within yourself.

Learn to let all of that go. Learn to be together...just be. Learn to appreciate the beauty of another person without seeking out the differences between you that your logical mind then judges to be wrong because it is in contrast to your own way of being. Just appreciate one another. Realize that the contrast is what makes the perception of self, of individuality, a possibility in the first place, without contrast there is no differentiation.

Coming together in groups with people that are willing to do this intentionally can be a very potent and a very cathartic experience. Agree to experience this together, shields down, judgment down, no fear, and just be. Come together with the only intention being to experience one another in a state of openness. This state of being together openly amplifies the shift in resonance occurring at this time within each of you individually and all of you collectively, which in turn helps you to stay on the positive path of ascension during this time of great energetic shifting within your solar system.

Bring the people together.