The Resonance of Kindness ~ Citizens of Earth Episode 3

We live in a time of great awakening. We are all feeling changes happening on this planet, and we are all searching for answers at this time. This is such a wonderful time to be alive on this planet as we start to awaken to the truth of who we truly are as a species, and to remember the inherent truths about ourselves that we have forgotten. This is the time of the the great prophecies, Civilizations of old pointed to this time as a time of great change on this planet. And you are here to help us all to remember how to not to destroy ourselves in these vast, sometimes extremely confusing changes. We are each here to be a guiding light for each other..and for all others.

We can see symptoms of this awakening all over these days. As many people start to awaken out of the fear state and the perceived separation from one-another that we've been entrained into, the first step for many may be anger...Because as we each go through this change of releasing our own fears and our own culturally imposed programming, there is a danger that we may get caught up in the flow of this releasing of fear and negativity within us...there is a danger of getting caught up in the anger that this releasing may cause. But if we recognize this for what it is, a releasing of the old to make way for the new, then we can remember to let those old patterns go, and let them flow out of us to make room for these beautiful new energies as we move into alignment with this New Earth.

We must each try to hold a space of kindness and compassion within us at this time...and remember that our inner reality of thoughts and emotions can directly influence those around us through the vibrations and resonance that we each are carrying and putting out into the world around us.

At this time the Earth needs peace makers & soothing energies, healers & energy workers, and a remembrance of how to maintain and share kindness, compassion and overall positivity. At this time this world needs us to follow the advice of Gandhi, to “Be the change that you wish to see in the world” so that we can all help each other to not get caught up in the rising tide of chaotic energies and released negativity within these shifting energies... With a purposeful intent held within, we can help this world make a smoother energetic transition.

It's no accident that you are where you are today, finding your way to watch this video. There are no coincidences in this time, we each seem to find our way to what serves us in this particular moment within this great shift... Somewhere, sometime...we agreed to be here together...please remember this. These new energies are coming in to help us along at this time on this planet. People waking up. The Earth is getting ready for massive changes and we are here to help bring these changes in.

I believe that the smoothest transition is available to us when we are acting from a space of kindness, carrying The Resonance of Kindness. ...The Resonance of Kindness - What does that even mean? - What do all of these changes going on in this time have to do with the Resonance of Kindness? I suppose it could be viewed pretty simply. If you want to change the world? Be kind. But, for myself, after 3 years of working on this functioning and acting from this space of Kindness, it seems that holding that resonance can be a tricky task within the structure of this world that we live in at this time.

As a species, how far have we come in our understanding kindness? What is an act of kindness? Is it giving a dollar bill to someone who is asking for money on a street corner? Is it giving something needed to someone else who needs that something? Maybe that's exactly what it is, but maybe the 'giving of something that is needed' isn't just a materialistic gesture...maybe it's also something a bit more abstract.

I've come to believe that some of the most important acts of kindness, may just be us holding this resonance that we create through acting kind & being compassionate. There is a palpable energy that is created through kindness & compassion, holding this within ourselves as we go about our days. Each person we come into contact with, whether it's someone we directly interact with through conversation or some form of action, or whether it's someone that we just happen to be near for a moment, maybe waiting in line next to them at the grocery store, or crossing paths on a busy street...we can directly affect others by carrying this resonance within us. - And a radiant smile can also be nice too!

Holding this resonance within, I see as an act of kindness...a subtle shifting of energies through entrainment to this resonant state...maybe a brief encounter could be enough to help shift a persons day...maybe that shifted day will set off a landslide of change that will directly affect the course of their entire life, and in turn the course of the many lives of people that come into contact with them.

We live in a compassionate Universe. If the information that I have been working with is correct, then Kindness & Compassion are resonances that are inherent in the vibrational structure of this Universe in which we reside...we truly do live in a Compassionate Universe, quite literally. It also would appear, when looking at our history and the state of this planet, that we have been out of tune with ourselves, with this planet, and with this Universe for some time now. The resonance of Kindness is an integral tool in helping us work ourselves back into in tune with this Universe, with this planet, and with ourselves, collectively & individually. If this is the case, then just being who we are, as we resonate in tune with this this planet & this Universe, that is an act of that can help others to entrain & tune themselves back to their natural state as alignment with this Universe, within this resonance of Kindness & Compassion.

And as this resonance grows, when we are resonating kindness to this world, to everyone, including ourselves, our resonant state will inspire others to reflect those acts of kindness received back out to the world around them, which in turn will inspire more kindness...a chain reaction...and the Resonance of Kindness on this planet will continue to grow. At what point do we completely shift this planet? At what point do we completely change the game? At which point do we remember who we truly are? It is within us to do so, each and every single one of us. It's an exciting time to be awake and alive on this planet. “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”