Part 1: Mission Statement

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~Mission Statement~

Working with people and sound, working with integrating energies, working with bringing people together physically and energetically by facilitating vibrational entrainment is something that I've been called to do for many, many years, most (if not all) of my life. It's also something that I resisted for most of my life.

I remember in 2003, sitting outside of my tour bus in the parking lot of a stadium that I was playing at that day somewhere in the middle of the country, miserable and sobbing because deep down I felt that I wasn't doing what it was that I was supposed to be doing. I knew that I was supposed to be bringing people together. I thought about quitting rock music at that time. I remember rationalizing that there were probably over 20,000 people at this concert, so technically that is what I was doing, bringing people together. I remember intentionally leaving these thoughts behind because my logical mind told me that I was already living my dreams, and that I'd worked extremely hard to get to where I was, that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, that I was being self defeating and self destructive, and all of those other things the logical mind will say to defend itself and it's current comfort zone. But again, deep down I knew that this wasn't my true calling and that this wasn't the kind of “bringing people together” that I was being called for.

For years after that I drown out that voice deep inside my being with living the lifestyle of a rock star and living in that inflated ego bubble. I ignored and quieted my inner knowing and intuition, and I shut down that intuitive part of myself almost completely for a time. At the time of writing this, it's approaching a full 14 years after that day in that stadium parking lot out on the road somewhere in the middle of this country, and I feel that I'm finally truly and fully starting to walk on the path that I intended for myself, I'm finally coming into where I intended myself to be in this lifetime before stepping into this time/space. Today I am close to living the life that my intuition and inner knowing has been leading me towards for all of these 40 years of this life experience. All of my intuitings, all of the synchronicities, all of the visitations and energetic experiences that I've had have been leading me to this point in time/space. This time is the time of a great energetic shift and a great awakening on this planet and in this solar system.

At this point in time/space we are going through an energetic shift on a galactic scale. This energetic shift is hardwired into this Universe. It's part of the natural process of becoming self aware to the true nature of ourselves as infinite energetic beings, and becoming aware of the nature and depth of our connection to everything, the interconnectedness that we share with each other and the Earth as a species, and that our true power lies in this coming together.

We are currently at a major point in this shifting, a convergence of multiple's a convergence of harmonic pathways in the resonance of this vibrational existence. I've been led to understand that this great awakening has two dominant pathways/timelines that we are flopping back and forth between as we fumble our way towards this great shift. We have the pathway of ascension and the pathway of destruction. There is an infinite gradient of potentialities and potential timelines, but at this time, within this convergence of harmonic pathways and their impending split, all will fall into one of these two potentialities as we move towards this point of awakening through this energetic up-cycling.

Waking to our true nature does not mean a guaranteed movement towards peace and harmony with each other and this planet. We could self destruct just as easily as we could come together. Now, at this point in this convergence with all of these harmonic pathways mashed in close together it is still quite easy to tune ourselves to the harmonic pathway of our choice...and it absolutely is a choice. We can choose the experience that we want, but we must first realize that it is in fact a choice that we have and a choice that we are making in every action we take in every day of our lives, whether we are aware of this or not.

We humans have been influenced and manipulated for the purpose of others on this planet. And that is ok, this would not have happened if on some level we didn't allow it to to happen within our own free will. As this shift occurs, all of this manipulation will soon come to light, whether slowly in pieces or all at once, I don't know. The disclosure of these systems and the information that has been systematically hidden for the vast majority of humanity could cause a massive upheaval with the majority of people if we are collectively not prepared for this. If we are still not aware of our true state of being within this Universe and the true nature of our interconnectedness we could tear each other apart within the illusions of our separateness.

It's time for those of us that are awakening at this time to intentionally shift the state of our resonant being, to flow together, to work together, to realize that we are of one mind, that the differences we hold are so that we can experience opposing perspectives, but each of those opposites is part of a unified whole and that our truth could not exist without that contrasting viewpoint. We must work together to create a buffer of sorts for this change to occur without tearing ourselves apart. We need to be the spinning wheel on the YouTube video that holds space for the information to come in without crashing the whole system. This is the reason for the work that I am doing with sound/vibration/resonance and with the Star Teachings.

How do we make this change? I've come to understand that kindness and compassion are the resonant frequencies that are very much in line with the vibrational structure of this Universe, and of ourselves as fractals of this Universe. This is why at the core of their founding most of the worlds religions come from a base of teachings on kindness and compassion, because the resonance of kindness and compassion are hard wired into the resonant structure of this Universe. These Star Teachings are universal teachings that date back further than the age of this planet. These teachings are on how we bring ourselves back into resonance with the Universe and back into resonance with ourselves as fractals of this Universe. Kindness and Compassion are tuning forks used to bring us back into resonance with the true nature of ourselves. The true nature of the Universe may be Love as so many great teachers have stated, but in our current human state there are many contrasting ideas of what Love is, and I don't believe that any of them hold the true scope of that powerful state of being. The full resonance of Love may not be completely compatible with the current level of our vibrational state and the current resonance which we are collectively carrying. But working with Kindness and Compassion can and will bring us closer to that state, our natural state.

My path of service to this shift is helping the integration of these new energies through working with group energy, sound and resonance. The current group sound work that I'm am offering is an attempt at integrating these new energies coming in with the old energies that we are holding on to (for dear life in some cases.) We need to find the ability to let go of what came before energetically and work with the inevitable changes and energetic shifts as they are happening now, releasing and flowing through entrainment to specific vibrational resonances that are inherent to the structure of this Universe and to ourselves as fractals of this Universe.

The shift from successful rock musician to whatever words you would use to call what I do now, (sound healer, teacher of resonance, facilitator of group energy work,) has not been easy, I've had a lot of resistance within myself to move through, and honestly, I'm still moving through resistance on a daily basis...self doubt, financial difficulties, resistance to opening up and sharing this, the list goes on, and every day I try to keep taking steps forward. It's not enough to just do the work. I've been guided to share my thoughts, my stories, the guidance I've received, and my own experiences as well, which is not a small task for an introvert that on one level would much rather be off in the woods alone than sitting in a group of people talking. But I take solace in knowing that I am not alone in this, there are many others besides myself that are stepping into their own callings to help with this shift. We are looking for these teachers. We need each other in this time of turmoil.

Those of us called to do this work, those of us moving towards holding a higher state of resonance as a means to put out the call to gather more of us together, those of us working towards helping to shift this world into a positive transformation through the evolution of consciousness, those of us seeking the awakening that has been prophesied by many ancient cultures, those of us seeking truths that we feel exist somewhere beyond the societal structures that we see falling so short, we must join together. Together we can change this world. Let us bring the people together. Let us be a guiding light to the way of the path of awakening and ascension. We can do this if we work together. Imagine.

Bring the people together.

"You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one"
  - John Lennon


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