Experiencing the shifting resonance together ~ Be patient


It is now time to stand with your brothers and sisters of light, to dream this new reality into existence.

Being open while at the same time being safe, keep your energy flow open and your vibratory rate high. Strive for higher experiences and deeper connections. Strive to become truly open and able to fully hold this new resonance. This combination will open up for you and bring into your awareness many many latent abilities that you hold as an energetic being of light. As you come into balance within your physicality you are able to understand how to make these connections on greater levels with less and less effort.

Do not feel anxiety about achieving these connections (connect ions) allow, allow, allow... And openings will appear to you at their own rate when you are ready. Anxiety about the speed of the process being too slow only serves to slow down the process. Everything is as it should be.

Your experience of time is only something that you create for yourself to allow yourself space to grow into new ideas and new ways of being. This experience of time allows yourself to shift resonance through a slow gradient of vibratory fields, instead of an instant switch, this helps you to learn and understand at a much deeper level. Time allows you the journey, and the journey allows you the experience of awakening to these changes in resonance slowly and thoroughly without the shock of an instantaneous shifting.

Also, by working through this gradient of change in resonance you are able to work with others, to help others to find this resonance as well by entraining to the openings that you are helping them to find. As you carry this work forward it is reminding others of their awareness of this and their purpose of being here during this time of great shifting as well.

You are not just here to experience the shift. You are also here to help as many others to experience the shifting with you, together. Entering a new paradigm isn't achieved with only one person making the change and holding this new resonance, this requires many. And there are many seeking this change and this awakening, seeking this access to higher vibratory rates and access to higher knowledge.

Balance is the key. Logical mind, emotional body, intuitive spirit.

Bring yourself into balance, bring community into balance, bring the world into balance. Balance on all scales at all levels.