Balance. Emotional Body + Logical Mind = Intuitive Soul

Balance. Emotional Body + Logical Mind = Intuitive Soul

Balance is the key to opening up to multidimensional awareness and perception. Proper balance will facilitate the ability to align vibrationally with the resonance required for that connection to take place. The balance you seek is a balance between your body, mind, and soul.

The functioning of your physical body within this physical reality is a reflection of the belief systems you hold within. The mind is a powerful tool. As you get assimilated into the societal structures you are taught to filter your mind through belief systems. This programming affects how you view and therefore how you form the world of your physicality.

Your childhood is all about being schooled in the way that the world is. These systems of belief become programmed into you until they become the defining parameters for your physical existence.

These parameters that you function within don't necessarily hold ultimate truths, but you've taken them as defining guideposts within your physicality. You certainly have progressed as a worldwide civilization within these parameters for a time, but now in this time everything has changed, is changing, and will be changing much further.

These systems of belief are no longer fully a vibrational match with the density that you currently are functioning within. Your planet & whole solar system have entered into a place of higher energetic resonance and this is shifting the whole of your dimensional reality. The further you get into this energetic shifting, the more the old programming & the old belief systems become a vibrational mismatch.

For many generations you have allowed your logical mind to rule your perceptions of the world. This is how you are trained to function. You are rewarded for functioning within the parameters of the logical mind and scolded for functioning outside of that specific logic. Your emotions and your intuition are taught to you as being frivolous and false.

To return to a state of balance one must start to dissolve this unbalanced perception of the world and bring alignment within the body, mind, and soul; the Emotional Body, the Logical Mind, and the Intuitive Soul.

Unleashing your true power lies in a deeper connection to your multidimensional existence. This will come from finding balance between your logical mind, your emotional body, & your intuitive soul.

Emotions are an extremely important & powerful aspect of yourself, a connecting force which dissolves the illusion of separation that the logical mind holds. You are programmed from a very young age that your emotions are a useless & frivolous byproduct. You are trained to ignore & stuff those emotions down repeatedly until the point where the blockages this creates causes physical illness & ultimately physical death.

Your emotional body is an extremely powerful & vastly important aspect of yourself. When you think of your body & you visualize the physical aspect of yourself...head & shoulders, knees & nose, ten fingers, ten toes...this is the logical mind's perception of your physicality. Your body is vastly different than just this perception. We are beings of physicality, yes..we need sustenance & shelter to survive..we are also beings of vast energy & brilliant light.

We are luminous bodies of flowing energy that are deeply connected to our surroundings on many levels, like a planet with an atmosphere. Just because the atmosphere of a planet isn't the same density as the minerals that make up the ground does not make the atmosphere not part of the planet. That is a vastly distorted viewpoint. Without the atmosphere life is impossible. You need both of those together to hold life.

We function in the same way. We need our physical, our emotional, & our energetic parts working together in balance. The emotional perception of our existence is how we function within & work with the energetic aspects...our atmosphere. Understanding this & opening to this becomes more & more important as the shifting resonance of this physical existence moves into higher & higher frequencies. With this ongoing shifting the physical becomes less & less substantial, & our ability to work with this non-physical energy becomes more & more of how we will function within our changing human form. We are slowly waking up to our true multidimensional existence.

Learning to function with a balanced emotional body means a deeper connection to everything that surrounds you; people, nature, energy...all of it. This deeper state of connection realigns you with your ability to connect to your intuitive spirit...your multidimensional self.

As the alignment to your emotional body becomes stronger your intuition will awaken. You will start to have access to information held by the higher multidimensional aspects of yourself. This intuitive information flow will strengthen more and more as you continue opening to these new energies. Holding this new resonance within yourself will continually strengthen the connection to your intuitive spirit...your multidimensional self.

Balance between the Logical Mind, the Emotional Body, and the Intuitive Spirit is how one attains the specific type of balance required to open themselves up to their multidimensional awareness while incarnated. While at the same time, multidimensional awareness iteslf is actually an integral part of the is the Intuitive Spirit.

As you start to bring the emotional body, the logical mind, and intuitive spirit together, all functioning together in tandem and complimenting each other in the ways they are designed to (instead of pitting them against each other as you've been programmed to) you will awaken to a new reality. This balance is the key that will open the door to fully realizing the vibrational shift you are currently undergoing at this time. As you are learning to hold this new resonance...not just hold it, but to fully become it in all aspects of your incarnation, you are reawakening to the deepest, most connected parts of yourself

You are moving up to a higher density of existence. That is the nature of this shift. Accessing more aspects of multidimensional awareness is only one of many awakenings you will undergo, albeit an integral stepping stone in this process. The whole nature of your reality, the way you function within the time-space matrix, the way you access and attain knowledge, and so many other aspects of your reality will be a completely different experience from the way you currently define it. So...lose your definitions, release the logical mind's death grip on the steering wheel, reconnect to your emotional body, and use that connection as the interface to your physical / energetic experience, creating a balance that will (re)awaken your connection to the intuitive spirit...bringing your multidimensional awareness back online.

As these three aspects come into balance, the logical mind, the emotional body, and the intuitive spirit, you are able to hold and fully and entrain yourself to this new higher dimensional resonance. You will become this in all aspects of your existence.

You are in for an unimaginably beautiful and amazing experience as you undergo this Awakening. It is truly an undefinable sacred experience, this Awakening.

(Journal excerpt, February 5th 2018)