Part 3: A flavor of ascension

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~A flavor of ascension.~

My whole life I've always experienced visitations of energy, occasionally accompanied by messages. I've been asked to share my experiences. This is part 3 in the sharing of my own story. (Part 1, Part 2) I suppose it's not coming out in chronological order, but this seemed the best part to tell next. I know a lot of people have had intense energetic experiences, please realize that you are not alone.

Synchronicity is a term coined by analytical psychologist Carl Jung which refers to "meaningful coincidences" that occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related. Meaningful coincidences, like seeing a license plate with just the right word, or seeing 11:11 on the clock at just the right time, or getting a phone call from someone just after you think of them happen regularly in our lives. The idea of synchronicity is definitely something that has found its way into the mainstream these days. Synchronistic nudges are something that happen to all of us, when we are paying attention and we catch these little affirmations, these “meaningful coincidences,” they can be quite elating and very reassuring.

For awhile Asheville, NC kept coming up for me. It happened many times, I had quite a few well timed instances of synchronicity that pointed me towards Asheville. It came up repeatedly in information that I found myself reading, in conversations, and in dreams. I remember one instance in particular, it was after I had already noticed this push towards Asheville for awhile, I was waiting in the airport for a flight home after some shows I had played out in the mid-west. I had a layover of a few hours and was waiting at the designated gate reading a book. After sitting there reading for a couple of hours I looked up and the gate sign no longer said Portland, ME, it said Asheville, NC. I remember thinking, maybe even saying, out loud “Ok, I get it! I'll go to Asheville!!!”

It took a bit but I did get to Asheville. My first night there, June 1st 2014, was quite an experience. I was awoken in the middle of the night by an energetic visitation. This isn't something out of the ordinary, I go through spurts where this happens quite frequently. This time though, was different. Once I was awake and aware of a presence, then I immediately shot out across the universe at an unbelievable speed. The only sound I heard was a series of ascending tones, which to this day I really wish I could exactly recall the sequence of those notes. At the instance of this happening I believed that it was the sound that was transporting me. During this experience I was wide awake and this was very, very intense. Unfortunately after experiencing this for a bit I got scared and the next thing I was aware of was that I was back in the room where I was staying at in Asheville feeling as though I had just forgotten something...I remember immediately thinking, 'No, no, no, I'm not scared anymore! I want to remember!' Directly after this experience I was shown how I needed to be in this location for that experience to line up. I was shown two pieces of paper sliding around until a hole in each paper matched up and allowed an energetic transmission to come through. The rest of my time in Asheville, although amazing, beautiful and full of mountain adventures, was not as eventful in this same way.

By the beginning of July in 2014 I was starting to have some absolutely amazing experiences. I found myself experiencing a deep connection and energetic awareness in the world around me. As this continued to build I found myself so charged with energy that it seemed I could no longer really sleep, but I was also never overtired during the day. These highly charged energetic experiences lasted from July 9-18 in 2014. During this time my experience and perception of this world was totally and completely different. I was living the same life in the same places, but my perceptions of reality were drastically different. I could see how everything in my life had been designed to get me to this point, how I did have free will, but every intersection in my life had been designed so that I would almost certainly make the choices that led me in this direction. I could see how everything in life is a series of meaningful synchronicities when viewed from an energetically charged space of higher awareness.

I was able to see energetic flow; between people, in nature, between all connected things..and all things are connected. I had several blissful out of body experiences. One night as I lay awake, as usual during this time, but feeling so absolutely amazing that I didn't want to sleep anyways, I found myself standing in front of a mirror in the dark staring at myself, getting closer and closer to the mirror until I walked right through and experienced a realm of pure energy where I was able to completely mold and form that energy into patterns and shapes. The energy I felt within this space was one of complete connection and bliss. The space around me was just as much a part of me as whatever body I was perceiving this experience through. I know what you may be thinking, but I don't even drink alcohol, or coffee, never mind take any drugs, not even cold medicine.

During this time I had a few instances where I would stand outside in the rain and as I stood there I would call torrential downpours, full force downpours like we really only see once or twice a year where I live in Maine. It actually wasn't as though I called the downpour by asking for it, it was more like I just knew that it was coming and I greeted it. I would stand there and know the torrential downpour was coming, and it would start raining so hard that I couldn't see more than several feet in front of me. In a short time I would find myself standing in puddles up to my ankles.

One day I had an experience where I slipped and cut my hand on some rocks by the water, and shortly after a moving energetic pattern took over my field of vision. This patterning of moving energy started with 5 points, (similar to the cover for my 2014 album Illuminated Heart, which is where that idea actually came from) and eventually this pattern filled in to become a full circle of moving energy. It was quite intense. This moving energetic pattern took up my entire field of vision. The funny thing is that the cut on my hand, although it bled quite a bit, never hurt. It didn't hurt when I rinsed it under the faucet, it didn't hurt when I applied medicine to it, it did not hurt one bit. Also when I slipped on the rocks and fell back I flailed my arms as I was falling backwards to catch myself. This action caused a shoulder that I had chronic pain in for quite some time after a dislocation to instantly stop hurting, and it has never hurt again to this day.

During this period of time I also had energetic visitations from light beings and energy beings. These were always more of a mental impression rather than having someone right in the room with me. One of the things that was suggested that I do was to meet with people and share these experiences and trade stories, which I was doing almost every day during this period of time. The act of sharing seemed to intensify and hold the energy and to build an understanding of how connected we all are, and how when working together we amplify our energy immensely. We are not solitary individuals. We are deeply connected on a level that at this period of history we have lost perception of...but this awareness is now starting to slowly return to humanity.

There were quite a lot of other events like these, virtually every moment of every day for this whole period of time was full of extraordinary events...performing Reiki and actually experiencing it from inside the other persons body, seeing blue crackling energy shoot out of a dream catcher, lots of messages, and lots of things that are very personal to me. I was perceiving this world and my whole existence in a completely different way from a completely different energetic reference point. I had the same sense of self as I always do, I was just highly aware of the connection between all things and able to experience that connection in all of the things that I was doing, no matter how mundane...and there really was no such thing as a mundane experience from this state of awareness, it was all bliss, pure bliss.

One thing that distinctly I remember is how sarcasm didn't seem very funny at all during this period of high energy. Not that I couldn't understand the intention, but it actually just didn't feel right. It didn't match up energetically because in sarcasm one is saying something that is vibrationally out of alignment with what is actually meant. When one is more highly tuned energetically, it seems that sarcasm is actually a bit uncomfortable...and honestly just entirely unnecessary.

After about nine days of this energetic super charge, or whatever it was, I lost the energy. It seems as though I could not carry it indefinitely. I first returned to normal everyday life, but then as the seasons changed into fall I entered into a very low energetic state and a dark period of life where I worried about finances and the direction of my life quite a lot. In retrospect I believe that what happened is that my world had been shattered by this experience. I had to learn deal with the realization that a lot of the belief systems that run my life on a normal day to day basis are false...and that just knowing this doesn't make these belief systems go away, or make it any easier to change them. I believe that these belief systems that are ingrained into me sociologically, ingrained into all of us sociologically, were the reason that I was unable to hold this energy indefinitely. After a period of time the contradictions between my programmed beliefs of this world and what I was actually experiencing during this time caused my energy level to entrain back down to the level of energy that I held previous to this energetic up-cycling experience.

Over a period of time, as summer turned into fall and the days grew shorter I sank to an energetic low point. When you get yourself into that state of low energy, that is when the doubt kicks in. The experiences of visitations from energetic beings are the type of experiences that are easy to write off in times of low energy, imagination. As are the experiences of calling the rain, are the experiences of traveling into the mirror, hallucination...a lot of the experiences I found easy ways to write off.

Shooting across the universe was actually far too vividly real and scary to ever write off. The level of bliss that I was functioning with during those nine days is absolutely unforgettable. I felt so amazing that I didn't even want to sleep, those wonderful memories I can never doubt. The ability to see synchronicity at work guiding me in every moment of my life during those nine days is also impossible to ever forget or write off. I've taken to calling my life's path “free will on train tracks.” I'm sure that your life's path will be seen this way as well once you find yourself experiencing life from this higher energetic vantage point, which I hope that we will all experience in this lifetime. We will see that the game is rigged in our favor, we are all destined to experience the greatness that in truth we already are.

I'm so grateful that I was sharing these experiences with others as I was guided to during that time. That sharing made it all somehow more real and believable as I moved away from being able to hold that energy level. I believe that this is important for all of us, share what you experience with others, no matter how unbelievable the experiences may be. This sharing allows these experiences to take root and not be so easily written off as time gets in between you and the memories.

I've had three years to reflect on these experiences. The best I can make of it is that this was some kind of energetic cycling up, some kind of temporary ascension experience that I believe was directly related to and facilitated by the experience that took place during my first night in Asheville, NC. Those nine days in July 2014 were the most amazing period of my entire life. I felt so energetically connected and so completely full of bliss...and well, just so complete in every single way.

I've spend a lot of time thinking about these experiences. Why wasn't I able to hold that energy level? How did this even happen to begin with? Why me? Is there anyone else out there that has experienced something like this? (Please do share.) And most importantly, how do I get back to that energetic state and hold it indefinitely?

I'm eternally grateful for having experienced this energetic shift, even in it's temporary nature. This experience has given me much more confidence in my life, which has allowed me the confidence to make a lot of much needed changes. This experience created a shifting in every part of my being that I am still in the process of undergoing. I've moved out of worry (most of the time) and into deeply listening to my life's true calling. When the worry does inevitably creep in, looking back on this experience is a way for me to be able to just let that worry and the doubts that arise therein go. This experience gave me a whole new perspective on this state of existence we are in, and something to strive towards moving forward. I want to live from that energetic space again! I want all of us to live from this energetic space. I know that it's right here with us. Learning how to access this state consciously is something that I believe we are all moving towards.

This energetic state is, I believe, where all of humanity is headed towards collectively. I believe that this energetic state is the so called “Golden Age” that has been prophesied. All of humanity seems to be undergoing a transition at this point in time, we can see that reflected in the world around us in many ways. Although it may seem that we are at a point of chaos right now collectively, I think that ultimately we are heading towards something so wonderful that it will completely change everything on this planet. The chaos we find this world to be in at this moment in time is part of the change. It's like with cymatics, when you take a metal plate attached to a speaker and vibrate particles of some sort at specific frequencies on top of that plate you get specific shapes. As you start to raise the frequency that is coming out of the speaker the shape that had formed starts to let go and you get a lot of chaos at first, but eventually you hit a frequency where you get another beautiful shape that pulls together. We may be in the midst of the chaos now, but that is only so we can cycle up to another absolutely beautiful form together. This is where we are moving collectively. I believe that this shift is hardwired into the functioning of this Universe...and the time is nearing.

I hope that my story can inspire some of you to share your experiences and stories, and to remember that we are all in this together. We are far more connected than our belief systems at our current level of consciousness allow us to perceive. I hope that my story can also inspire some hope and optimism for others in this world, and that hope and optimism can inspire at least the tiniest nudge to move towards your true calling. I know how difficult taking those steps can be.

At this time it is important to reconnect with our intuition, to let go of the old ways of doing things and our old belief systems. It's time to remember why we are here on this planet at this point in time in the first place. We chose to be here at this time to experience this amazing shift in energy and consciousness on a planetary level. We are all massively powerful energetic beings individuality, and even more so when we come together collectively. We are all in this together, and we are all in for an experience that is absolutely beautiful and mindblowing. What an amazing and exciting time to be alive!

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