Transmuting denser energies into Light ~ Part 2

Transmuting denser energies into Light ~Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~

Electromagnetic impulses are the informational field of the outer world impressing itself inwards upon us. These impulses are the state of us receiving information about the world around us, the 'external' world. Our internal world is not connected in the same way and cannot be connected to through the same ways in which we approach the outer world. A lot of the rituals and ceremonies peoples have used to connect to 'spirit' throughout humanity's vast history are ways of approaching things differently, tools to change the ways of informational flow from electromagnetic fields flowing inwards, from out to in, to 'spirit' flowing outwards, from in to out.


Our 'spirit energy' seems to be an energetic flow that swells out of us as a state of light energy, a field of light. This energy state is a toroidal flow with a stream coming out of the top and bottom. This energetic field can be seen to look almost like a round butterfly. I've been seeing this energetic flow state often lately. It seems as if in this transition we are undergoing that we are truly becoming butterflies of light.. (The pic in this post is the closest representation to what this looks like that I could find in a quick google search.)

At this time humanity seems to be undergoing a massive energetic shift. Part of this energetic shift that we are undergoing is learning how to change our energetic informational flow from electromagnetic flowing to us inwards, from out to in, to our inner energies, some call this spirit, flowing outwards, from in to out. We've always done this to an extent, but rarely do most of us use this flow state as the source of our perceptions. Learning to activate our intuition, to 'connect to spirit', to access the 'Akashic records'... these are all states that this informational flow connects us to. Learning to see the structure of this fractal matrix we live within and see its energetic flow as opposed to just seeing the symptoms of that matrix as the electromagnetic impulses reflected back to us is what this shifting of perception does.

To our logical mind this way of information flowing from inwards out to receive information can feel counter intuitive, this is why the logical mind can so easily shut this in to out informational flow down so effectively. The endless regurgitate training through the rote of our schooling system shuts this in to out flow down for most children. We are all born with this in to out flow being our natural state, but slowly as we get assimilated into this culture, through schooling and other forms of programming, this in to out informational flow is shut down in favor of the out to in flow of information. We very effectively learn to shut down our intuition and inner knowing, some to a greater extent than others.

At this time, as we are undergoing this energetic shift, it is getting harder and harder for us to maintain this out to in informational flow as our main source of information and people are experiencing 'awakenings' which is simply a change in the state of their informational flow. I quite regularly hear people worrying about 'if they are crazy' as they are experiencing this awakening, this shifting of informational flow, and worrying that others are thinking they are crazy. But you that are experiencing this have truly never been less crazy. It is the disconnected state of the world that we live in that is crazy. Waking up to the nature of your energetic self is far from being crazy, this amazing experience is your beautiful emergence from a cocoon you didn't even know existed.

It is important to gather in like minded groups at this time, to foster this informational flow state shift together, because it helps us to accept this shifting and realize that we are not crazy and we are not alone. This coming together with like minded people shows us that we are the way showers in this time of great shifting. You are so important, you are so amazing, and you are so deeply needed.

A large part of the work that I am facilitating in the Sound Healing Journeywork workshops is bringing people together and helping to facilitate a shifting of flow state. Utilizing the sound of droning quartz crystal singing bowls we enter an altered state of mind to bypass the programming of our conscious mind, and utilizing the energy of the group we strengthen our command over our energetic flowing, then utilizing my voice coupled with the energy of the group we facilitate a shifting of energetic flow. I may be facilitating the push of the energy in these workshops, but it is the group doing this work together that makes this so effective. Every one of these gatherings is different and those participating in these workshops are equally as important as what I am doing. We make this shift together and we are creating community together. This energy work is a practicing of a different flow state, and this is something that we need to practice often in our lives at this time. We are transmuting the denser energies of the out to in electromagnetic flow that we have been programmed to function with into Light as we shift our energetic flow state from inwards out. Be the light...literally. 💚

It is important to come together at this time. Join us at a Sound Healing Journeywork workshop, or find another group active in facilitating this energetic shifting. It is important to be with like minded people to make this shifting easier, and so much more fun!

“Be with the people that set your heart on fire.”

InnerSelfSustained ~