The guiding force between all things


The guiding force between all things...

Your functionality lies within a sort of vibrational guidance system. Your life follows specific harmonic patternings that give you an outline and overview to the density that holds and guides your life's path. “Free will on train tracks” is how you have put this.

Humanity has been on the path of duality, and “the hero's journey,” on your planet Earth for many millennia. The formation of your consciousness harmonizing patternings are a refraction of the vibrational resonance carried by the density that you live within, the density that you call 3rd density.

This density and these vibrational patternings are currently in the process of being shifted to higher vibrational rates, higher states of resonance. As the vibrational rates are raising within your whole solar system, and within the light of your Sun, this shifting upwards of the vibrational resonance begins to shift the density in which the entire solar system is functioning within. Very specifically for you, the Earth, as part of this solar system, is shifting densities.

With the shifting density of the planet that you live upon / within comes a shifting of the harmonic patternings of your lives. Your “hero's journey” of this duality state comes to a head, and ultimately shifts into a new harmonic patterning, a new story, as it becomes a harmonic refraction of this new vibrational density that you will begin to function within.

This shift has been slowly building within the vibrational structure of your planet for 83 to 87 of your years. This has been a slow gradient of shifting that is moving faster and faster exponentially. Where you are at now vibrationally is a place that is sometimes 3rd density, and sometimes 4th density, depending on the vibrational levels of your day-to-day / week-to-week homeostasis (equilibrium) as individuals and as a collective. There is no individual without the collective and there is no collective without the individual, these are the micro / macro of your functionality as human beings within the timespace density of this fractal Universe. Both individual and collective are really one in the same, but that is another story, you don't yet view it that way within your resonant state of duality.

The shifting densities means a shifting of the guiding force between all things. As the vibrational resonance of your planet continues to rise and begins hold different vibrational patternings, your consciousness shifts to express these new patternings. These vibrational patternings form the geometric informational systems, that forms the harmonic refraction of your functionality within a specific density, that forms your specific level of consciousness as expressed within that specific density. This is the nature of your operating system. As the resonant vibration of your planet shifts to higher frequencies, you are entrained into those higher frequencies, (or “shaken apart.”) As you learn to hold and work with this higher resonance you are then able to access the geometric informational systems of the higher densities carried to you by the light of your Sun.

As you learn to access and work with this new level of consciousness EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE. This change will start (is starting) with individuals. Like popcorn, one will pop into this new state of consciousness, and then another, and then a few more, and as the “temperature” rises more and more will pop, until you reach the tipping point that shifts all of humanity, like the hundredth monkey story.

Unlike popcorn, you can also unpop. The vibrational atmosphere you now occupy has a gradient that covers both the 3rd and 4th density, and as you fluctuate you may raise above this threshold, and then slip back down below it. This is not true 4th density. True 4th density occurs when you are able to hold this resonance as a collective. You are not quite there yet, but with the continual shifting of resonance within your solar system and your planet, getting there is inevitable. Again, in your density you view yourself as individuals and don't yet understand how you are also a collective. You are both parts, equally an individual and a collective, therefore both parts must learn to work with and hold this new higher vibrational resonance.

By keeping your own vibrational state high you can access these new geometric informational structures and share this with others. As you do so you will stir this up within them as well. There is a familiarity in this information because on another level it is already an inherent part of who you are. It's like a dream that is just on the tip of your memory, you know you know it, you know you've experienced it, but you just can't quite access it. Well, that dream is your new reality.

Wakey wakey, rise and shine, it's on again, off again, on again...

Creating Resonance ~ What is it to create resonance, and what is it that we are creating resonance with?

Creating resonance is something that comes up a lot in energetic and spiritual work these days. What is it to create resonance, and what is it that we are creating resonance with?

Omniverse - multiverse - universe geometry life beings.jpg

The resonance we speak of is a type of electromagnetic force that pulls in other systems of vibration and causes entrainment, which is a coming together on a vibrational level. Resonance between systems can occur at any frequency level, but what we are looking for is resonance within a specific frequency bandwidth. This frequency bandwidth is higher than that which humanity on this planet Earth has been functioning within for many millennia now.

There is currently a shifting of the resonant frequencies of all that lies within your solar system. This very much includes your planet Earth. Your solar system is currently moving into a cloud of highly-charged energy, and has been for some time. This is affecting all of the vibrational bodies within your solar system.

Everything is either a resonant body held in specific (yet influencable) vibration, or a carrier of vibration that holds no influence. These are the two states of being within your density of duality; that which holds a vibrational resonance and that which carries a vibrational field without affecting it.

Your “space”, the “empty” space between stars and planets, carries vibrational resonance without affecting it. So as you move further within the the energetic cloud, it instantly raises the energy level / vibrational level of this space. Or rather, space becomes that resonance as it holds no specific resonance of its own that would effect that incoming resonance. Everything else holds its own resonance and has its own resonant state of being. Planets, moons, and all matter, including their atmosphere and their magnetic field, hold a specific resonance. They are affected by this cloud of higher energy, but not instantaneously affected, a gradient of entrainment takes place...the magnetic field is affected, which in turn affects the spin and Coriolis Effect, which in turn affects the matter, which in turn affects the atmosphere, which in turn affects the creatures living within the atmosphere.

The same can be said for your Sun...higher energy effects the Sun's magnetic field, which affects the matter that makes up the Sun, which then affects the light given off by the Sun. When you realize that light is information, then you can begin to understand how a shifting of consciousness takes place. The light that is coming out of the Sun that has been entrained to the higher energies and is holding this higher resonance, holds a different quality of information.

As you, yourself (your physicality, your magnetic field, your energetic field) come into resonance with these higher frequencies, you will have access to this different quality of information being carried by the light of the Sun...on many levels.

Light carries the energetic / geometric patternings that hold the building blocks for all of life, which is actually related to consciousness and not matter. As the light and the information within the light shifts, the vibrational patterning of life shifts as well...on the physical level, on the energetic level, and on the level of experiential consciousness.

Truly all is consciousness. What is happening is that as your energetic vibrational resonance raises, you have access to higher levels of consciousness, deeper connections to Consciousness (with a Capital C, i.e. source consciousness, the one Consciousness of this Universe.) This means a deeper level of understanding of that Consciousness with a Capital C and your ability to work with that Consciousness as actual creators, not just wind up puppets...i.e. electromagnetic vortexes of action / reaction impulses...which is how many beings of deeper connection and higher resonance see humanity at this point in your timeline. There is free will and forward movement for humanity within 3rd density, but a lot of times someone else is pulling the strings.

It's time to cut those strings. It's time to become a real boy Pinocchio.

Fully open yourself to these new higher frequencies, learn to stabilize your ability to hold this higher vibrational resonance, and EVERYTHING will change for you...individually and collectively. This is the resonance of which we speak, and the quality of this resonance that we speak of is to be one with the New Light and the New Earth.

Experiencing positive and negative vibrational entrainment with others

Even with an awareness that it is happening, why is it so hard not to be sucked into negative emotions like fear and anger?

Humanity has been manipulated energetically for a long time now. You have been intentionally steered towards the negative; fear, aggression, and such. You undergo this tuning by being trained to focus on the negative in your entertainment and in your corporate media sources, as well as being actually manipulated on an energetic level. You could have 30 positive things happen to you and one negative thing, and the one negative thing is generally what you will focus on and obsess over. Through that focus you entrain your energetic field to that lower vibration negativity, you consistently allow vibrational entrainment towards the negative.

You can release that habit, and more and more of you are working on that. Releasing these habits and manipulations starts with an awareness of them.

What lies below the surface of the specific events that have a negative impact on us? Between humans there can be very jarring vibrational mismatches which causes instant agitation, whether we are aware of it or not. What can be done about that? How can one not have these vibrational mismatches affect them?


As you get better at reading the energy of a person or a room of people you will also get better at protecting your energy from entrainment with the energetic patterns of others that are a mismatched with your own. This self-protection becomes easier and easier the more you are coming to balance. But when you are out of balance already, it is easy for another's jarring difference in energetic patterning to pull you into their patterning a bit by way of entrainment You are easily sucked in when you are already out of balance.

The most important work you can do for yourself is continuing to strengthen your balance and reconnect your intuition. This will significantly help you to not be affected by those negatively charged situations.

Are there any other exercises you would suggest to help strengthen balance and intuitive connection?

Visualization - Visualize the strengthening and expanding your energetic field. Visualize the expansion of your energetic field, and visualize connecting that energetic field to the Earth below you and the heavens above you. Intentionally connect to and work in alignment with these terrestrial and celestial energies.

Grounding - Get your feet on the Earth, and in natural bodies of water, just your feet in the water, or even better your whole body. Swimming in unpolluted lakes and oceans, streams and rivers will get your nervous system humming with good energy. Being submerged in salt water is a way of allowing a slight reset to your magnetic field, while at the same time boosting your energetic field.

Meditation - Keep a daily meditation practice. If you can meditate outside, even to flowing water, even better. Allowing yourself this time to reflect inwards daily is very important, regardless of where you do this.

Toning - Get your nervous system humming with good energy. Your own voice can activate a very positive and calming effect on your nervous system. By calming your nervous system you allow greater energetic flow. Specific kinds of toning like Bee's Breath is wonderful, especially within a group, because groups can amplify the energetic flow of the practice. But just humming can be very beneficial as well, especially working in tandem with drones, like singing bowls, or some binaural beats, or some meditation music. Vibrate your body.

Community – Intentionally gather and surround yourself with many like-minded people that are vibrating at the same or similar rates of vibration. Together you will strengthen your ability to unwaveringly hold a higher resonance with much greater efficiency.

Finding those you can openly share your energetic and intuitive experiences with, and actually sharing these experiences, will strengthen your connection to these experiences and help yourself to have more higher-level energetic experiences and allow deeper intuitive well as facilitating yourself to put more trust in these experiences. Learning to trust these experiences and the intuitive information they contain is a very important part to strengthening this connection and increasing the frequency in which they happen, until they become your normal experiences.

You are not alone in this... Ever. You have a vast amount of help on many many levels. You have higher dimensional beings working with you. You have many many others incarnated into this timeline that are here to work at holding the resonance of this great shift that your planet and all of humanity are you are currently doing with greater and greater efficiency. As you start to come together more and more, you start to strengthen your connection to this higher resonance all around, becoming more and more comfortable with every aspect of this shift.

Bring the people together.

Why did this new moon solar eclipse affect us so heavily?

Can you give any information on how/why this new moon solar eclipse affected us so heavily?


You are currently in between the 3rd and 4th densities of your energetic functionality within this timespace matrix. Sometimes the vibrational resonance you are holding is more in line with one density than the other. 3rd density on planet Earth has begun to be a tough place to be right now. The frequency gradient of that particular bandwidth on your planet is getting squashed and infiltrated with a dissonance which is caused by the higher frequencies that are coming into your solar system at this time. Functioning from within this 3rd density frequency bandwidth leaves your physicality feeling weak...headaches, nausea, insomnia, body stiffness, dizziness, foggy brain, and that squished/pinched head feeling...this is what many of you have been experiencing. This is caused by the narrowing of the 3rd density bandwidth on your planet, and your stubbornness of trying to still function from within this frequency bandwidth at this time of shifting away from that, on your particular timeline.

As you raise your vibration and come into the 4th density all of those symptoms dissipate. When the vibrational resonance of your being within this current incarnate raises into that of the 4th density bandwidth, bringing yourself into closer resonance with these higher frequencies, you have a lot more energetic space, i.e. frequency bandwidth, to function within. (Something to do with Electromagnetics..? I was shown something about the flow of electromagnetic energy, but it seems beyond my current comprehension in this moment.)


This 4th density bandwidth are the resonant frequencies that your planet is currently starting to hold and function within on this timeline that you have chosen. Your planet is going through this shift and functioning from within this 3rd/4th density shifting gradient in the same way that you are. Simply put, being in line with the resonance that your planet is currently holding will make you feel good and energized, while being in line with your past familiar resonance from before this shifting started kicking into high gear will feel bad and restrictive...and you will feel some or all of these symptoms that you have been feeling; headaches, nausea, insomnia, body stiffness, dizziness, foggy brain, and that squished/pinched head feeling...

Actively seek to raise your vibration will help to alleviate all of this “density sickness.” ("We told you so" is how this feels to me...)

Sometimes outside events come along that give you a nice boost in your vibrational resonance. This new moon solar eclipse is just one of such events. All of this is hardwired into your solar system/Galaxy/Universe, and it is no coincidence how much this particular astrological event helped you with raising your vibrational resonance. The Universe is truly on your side and is conspiring with you.

You are deeply loved and you have more help than you could ever even possibly imagine.

We recommend keeping a daily practice in raising your vibration, whatever that means for you. Working with group energy is an extremely positive amplifier of your energetic resonance as well.


Navigating this gradient between the 3rd and 4h densities can be an extremely blissful experience, but it can also be an extremely challenging experience. The experience of this shifting is really your choice. If you can keep your vibrational resonance level above a certain point within the gradient between these 3rd and 4th densities you will have a very positive and blissful experience within this shifting. When your vibrational resonance falls below this optimal experiential point, this is when the challenging experiences within your physicality begin to occur. (Tonal Balance Control - I was shown this iZotope audio plug in for matching optimal EQ setting in an audio mix, which I regularly use, as the perfect example. Our body feelings work in this same way and alert us to when we are falling below the optimal bandwidth...)

Recognize these symptoms as warning signs, and work to keep your energy flow and vibrational resonance as high as you are able to. Of course difficulties will happen as you bump into energetic patternings that you have been holding onto, that may have been buried quite deeply within you until being lifted out by this shifting like oil rising to the surface of water. Don't allow yourself to cling to these old energetic patternings. Allow yourself to flow, allow your energy to flow, keep yourself in flow and allow yourself to release these blockages to that flow.

When you are able to manage your vibrational resonance intentionally this will all become very easy. Until then, "Constant vigilance, Potter!" Welcome to the fourth density.

Finding balance to access your complete multidimensional self

I'd like to talk more about balance. It feels like finding balance is extremely important at this time. Can we go into a comprehensive overview of this? How does one attain balance of the type that helps them to open up their multidimensional awareness?

Balance truly is the key to opening up to multidimensional awareness / perception from your physicality. Balance causes the ability to align vibrationally with the resonance required for that connection to take place.

The balance you seek is a balance between your body, mind, and spirit.

Your physical body is a reflection of the interpretation you hold of your physicality within your creator mind. The mind is a powerful tool. As you get assimilated into the societal structures of your physical existence, you are taught to filter your creator mind through belief systems. This programming affects how you view the world, and therefore, how you form the world of your physicality.

Your childhood moving into your adulthood is all about being schooled in "the way the world is." These systems of belief become programmed into you until they become defining parameters within your very physical existence. These programs that you function within do not necessarily hold ultimate truths, but you've worked with them as defining guideposts within your physicality for many generations, and therefore many of you have accepted them as unquestionable truths. And you have progressed well as a worldwide civilization within these parameters for many millennia, but now in this time everything has changed, is changing, and will be changing much further in the near future.

These systems of belief, this programming, is no longer fully a vibrational match with the density that you are functioning within. Your planet and your whole solar system have entered a place of higher energetic resonance, and this higher resonance is shifting the whole of your physical reality interface. As this shifts more and more the old programming that you've undergone, these old belief systems, are no longer a vibrational match to the time-space reality you exist within.

For many generations you have allowed your logical mind to rule your perceptions of the world around you. This is how you are trained to function in your cultural assimilation known as schooling. You are rewarded for functioning within the parameters of your logical mind and scolded for functioning with any parameters that lie outside of that logic viewpoint. Your emotions and your intuition are taught to you as being frivolous...but this could not be further from the truth.

The logical mind is a wonderful tool, we are in no way downplaying the power of this tool that you have developed. The logical mind is a tool used well for classifying your reality and then holding access to definitions and parameters within which you allow yourself to function in a predefined manner by way of judging situations and placing them into specific categories.

Where this falls short is that as you define things you see yourself as separate from them, and in doing so you train yourself to only see one aspect of these things that you have defined, which is namely whatever you have defined them as. If you look at a tree and only see the definition of a a tree that your logical mind is holding, and you are not seeing the energetic living creature that lives in breathes in perfect balance within this living matrix, you are only allowing yourself to see a very tiny portion of what that tree actually is, and therefore you are filtering your reality down to a space of a very very finite and limited perception.

By functioning within your physicality and only allowing your perceptions to be that which can pass through the filters of your logical mind, you are shutting yourself down from a much, much greater reality that exists interwoven with the physical aspect that you are identifying with.

As we said, the logical mind is a tool, a powerful and useful tool that can and does help you to function within this physicality in this density, but you should start to realize that the logical mind is a terrible driver. By using your logical mind as your sole point of perception within your reality time space, you are shutting yourself off from a vast portion of your energetic reality, especially within this time of the great shift upon your planet.

Unleashing your true powers and your deeper connection to your multidimensional existence will come from finding balance between your mind, your body, and your spirit; your logical mind, your emotional body, and your intuitive spirit.

Emotions are an extremely important and powerful aspect of yourself. Emotions are a connecting force which dissolves the illusion of separation that the logical mind inherently holds by the nature of its functionality. You are programmed from a very young age that your emotions are a useless and frivolous byproduct. You are trained to ignore and stuff those emotions down repeatedly until the point where energetic blockages are formed and this stuffing down causes physical illness, and if left in a state of blockage, can even results in the death of your physicality.

Your emotional body is an extremely powerful and a vastly important aspect of yourself. When you think of your body and you visualize only the physical aspects of yourself, 10 fingers, 10 toes, head and shoulders, and so on, this is the logical minds perception of your physicality. The way in which we see your body is vastly different then this perception of yourself. You are beings of physicality, yes, you require sustenance and shelter to survive within the density in which you perceive your existence. But you are also beings of vast energy and brilliant light deeply connected with each other and the world you live in.

We see you as luminous bodies of flowing energy that are deeply connected and flowing with your surroundings on many levels. All of this together is your emotional body, the physical body and the energetic flow, like a planet with an atmosphere. Just because the atmosphere of a planet isn't the same density as the minerals that make up what you perceive as the ground does not make the atmosphere not part of that planet. That is a vastly distorted view point. Without that atmosphere being a part of the body of the planet, life on that planet would be impossible. You need both of those aspects together to hold your life sustainably.

Your emotional body functions in the same way, you need both your physical and your energetic bodies working together in balance. The emotional perception of your existence is how you function within and work with the energetic aspects of your body. Understanding this and opening to this becomes more and more important as the shifting resonance of your physical existence moves to higher and higher frequencies. With this shifting the physical becomes less and less substantial and your ability to work with this non-physical energy becomes more and more of how you will function within your incarnate.

If you are still trying to stuff your emotions down, ignore your emotional body, and ignore the energetic aspects of yourself in favor of only the logical minds interpretation of the physical, you will have, and are having, a much harder time functioning within this time space reality as it undergoes the energetic upcycling that is currently happening on your planet and in your solar system.

All of the past traumas that you find rising to the surface at this time are the places where you have been blocking your energetic flow by stuffing down your emotional connection to your energetic body. As you inevitably undergo this shifting of resonance, that blocked energy is becoming less compatible with your vibrational matrix and is rising to the surface in the same way that oil will rise to the surface within water.

Blocked energy making itself known, although it can be difficult, is not a bad thing. It means you are doing exactly what you would want to be doing, learning how to work with and function within these new energies and hold this new resonance.

If you did not allow the shifting to take place you would eventually become incompatible with the time space matrix of this current timeline as it cycles upwards into higher and higher vibrations, shifting to higher and higher resonance. If you don't allow yourself to move with this shift, eventually you will become incompatible with this timeline.

Allow yourself to come back into familiarity with your emotional body, as you were as a child before undergoing the sociological programming. Allow the releasing of these blockages that you have formed within yourself and relearn how to access your energetic flow state. This allowance will bring your physical body and your emotional atmosphere back to working in tandem. This energetic field runs all through your physical body, through the energy centers known as Chakras, of which there are many, and also expands out into an energetic bubble that's around you, a toroidal field of flowing energy that extends outwards from you up to about 16 feet around.

As you become more and more in alignment with your physical and energetic balance, you open yourself up to working with larger and larger amounts of this newer higher dimensional energy that is flooding your planet and your self. As you hold more of this higher resonance within you, you start to remember your connection to higher dimensions. By making this connection to your higher dimensional aspects of self, by bringing your logical mind and emotional body into more of a state of balance you will start to come into a balance with the multidimensional aspects of your existence as well. This coming into resonance with your multidimensional awareness reawakens your connection to your intuitive spirit.

A strengthening connection to your intuitive spirit occurs when your logical mind is being used as only the tool that it is, not the driver of your reality experience, and you are functioning from within your emotional body in a state of free energetic flow. Functioning from within the emotional body flow state means a deeper connection to everything that surrounds you, people, nature, energy, all of it. This deeper state of connection realigns your ability to connect to your intuitive spirit.

This is how "one attains the balance of the type that opens themselves up to their multidimensional awareness." That multidimensional awareness is actually an integral part of the balance, the intuitive spirit.

As you start to bring these 3 aspects into balance, functioning together in tandem, complimenting each other in the way that they are designed to, instead of putting themselves against each other as you've been programmed, you will awaken to a new reality. This balance is the key that will open the door to fully realizing this vibrational shift that you are undergoing and to learning to hold this new resonance... Not just hold it, but become it in all aspects of your incarnation.

You are moving up to a higher density of existence, that is the nature of this shift. Accessing more aspects of multidimensional awareness is only one of the many Awakenings you will undergo. The whole nature of your reality, the way you function within the time-space matrix, the way you access and attain knowledge, and so much more will be a completely different experience from the way that you currently define it.

So, lose your unwavering definitions. Take the logical mind out of the driver's seat, reconnect to your emotional body's energetic flow, and use that emotional connection as the interface to your physical / energetic experience, which will create a balance that will awaken your connection to the intuitive spirit.

As these three aspects come into balance, the logical mind, the emotional body, and the intuitive spirit, you are able to hold and fully in entrain yourself to this new higher dimensional resonance, and you will become this in all aspects of your experience.

You are in for unimaginably beautiful and amazing experiences as you undergo this awakening. It is truly an unparalleled sacred experience, this awakening.

We are so deeply grateful for being able to experience this with you through our helping.

Allow yourself this return to balance


Humanity is becoming poised to emerge out of the dark ages of  this current cycle. Your knowledge base will soon greatly expand. Your awareness of the true nature of your multidimensional reality will soon greatly expand as well. At this time many of you agreed to be here to help with this shift, you incarnated into this timeline specifically to help hold the new resonance of this shift.

It can be hard to remember this as you incarnate in through the same filters that are subjected to everyone who incarnates onto Earth at this time. The memories of your higher multidimensional selves and your purpose for being here are neatly partitioned behind the veil that separates this density from the higher densities. By coming into this density and functioning within this resonant space, your higher vibrational knowledge of your multidimensional self are a mismatch, you could not physically hold them here.

But at this time the planet you are on and the whole solar system you are within is undergoing a great energetic shifting and that veil is becoming thinner and thinner as the resonant space you are functioning within becomes more and more compatible with higher levels of your truly multifaceted, multidimensional self.

You now have more access to greater portions of your multidimensional self and the knowledge that is coupled with that strengthening of multidimensional connection. The more you can release what your physicality is holding onto, the greater connection you will have. The past traumas, the belief systems you've been subjected to, and the fear states that you've been programmed with are making themselves known to you more and more as they are rising to the surface like oil that has been dumped into water. They are no longer a vibrational match for you as you undergo this energetic upcycling, and as you reconnect more and more to your higher self awareness.

All of these things that are affecting your daily lives at this time are not happening because you did anything wrong or bad, but actually because you are doing many things right. We know this shifting can be difficult to understand and difficult to go through, but we ask that you allow this shift, and trust in the process.

This part that is so uncomfortable is not part of the new paradigm, but the remnants of the old paradigm making itself known so that it can be released, because it no longer fully matches the resonant state of your current incarnated existence.

Allow yourself this return to balance. Allow this in light and gratitude.

How can we hold a much greater amount of energy?


How can we hold a much greater amount of energy in our energetic field and in our physical body so that we have much more energy to work with?

You must be open to it. The energy is literally all around you and inside of every single part of you. The ability to work with greater amounts of energy in one sitting is something that you have to allow. If you are functioning from within belief systems that sap you of your energy, and then are trying to build up your energy, that is a problem.

There are currently many energy drains built into the systems of your society. You have been held in a space of limited connection and limited energy flow for many years. This could not happen without you having given permission on some level, so you can take those permissions back. In order to do so you have to reprogram yourself with new ways of functioning within your timespace.

Changing your belief systems is the easiest way to start. Humanity is undergoing a vast process of doing exactly this right now. People are becoming more aware of the energetic functioning within their within physicality as well as their energetic existence. As you start to hold beliefs that work with the energies, the energies will become more available to you, and your awareness of them will become greater. You must first take yourself out of some of the programming you are functioning within to achieve this.

Pay attention to your emotions. What makes you feel opened up? What makes you feel closed down? If you are receiving a program from your television that makes you feel frustration, anger, sadness, violent; this is not a program that is opening your energetic flow, rather it's a constriction of your energetic flow. If you are receiving an entertainment or information that is making you feel excited about possibilities and is an inspiration for movement in new directions towards new knowledge or new adventures, this is an opening flow. If you wish to be open to flowing with more energy within your physicality, you must start being as vigilant about what you are absorbing as you can be. In your societies current times it will be impossible to avoid all programming that is constricting to your energetic flow, but that is okay. You can still find balance by surrounding yourself to as much of what opens your energetic flow as you can. And most important, just be aware of if your activities are opening you up or closing you down.

As what you are receiving and welcoming into your energetic field becomes more conducive to flow, you will start to function with more flow, and as you function with more flow, you will start to attract more of those things which are more conducive to your greater flow. So just be aware and when there is a choice between that which will put your energy flow in a constrictive state, or that which will put your energy flow in an expansive state, choose the option of expansion as often as you can.

As you start absorbing more expansive programming your belief systems will also shift to reflect this as well. Greater flow, means greater awareness, means naturally shifting belief systems because you are in greater awareness. This state of becoming more and more open and aware will also give you a greater perception into this energetic world. As your perception starts to open up to this greater energetic state, that allows you to begin to understand these energies, how to work with them, and how to allow them to work through you.

When you take this information and couple it with the information about turning yourself to the geometric informational structures that are becoming more and more available to you at this time through the shifting of photonic resonance, which is the shifting of the density of your sun and therefore also the shifting of the energy your sun emits, as your sun is also greatly affected by the new energies coming into your solar system at this time, then you have a recipe for great expansion of awareness and shifting of belief systems.
(more info on turning yourself to the geometric informational structures:

Many of you are awakening to very exciting times where a much greater level of connection to elements beyond the physical are becoming more and more available and much easier to access. It is the most exciting time to be incarnated on your planet as possibilities of massive shifting become more readily available to each of you individually and therefore to all of you collectively.

So find that which excites you and expands your energetic flow, align yourself with that as much as you can, and bring that to others. Your greater levels of excitement and expanding energetic flow in turn entrains others to greater levels of excitement and expanding energetic flow...which in turn creates more excitement and more energetic flow within an endless up cycling. Humanity coming together to create energetic flow together is an amplifier, amplifying energetic flow and shifting resonance through that amplification.

Continue this exploration, continue cycling up, and you will begin to hold much greater amounts of energetic flow on all levels. You will be continually moving forward, continually cycling up, continually inspiring those around you, and in turn continually deepening your own inspiration.

When you come together in this energetic shift, you put the shifting on the fast track. You are the ones that you've been waiting for. Choose the experience of greater energetic flow, it is a choice

How can the use of sound help people to unlock information, as well as physical changes within themselves?

How can the use of sound help people to unlock information, as well as physical changes within themselves?


Sound affects the body at the molecular level as vibration is what is at the core of your very being. Receiving vibration through physical / energetic work with sound can help to realign your physicality with the quantum vibrations that are forming the timespace you are currently functioning within. This will help you to come back into alignment with yourself on multiple levels, the molecular level and beyond.

There is information stored within the structure of your body that your conscious mind doesn't necessarily always have access to. This information is coded into your very physical being, your physical body. You can see symptoms of this in the way that the body forms itself within the Golden Ratio / the Phi ratio, patterning itself within the ordering of the Fibonacci sequence. But it goes much deeper than this, your physicality is built with and coded by geometry that holds specific information. When you can bring yourself into vibrational alignment with this informational geometry you can start to access parts of that information at a conscious level.

Humanities idea of information storage and recall through logic within a logical mind is very ineffective. It works to a certain extent, but how accurate is your memory? Can you perfectly recall your childhood? Or last year, or even yesterday for that matter? Never mind recalling the past / parallel lives and/or multidimensional information...that just is not going to happen from the level of your logical mind. Geometry is a much more precise informational storage device. Physical geometry as well as energetic geometry, as the physical is just a symptom of energetic patterning anyways.


So yes, your body stores vast untapped access to information at the molecular level, to the level of your DNA, to your skeletal structure and muscular structure. The only way to access this information is by coming into vibrational alignment with those geometries, quite literally turning yourself to them. Sound can help with this immensely if the person is ready and willing to allow it. On the physical level, this is how healing can occur with sound.

This is only the physical level that we have been talking about, but it is the same on an energetic level. You can bring yourself into vibrational alignment with different levels of multidimensional information...information only accessible to humans by way of entrainment to higher dimensional reality.


Sound can be a very effective tool to bring yourself into vibrational resonance with this higher dimensional information. You humans are multifaceted beings. You have many talents that are hidden from you when your focus is on only the physical / logical portions of your selves.

Allow yourself the space for inner exploration. This is so very important. Everything in your carefully structured / manipulated reality is designed to keep you focused outside of yourself, on the physical / logical levels. The answers you seek to free yourselves are not located outside of yourselves. It is time to look elsewhere. The use of sound can very much help to surpass this physical / logical fixation and move into alignment with greater portions of yourself, to access greater portions of your multidimensional selves.


Think of cymatics. Cymatics show you how specific sound frequencies organize physical matter into coherent patterns. Intentionally working with sound has the same effect on the physical, energetic, and emotional bodies of human beings. Specific intentional use of sound can bring portions of yourselves that may be out of alignment back into alignment...back in tune with the symphony of your existence.

Intentionally tuning yourself in specific ways with sound; specific frequencies, specific intervals, specific intervallic patternings, specific harmonies, specific harmonic overtones; can bring these geometries into a very specific ordering that allows for access to different aspects of multidimensionality and multidimensional information that are otherwise unavailable to you. Tuning yourself in specific ways brings you in phase with specific information...but while you are tuned another way the pathways to that specific information are not as readily accessible. This is because the information is being downloaded via entrainment to specific energetic geometries that become more readily accessible within your human consciousness by coming into resonance through specific sound frequencies and sound sequences. Without the specific resonant entrainment through vibrational patterning there can be no entrainment to that specific geometric informational field. Sound is not the only way to achieve this entrainment, but it is a wonderful shortcut.

Some of this is information that you can access consciously, but 99% of what happens when working with these vibrational alignments affects you at the subconscious level by reordering energetic, physical, and emotional patternings held within and around you. Opening to and entraining to specific vibrational flows and holding specific resonance allows shifting to take place at all levels of your being.

Accessing specific resonant geometry can activate specific changes within you to bring you into greater and greater alignment with yourself and the world around you, which in turn further actives and amplifies your experience of the awakening that all of humanity is undergoing at this time, like being on the fast track.

Sound may not be the only way to access this geometric vibrational entrainment, but for many it seems to be extremely effective with vastly greater results that can occur on a significantly quicker timeline.

How do we experience the positive path of ascension?

How do we experience the positive path of ascension at this time of great shifting on Earth?

The experiences that you receive inwards are a direct reflection of the experiences that you put outwards. Notice in your life how you are acting and reacting in your interactions, this shows you the exact path that you are on.

Helping others towards this path helps to align yourself with this path. You are doing much good in this world. You are practicing and openly sharing the knowledge that is awaking within you, for the most part.

The more you can be an open book as you allow knowledge to come through you from your higher multidimensional self, the more of a positive reflection you will create. Stay out of fear. Stay out of judgment. And stay out of the fear of judgment. That fear of judgment is a great separator which cuts you off from connecting with others at the level of energetic depth that is needed to awaken and maintain this connected state.


Be an open book. Share the knowledge that you have inside of you without judgment, and without the need for others to see things as you do. Doing so will inspire others to do so, allowing more and more knowledge to come to the light, which in turn will show you all a greater and greater portion of this puzzle you find yourself within as you come to greater and greater levels of awakening. You are truly in this together. No single person holds all of the answers accessible at once within the density of your physical incarnate at this time. There is no savior outside of yourselves coming together. Your experience of this shifting is intentionally designed this way to allow you to reinstate your connection to your own personal power which you have so freely given away to others in times past, as well as the realization of the power you hold as a collective.

If you think the information you have access to now is vast, just wait until you start incorporating the information that others are awakening to as well, bringing the pieces together. This causes a chain reaction, a great shifting in your connection. The key is in coming together, coming together in openness without judgment, without dogma, without the fear of being judged, just coming together as human beings having the infinite experience of reconnecting to the truer essence of your higher multidimensional selves.

Everything is changing. This is happening now. Don't hold back. Throw caution to the wind and allow yourself this experience. A large portion of this experience is in the sharing of this experience. Humans are inherently a deeply connected species. Human experiences are vastly more potent when they are shared with others. Coming together in this way literally amplifies.


Try to intentionally open up to each other in intentional ways, not sharing beliefs and dogma, but sharing a connection of energetic flow. Too many times when humans get together it turns into an “I'm right and you're wrong” scenario of people acting in judgment of one another, trying to force others to see things with their way as the only correct way. That way of being closes you down. That way of being puts the focus on the self and on the logical belief systems and programming of the societally integrated self. Being together in this restrictive way shuts down the open flow of energy between humankind and makes inaccessible any greater connection to their higher levels of multidimensional consciousness.

Come together and remain open, without being in judgment of one another. Your logical thinking and societal structures have nothing to do with your connection to infinite wisdom and your awakening / energetic up-cycling that is occurring at this time, that which you refer to as the 'ascension experience.' The logically programmed societal structures are dogma created as a byproduct of your experiences in this time-space density and are restrictive to the open flow of connection to the higher aspects of your multidimensional self.

Emotions are a key. The true connection lies in the emotional body, in coming together unguarded, open, without judgment of yourself or of others. Appreciate each other from a space of connecting to beauty, the way one might appreciate a beautiful majestic sunset or an awe inspiring shooting star. Be in appreciation and awe of the magnificence and beauty of infinite creative force coming into alignment to allow such a flowering of physical being and conscious interwoven in perfect symbiotic resonance.

There is no right or wrong way to do things, so coming together with the need to tell one another how it is done is utterly useless. Just learn how to be with each other in appreciation of one another. See the beauty in each of your individual experiences, each so completely unique and each so completely right unto yourselves.

Honoring another's experience without judgment allows you to honor your own experience without judgment. Both seem to be equally difficult for you, because you have not yet come to realize that they are one and the same. If you want to release all that you hold within you that causes you turmoil and dis-alignment, then you must release all that you judge as out of alignment and downright wrong in others. The action of judging another human's belief systems and way of being as being wrong reflects inside of you to create spaces of dis-alignment within yourself.

Learn to let all of that go. Learn to be together...just be. Learn to appreciate the beauty of another person without seeking out the differences between you that your logical mind then judges to be wrong because it is in contrast to your own way of being. Just appreciate one another. Realize that the contrast is what makes the perception of self, of individuality, a possibility in the first place, without contrast there is no differentiation.

Coming together in groups with people that are willing to do this intentionally can be a very potent and a very cathartic experience. Agree to experience this together, shields down, judgment down, no fear, and just be. Come together with the only intention being to experience one another in a state of openness. This state of being together openly amplifies the shift in resonance occurring at this time within each of you individually and all of you collectively, which in turn helps you to stay on the positive path of ascension during this time of great energetic shifting within your solar system.

Bring the people together.


Asking questions and allowing answers

Every morning I sit in meditation with a candle, a cup of tea, and my notebook. Sometimes I ask questions and try to allow the answer to come through. Sometimes I scribble out words so fast that my hand cramps up, and I think they probably won't make sense, but when I read them back later those words can be pretty potent. I don't usually share these writing directly, but I absorb it into the other things that I am working on and share them that way. I decided to share this one because I felt like I should.

Allowing...such a simple concept, until you try and put it into practice...

These words are from this morning, minus a couple of changes to pull out personal information.

How does light hold information?

Light holds information by way of carrying the activating force that will awaken the information inside of you. You are thinking of 'information' in terms of what the logical mind considers information. That type of information holds some value in physical incarnate, but is not the most direct connection to the infinite wisdom that you are seeking. The information you are looking for is held within the emotions and the intuition.

The light is carrying the vibrational change that will unlock these potentials within you, attuning you to higher levels of connection and carrying that connection into your emotional body to awaken knowledge through intuition and the infinite wisdom of the intuitive self as a reflection of the Galactic information that is part of the very fabric of your being and of all being. This is the way in which light 'holds information.'

The high energy cloud that this solar system is now within holds potential for large shifts and major upgrades to your level of connection and your ability to work with different densities. Awakening this awareness is the awakening of the multidimensional self, which is a truer and more connected version of your being.

You are under constant energetic refinement at this time, millions of times more than anything experienced in your histories and anything that you have experienced (as a human incarnate) before. Opening the channels within you, allowing the flow of this energy, learning how to do that, learning how to allow that, what that feels like, that is a process you all must undergo in order to remember a greater portion of yourselves.

You could call this time “the great remembering” as you gain access to parts of yourself that as an incarnated being have been blocked from you. It's a great shifting to undergo. It's not always easy, especially when you start bumping into the programming that you've undergone that goes directly against some of the things that you may be experiencing...or in the very least least trying to allow yourself to experience.

The best exercise at this moment in time is to allow yourself the space and the time to relax into this energetic shifting, this new light. Allowing this new light in will activate this shifting within your physicality to an even greater degree. Surpass the logical mind whenever you can, sound is a wonderful and highly effective tool for this.

Be the Light. Allow yourself to vibrate at these new frequencies that are permeating your solar system at this time. Create resonance (allow resonance) within your physicalities at these new frequencies and this will allow the shifting to take place with far less of an experience of struggling against them. Allow.

Sometimes it can help to say it out loud: “I allow these new frequencies to create resonance within my physical body. I allow my body to relax and shift within these new frequencies. I become this new light.”

Visualizations can help as well. Visualize a spiraling double helix traveling through the seven main energy centers within your body, spiraling with greater and greater intensity until a solid tube of energy is formed right down your very center, your core. This is the Pranic Tube. Then connect out of the Pranic tube from the root and the crown like you are growing roots that connect you to the above & below, Heaven & Earth. Allow these roots to pull in terrestrial and celestial energies into your Pranic tube, and circulate those energies through your heart center and out to your entire body. This is an effective visualization for working with this new energy by allowing it to strengthen your energetic center and then circulate out through your entire body.


Never forget that this information is already inside of you. Practice allowing it to come to the surface so that you can share it and teach it and and allow it to become written into the interface of your very existence in physicality.

If going out on a limb to teach this information excites and scares you...this is the sign that it is exactly the path to take. Trust in yourself. Allow in this shifting resonance. Be the Light.

Rewrite your reality ~ Where do you begin?

How much of the personality that we identify with as being ourselves is really who we truly are?

I've become well aware of how easily manipulated our personalities are. Where does that which we identify with as our 'personality' come from? A lot of our wants and needs and desires are not fully our own. A lot of those desires and needs seem to come from manipulative advertising, and worse, programming designed to downright control our perceptions of this reality. These manipulations form at least a part of our personalities, a larger part for some.

How much of our personality is the result of a manipulation that is aimed to make us identify with certain things in certain ways by playing on our fears and our biological desires? Are these manipulations used to keep us in line? To keep us as loyal consumers? To intentionally keep us in a fear state which blocks our energetic flow and disconnects us from the whole of ourselves as multidimensional beings? And how do we strip this programming and these manipulations away to get to the purer root of ourselves? How do we move away from this manipulation seemingly pushing us towards being in a constant state of Fight or Flight and move into a state of Connection and Understanding?

Once we start to realize how much we carry around and identify as ourselves that is in reality NOT us at all, but an intentional manipulation served up unrelentingly, it's hard to know what to trust and where to begin releasing and letting go of these programs.

Where do we begin?


Our multidimensional higher infinite self, the true essence of ourselves, only seems to be a small percentage of our personality in these times. As a human being on this planet in this time we undergo a lot of programming, programming through our educational system, TV programming (which is even what the medium is actually called,) programming through religion, programming through advertising, programming through being assimilated into our monetary system...the list goes on and on. It's easy to lose touch with the true thread of our deeper higher self, our society seems almost designed to make it so.

In our history maybe some of this programming was for our survival and for our forward progress as a species, but in this time that we are now in, we are past the need for this. Yet there is definitely programming that we still are subjected to on large scales, and this seems to be willfully used as a manipulation and source of control by some groups. There are many rabbit holes to go down here;  what some call mind control, and others call paranoid conspiracy theories, but that is not what this post is about. This is about superseding these manipulations for yourself to come back to a truer awareness of your true infinite self.


We each hold within us the power to unlock remember....remember who we are and why we are here. It seems as though this is not something that can happen at the level of our human logic. The mental structure of our human logic is part of what has been manipulated over much time, so releasing that structure and exploring ourselves outside of that structure is what it takes to start cracking away at the programming and the manipulations that lie therein.

We each have a direct connection to the source energy of our existence, to our higher self, to our multidimensional aspects. We've undergone so much programming that it seems it takes a bit of letting go of the human logic to reconnect to this. One must step outside and view the aspects and programs that are forming their reality on this planet in this current time-space objectively from the viewpoint of higher awareness. From there, from that viewpoint, cracks start to appear in this structure that we've been entrained into, the false beliefs and the false programming that causes our patterns of disconnection start to become more apparent. Follow the threads of these cracks to access your higher multidimensional self and higher truths.

At this time it's important to allow yourself the space to let go of the concept of the here and now, time-space, linearity, three-dimensional reality...and look within. Look within at the full, rich Universe that exists within you. As above, so below, the micro and the macro, you are the one and the all. The Universe outside of you is one and the same as the Universe inside of you. Take the time to experience yourself as the macro, experience the Universe inside of you, from that level of consciousness you ARE the Universe, the Universe is within you as you are within the universe.

In this holographic Universe every single part contains all of the whole, all of it, everything...because in fact there is no part. There is no separation, only a fractal patterning of infinite depth that creates the illusion of separateness. The false depth of space and time that we see when we look into the mirror of ourselves as we experience this third dimensional reality, through which we identify as separate from the all, only recognizing this manipulated self at this third dimensional level where we carry the illusion of separation.

Some might see this as scary, but it's not. This is the experience that we come here for. It's exciting to forget and then to remember's the most exciting thing going on in infinite eternity apparently...all the cool kids are doing it.

You are the Universe. Reconnect, remember, revitalize your energetic flow. Get out of the fight or flight level of consciousness that this society and it's programming has entrained you into. This fight or flight is what is cutting you off from the higher aspects of yourself, shutting down your energetic flow, dampening the perceptions of your true connection to this multidimensional reality.


How do we draw in and connect the contrast of being the full Universe on the one hand, and functioning within this time-space reality of three-dimensional existence, experiencing the illusion that we are only an infinitesimally tiny part of the Universe on the other hand? How do we attain that balance? What does that look like? While those are questions that we must all ultimately answer for ourselves, we can start striving for clarity by calming the nervous system and freeing ourselves from the perpetual state of fight or flight.

It seems that our nervous system literally emits a pitch to communicate between our conscious perception of this reality and the functioning of our body. Think about when you've gone into high alert when you've been frightened or when something traumatic happens, and how you've experienced a high pitched ringing in your ears. That signal is relayed to the full body telling it to remain at high alert, telling the nervous system and all of the muscles and tendons “Danger, prepare to act.” This signal puts us into the fight or flight mode, our whole body is prepared for action and all of our conscious awareness is focused on the space outside of us, that which our logical mind perceives as being separate from ourselves, and that which may be threatening or dangerous to us.


At this time we live within a society that seems to function from within this state of fight or flight at all times. This is perpetuated by all aspects of our daily lives. The corporate media that we absorb our world news from spreads the fear of terror and breeds intolerance though that fear. The TV shows and movies we watch for entertainment are full of gratuitous violence which breeds desensitization and ultimately mimicry. The privatized monetary system we use to divvy up the worth of goods on this planet is designed in a way that makes the vast majority of us fear for our very survival and pits us against one another to battle it out on black Friday shopping sprees, all while a select few hold a vast unimaginable wealth. Most religious institutions, which formed their structures in our histories as ways to govern and control the people, are designed to create elitist separation as most proclaim their teachings as the one true path, the only path to salvation, and state that all other paths are inherently wrong. People are dying of starvation while corporations throw out huge and sickening amounts of food. Our kids are bullied in schools. Women are afraid to walk the streets alone. Our governments...oh where do we even start with that one..our government.

The bombardment of fear and separation is unending. This leaves us as a collective, deeply disconnected from not only each other, but from ourselves, as well as suffering from chronic PTSD. While functioning from within a state of being dominated by fear it is impossible for us to connect to our higher multidimensional selves because it's impossible to maintain any kind of open energetic flow state. Think again of that high pitched noise our nervous system emits in times of stress, a signal that blocks out everything except that which can focus on an immediate threat...and think about the fact that our current societal situation seems to be designed as one of constant stress.

Now think about the drone of a deeply resonant singing bowl, or think about 'Aum' / 'Om' – that beautiful deep resonant tone that is commonly used to find our center and to bring us back into resonance with this Universe. Drones are tools that human beings have been using for millennia to achieve relaxation and connection, as well as achieving altered states of consciousness and multidimensional awareness. Think about how settling sound can be to our nervous system, all of our muscles, tendons, and our whole nervous system relaxes into that sound, dissolving away any tension and fear. From this state of relaxation we can focus inwards instead of on some perception of an external threat. We can start to function from a space of connection instead of a space of separation. In order to truly connect to our higher self, our conscious mind must get out of that fight or flight mode. Reaching this state of connection and understanding is ultimately what the goal of meditation is.

Utilizing sound in relaxation, in meditation, as well as in healing, is an extremely powerful tool that can sooth our nervous system into a state of relaxed energetic flow, vibrate tension right out of our physical body, guide us into deeper more connected states of mind from which we can access much greater levels of intuition from many different levels of consciousness currently inaccessible to us in our normal waking states of mind. Humming along with soothing sounds can entrain our nervous system into an even deeper state of peace. As our nervous system becomes deeply relaxed, our physical body will also become deeply relaxed, and our mind will settle down into a state of being where it is much easier to turn inwards and tune ourselves in with deeper aspects of our consciousness that would ordinarily be buried by the normal waking state. This is called the Theta state.

Functioning from within this Theta state is also where we can overwrite the programming that we've been vastly subjected to in this lifetime with much greater ease. From this state of mind we can overwrite the programming of fear with a state of connected bliss, with a higher infinite awareness, and with a deep sense of connection.

Let me repeat my question from the beginning of this post: How do we move away from this societal manipulation that is seemingly continuously pushing us towards being in a constant state of Fight or Flight and move into a state of Connection and Understanding? I believe that the answers to this question can be found within the Theta state.


With meditation alone it can take years of dedicated practice to consistently achieve the Theta state, but by working with sound it seems we can gain quite a massive shortcut to achieving this Theta way of vibrational entrainment and a washing away of tension within the physical body we are able to go much deeper than with just meditation alone.

We may not have years to practice and perfect meditation at this time because this world is changing rapidly right now. What is needed is for as many of us as possible to be conduits of positive change, working with new coherent energies from a space of connection and understanding, and waking up from the controlling fear state that we've been entrained into by a system that sees designed to keep us disconnected from each other, as well as disconnected from ourselves and our true powers. My personal experience of facilitating sound for people has been quite profound. I have witnessed many wonderful transformations and many profound internal connections being made. The use of sacred sound can immensely help us to relax, release, and receive, to connect to our higher selves, to awaken to the multidimensionality of this truly magical existence, and to free ourselves from being stuck within a system of manipulation.

Relax. Release. Receive. Rewrite your reality.

This article was written back in the beginning of November 2017 and I'm finally getting around to posting now. There is so much happening in this time, it's an exciting time to be alive.

Find what works for you, find what sets you free. It's not going to be the same for everyone...find what is is that wakes you up and be the light that you want to see in this world. We need you. 

   ~Ben Carroll



Connecting to the multidimensional aspects of ourselves, our infinite selves


We live in an interesting say the least of it. There is quite a lot of shifting and changing going on in this world that we find ourselves within. A lot of this shifting and changing seems to be stemming from an energetic up-cycling that we (all of humanity) are undergoing.

This energetic shifting is causing us to seek out new ways of doing things, new ideas, and new ways of being. When you have 7 billion souls all starting to feel a little bit uncomfortable in how things have been in the past and all searching for new ways to do things, (on one level or another,) all at the same time, and often in contrast to one another...well...there are bound to be some turbulent times.

Ultimately, I believe that we will find ourselves in a better place...and...I don't know about you...but I want to see that better place as soon as possible, which is why I have moved into doing the work that I do with sound full time.

At this time of great energetic shifting the veil of separation between our current physical incarnate consciousness level, and our higher selves' infinite awareness is getting thinner and thinner. We are slowly starting to remember our deeper connections. Some of us are going in head first, trying to open this up even further, while others are doing everything that they can to shield themselves from these changes.

Regardless of our awareness of this strengthening connection to our higher selves, we are all working against many levels of blockages that impede this shifting. Our sociologically programmed notion of what this reality that we are all functioning within is determines a big part of where our physically conscious mind is functioning from. This is especially true in our day to day pattern / habit driven activities. These pattern / habit driven activities are the times when we have the tendency to be at our least present. This is when all of the conditioned past programming and limiting belief systems kick in.

The grip of these unconscious tendencies can be quite firm. No matter what your level of awareness of this is, this subconscious programming can still be extremely hard to overcome...and it's not something that we can overcome once and just be done with, this is something that we tend to repeatedly slip back into whenever we unconsciously slip back into our pattern / habit driven behaviors...which seems to happen a lot.


The work that I do with sound is geared towards getting people to a level of consciousness (specifically the theta state) where we can get down past the part of our physically conscious mind that is holding and running these programs. This allows us access to deeper parts of ourselves, the infinite parts of ourselves, the parts of ourselves that hold access to infinite knowledge.

We all must work to strengthen this connection, to undo the conditioning and the programming the only way that it is possible to do so, by overwriting it. Creating flow in the energetic body by releasing all the places we are stuck in dense energy, and working towards reforming these energetic pathways towards a deeper connection with our higher / infinite selves is where we will find a furthered thinning of the veil in our day to day lives...allowing us to start functioning more and more from within this space of deep connection.

We are the ones that hold our own answers. But in order for us to access those answers we need to be able to connect to the parts of ourselves that hold those answers. This connection to our higher self is greatly strengthened when we work on releasing our fears, which we do by working on recognizing and releasing our limiting programs and patterns...patterns and programs of self doubt, self defeating belief systems, and a disconnection from the higher parts of ourselves and from each other. Getting past all of that and overwriting it with belief systems that reflect our growing level of conscious awareness and connection is so important at this time. This is a seemingly constant process, always moving forward, always reforming the world we live in to reflect the level of consciousness that we strive for and are beginning to work with at higher levels in each new day.

I find that working with sound seems to be the perfect tool to get ourselves into a state of being where we can allow ourselves to overwrite these limiting patterns and programs. If you would like to experience the work that I have been facilitating in this area for yourself, please join us in one of the many Sound Healing Journeywork workshops that I currently have booked. If I'm not close to your area, let's do what we can to work towards closing that gap.

Deepest gratitude to all of us that are doing this work, on any level, we are all making a difference on many more levels than currently seem to be visible. Thank you. 
We can do this if we work together. Imagine. 

In Light,
   ~Ben Carroll

Happy Equinox ~ A perfect day for returning to balance


On this day of the Fall Equinox we have a day of perfect balance between the light and dark. This is the perfect day for us to focus returning to balance within ourselves.

Energetic balance is about maintaining our energetic flow. Denser energies can upset the delicate balance of flow between your energy centers. If you are blocked in one area that blockage will stifle the flow of energy through to other areas.

Your breath is deeply connected to your energetic flow. With every breath in feel the flow of energy through your entire body, through your physical body and through your energy centers. Notice if the breath gets stuck in any particular area. Notice if any areas feel stuck or denser than other areas. Breathe into those areas.

Imagine that with every breath in you are breathing in light, and that light is flowing through your entire body, shining light into any darkness and creating flow within and through any areas of denser energies.

Energetic balance is about maintaining flow by releasing any blockages. Blockages can be caused by any number of things, emotional trauma, limiting belief systems, stress... We carry these blockages around within us as denser energies, and if we can get ourselves into the right state of mind we can release these these blockages and return to a beautiful flow state.

InnerSelfSustained ~

Transmuting denser energies into Light ~ Part 2

Electromagnetic impulses are the informational field of the outer world impressing itself inwards upon us. These impulses are the state of us receiving information about the world around us, the 'external' world. Our internal world is not connected in the same way and cannot be connected to through the same ways in which we approach the outer world. A lot of the rituals and ceremonies peoples have used to connect to 'spirit' throughout humanity's vast history are ways of approaching things differently, tools to change the ways of informational flow from electromagnetic fields flowing inwards, from out to in, to 'spirit' flowing outwards, from in to out.


Our 'spirit energy' seems to be an energetic flow that swells out of us as a state of light energy, a field of light. This energy state is a toroidal flow with a stream coming out of the top and bottom. This energetic field can be seen to look almost like a round butterfly. I've been seeing this energetic flow state often lately. It seems as if in this transition we are undergoing that we are truly becoming butterflies of light.. (The pic in this post is the closest representation to what this looks like that I could find in a quick google search.)

At this time humanity seems to be undergoing a massive energetic shift. Part of this energetic shift that we are undergoing is learning how to change our energetic informational flow from electromagnetic flowing to us inwards, from out to in, to our inner energies, some call this spirit, flowing outwards, from in to out. We've always done this to an extent, but rarely do most of us use this flow state as the source of our perceptions. Learning to activate our intuition, to 'connect to spirit', to access the 'Akashic records'... these are all states that this informational flow connects us to. Learning to see the structure of this fractal matrix we live within and see its energetic flow as opposed to just seeing the symptoms of that matrix as the electromagnetic impulses reflected back to us is what this shifting of perception does.

To our logical mind this way of information flowing from inwards out to receive information can feel counter intuitive, this is why the logical mind can so easily shut this in to out informational flow down so effectively. The endless regurgitate training through the rote of our schooling system shuts this in to out flow down for most children. We are all born with this in to out flow being our natural state, but slowly as we get assimilated into this culture, through schooling and other forms of programming, this in to out informational flow is shut down in favor of the out to in flow of information. We very effectively learn to shut down our intuition and inner knowing, some to a greater extent than others.

At this time, as we are undergoing this energetic shift, it is getting harder and harder for us to maintain this out to in informational flow as our main source of information and people are experiencing 'awakenings' which is simply a change in the state of their informational flow. I quite regularly hear people worrying about 'if they are crazy' as they are experiencing this awakening, this shifting of informational flow, and worrying that others are thinking they are crazy. But you that are experiencing this have truly never been less crazy. It is the disconnected state of the world that we live in that is crazy. Waking up to the nature of your energetic self is far from being crazy, this amazing experience is your beautiful emergence from a cocoon you didn't even know existed.

It is important to gather in like minded groups at this time, to foster this informational flow state shift together, because it helps us to accept this shifting and realize that we are not crazy and we are not alone. This coming together with like minded people shows us that we are the way showers in this time of great shifting. You are so important, you are so amazing, and you are so deeply needed.

A large part of the work that I am facilitating in the Sound Healing Journeywork workshops is bringing people together and helping to facilitate a shifting of flow state. Utilizing the sound of droning quartz crystal singing bowls we enter an altered state of mind to bypass the programming of our conscious mind, and utilizing the energy of the group we strengthen our command over our energetic flowing, then utilizing my voice coupled with the energy of the group we facilitate a shifting of energetic flow. I may be facilitating the push of the energy in these workshops, but it is the group doing this work together that makes this so effective. Every one of these gatherings is different and those participating in these workshops are equally as important as what I am doing. We make this shift together and we are creating community together. This energy work is a practicing of a different flow state, and this is something that we need to practice often in our lives at this time. We are transmuting the denser energies of the out to in electromagnetic flow that we have been programmed to function with into Light as we shift our energetic flow state from inwards out. Be the light...literally. 💚

It is important to come together at this time. Join us at a Sound Healing Journeywork workshop, or find another group active in facilitating this energetic shifting. It is important to be with like minded people to make this shifting easier, and so much more fun!

“Be with the people that set your heart on fire.”

InnerSelfSustained ~

Transmuting denser energy into light

Transmuting denser energy into Light


There are so many of these denser energies coming to the surface at this time, showing up as fear, as prejudice, as intolerance... This is part of the energetic shifting we are all undergoing.

As these denser energies get bombarded with higher frequency energy they get forced to the surface. All of this negativity that we see coming to the surface at this time is doing so to allow them to be transmuted into higher frequencies. As we release this density the dense energy is transmuted into light, releasing density and allowing flow, cycling us further upwards and our resonant frequencies continue their ascent upwards.

We've been carrying all of these denser energies as programming, as traumas that we have undergone, as limiting belief systems about ourselves and about the world that we had trained into us. As these are coming to the surface they seem to be growing stronger, but the truth is that they grow bright so that they can ultimately burn way or another.

Do not slip into fear as you see this happening in the world around you, but stay in your own center, stay in your own flow, lighting your own light to be a beacon of light in this time of transmuting darkness. You are needed. 💚

Be the light that you wish to see in the world.

InnerSelfSustained ~

Cultivate your own bliss


Cultivating bliss is a task of extreme importance in these times. Massive changes are on the tips of our fingers and tongues as new energies filter through our every state of being. Let us welcome these shifts in gratitude and bask in the bliss that can come with this warm open welcoming. We are here to usher in a new age. We are here to bring the light. 💚

Part of what helps us to maintain the access to our happiness and bliss is actively seeking the higher road at every intersection and maintaining presence of mind in all things, especially in those things that tend to annoy us and cause us to lose our presence of mind and shut down our higher connections. In this instance I'm not talking about the big things, death, destruction, violence...I'm speaking of the smaller things like not receiving what you would choose or something taking longer than you expected.

In these times of apparent misfortune anger can come bubbling up as our programmed belief systems of how things should be comes up against a trigger point. This anger is ok if used productively. Analyze the situation and find the root of the anger if you can. Also notice the patterns of when it is that the anger tends to come up. What invades your happiness? When things are not as you expect them to be, does that encroach upon your happiness and keep your bliss at bay? If yes, why?

Living life expecting every day to be one certain way is not living life to it's fullest. This puts conditions on your state of being. Happiness and bliss become dependent on how you think things “should” be.

Eventually functioning from this space of accepting only limited types of situations can develop into fear as you start to gain an understanding what types of situations may encroach upon your conditions for happiness. Once this happens fear gets triggered when a situation starts to seem as though it may be going in a direction against those conditions for happiness. This will grow into a fear of change and a clinging always to the way things are and how you feel they should be. Ultimately this closes you off from many potentially wonderful and life changing experiences.

Let go of your conditions for happiness. Be open and present and interact with all things from a space of curiosity. If you come upon something that you view as an intrusion, there is a message for you in that intrusion. You must be open to receive that message.

The more we can let go of our need to direct all things and all situations to follow only one path, the more we can become aware of the deeper parts of ourselves, our energetic flow, and the subtle energies that interact with the world and ourselves. Ultimately by freeing ourselves from this trap we will deeply reconnect to our own intuition and higher self on ever strengthening levels.

Getting out of routine helps with this openness. Go to new places. Find new experiences. Take a different path home. If you are always in the same environment, taking the same path every day, expecting the same experiences with the same people, then you will undoubtedly end up closing yourself down and cutting yourself off from the openness required to stay present and cultivate your bliss and your happiness in all situations..not just a few select situations that you've chosen.

Be open to change for we are now entering into a time of great energetic shifting. This shifting is part of the obvious chaos going on in the world today. It's only scary if you are struggling against this. Be wide open and allow these changes to fully permeate your being...physical, emotional, spiritual. From this path of openness you will find your way to experiences so amazing that they may be unimaginable to you at this moment in your life.

Good things are coming. <3

The Lion's Gateway

Today is truly a day for pleasure and bliss, a day to let these delicious energies pour through your very being. Be grateful for this day. Breathe in the charged air today, allow your body the chance to take this in. Stay open. Be present. Don't drift into routine.

We have entered into a truly powerful energetic period. The opportunities at this time are immense. If we can allow ourselves the space to work on expanding into these energies the shifting available will be at an unprecedented level. Follow your intuition and higher self out into this. Reconnect to parts of yourself that have been previously unavailable to you. This is a time of re-connection...remembering ancient pathways.

InnerSelfSustained ~

Stepping through your shadow

I recently had a dream of someone spending all of their time looking for an old photograph. They were so engrossed in their search for this old photograph that they had completely lost the present moment. Not only were they completely unaware of the present moment, but I couldn't get them to notice me or acknowledge me in any way. They couldn't even see me.

We sometimes live our lives like that. At times we are looking for that old photograph by stuffing our present moment into molds that are defined by our past and that in truth have absolutely nothing to do with what is actually occurring in the present moment. We get so wrapped up in these old photographs that we tend not to notice that the present circumstance is really something completely different than what we are experiencing in our minds.

That old photograph that we are inserting into this present moment is a snapshot of a past time and space that bears no relevance to the present. When we insert our past traumas into current situations that have nothing to do with those past traumas we completely lose our ability to experience the present moment. We lose our ability to be grateful for the present. We forget the importance of gratitude. We do not even notice or experience what is really happening around us or to us. Everything is lost.

These old photographs are shadows in our minds. Identifying them and releasing them is a type of shadow work that we all must undergo. Living in this physical reality undoubtedly leaves remnants of our past experiences and past traumas that creep in and cast shadows over our present moment.

In shadow work we intentionally step out from behind our own shadows. We intentionally release those old pictures that we are holding onto so tightly that they've turned into programs that we subconsciously run. Once we've turned a traumatic past event into a program that we are repeatedly running, we will experience the trauma of that event happening to us over and over again in situations that are completely unrelated until we find a way to release that shadow.

We all hold onto our past traumas in this way and we all have these shadows to varying degrees. These programmed traumas can cast deep shadows over our light. If left unchecked these shadows can completely close us down until we lose our ability to experience the present moment as it is right now, and can ultimately lead to serious health issues.

These shadows form the negative beliefs that we hold about ourselves and manifest on a conscious level as the negative self talk that we may find ourselves repeating internally. “I'm awkward because I'm an introvert, I'm unattractive, I'm better off alone, I can't sing, nobody listens when I speak...” These are all stories that I have told myself in the past based on my own shadows. For a portion of my life each of these shadows became true for me because I made them into truth, but in reality, none of these were true. I have found each of these shadows and over time I released them from my consciousness.

In truth our shadows can also act as our greatest teachers and way showers to the changes that we are seeking in our lives. These shadows are wonderful guideposts to show us what we can release, because we can release these shadow programs if we can identify them.

We become aware of the shadows we are holding by intentionally becoming aware of our own negative self talk and negative belief systems. These are dead giveaways and anytime you find yourself in the midst of this stop, take note of what it is, and trace it back to it's root. Many times we can find a specific traumatic event in our past that formed each specific shadow. Sometimes the source of these shadows has become so buried that we cannot find them, but even if we cannot find the source we can still intentionally overwrite these shadows with new, more positive stories if we are persistent.

The act of releasing these shadows and finally letting go of these past traumas, although not always easy, is a catalyst for great change in our lives. This releasing can be a very effective way to raise our vibrations. As we find ourselves in a new, more vibrant, less constrictive world new doors and pathways start to appear before us that have always been there, but we just couldn't notice before because of the shadows we were casting over our own perceptions and experiences of this world.

What stories are you telling yourself? What contradicting programs are you running in the background? These stories that you tell yourself and these programs that you run don't have to define you, you can release them. Our past is only a program that holds us in the specific frequency of this current present moment. It was needed to get you here, but not to keep you here. Now is the time to release.

Releasing these shadows requires being open and honest with ourselves. We have to be ready and willing to do that. Seeing some of the stories that we hold and how this affects ourselves and the people around us can be a traumatic experience in and of itself, especially if we don't hold it in the right light. We have to realize that these programs were with us to help us to get to this place where we are right now, to offer us immense physical/emotional/spiritual growth. Without these programs we would not be where we are now. Be grateful for what they have done for you, their service to you. Release them in gratitude.

With the use of Sound Healing Journeywork we can give ourselves permission to just let go of all of it...maybe just long enough to hear our own intuition again. For more info on this visit:

By releasing these shadows and these stories that go along with them we become more and more of our true infinite selves. We become the ones that we have been waiting for, the harbinger of massive change and a guiding light for others. We can each live a life so full of love and light, we can each be an amazing inspiration to all around us when we release these stories and step out of our own shadow into the light. Our true nature is one of infinite light and infinite abundance.

Be the light that you wish to see in this world.

InnerSelfSustained ~

Be patient

We live in the time of a great change upon this planet. Collectively we have moved into a new energetic space, but it takes us time to understand this and to begin to work with these new energies instead of struggling against them.

We each move through integrating these new energies at our own pace. We all work with our own comfort levels. We all have our own past traumas and karma to release. The ability to work with and flow with these new energies is part of who we are, yet those abilities can be eclipsed by the blinding sun of our own current state of consciousness in this physical reality and the filters and programs that we are experiencing this physical life through.

We're all stubborn and don't like to move out of our comfort zones. We've got to push past that. Go into the uncharted territory with a sense of adventure. Excitement leads to transformation. Be grateful. Gratitude opens doors. Find the things that bring you true honest energetic bliss. Bliss pulls down the walls and blockades that keep us from seeing the truth of who we truly are. Don't allow fear to be your only point of reference. The fear is only there to facilitate greater movement, but not if you let it control you. Don't freeze up in fear, but when it comes use it as fuel to propel yourself forward.

This change is upon us, it is happening now, but there is no set time frame. This all happens as it is supposed to for each of us. Be patient. Want to help yourself integrate these energies quicker? Help others. What can you do to help? Facilitate openings within people. Cultivate bliss in your own life and share that with others. Open doors to connect more and more people together in working with these new energies. “Bring the people together.”

Be the light that you want to see in this world.

InnerSelfSustained ~

Part 3: A flavor of ascension

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~A flavor of ascension.~

My whole life I've always experienced visitations of energy, occasionally accompanied by messages. I've been asked to share my experiences. This is part 3 in the sharing of my own story. (Part 1, Part 2) I suppose it's not coming out in chronological order, but this seemed the best part to tell next. I know a lot of people have had intense energetic experiences, please realize that you are not alone.

Synchronicity is a term coined by analytical psychologist Carl Jung which refers to "meaningful coincidences" that occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related. Meaningful coincidences, like seeing a license plate with just the right word, or seeing 11:11 on the clock at just the right time, or getting a phone call from someone just after you think of them happen regularly in our lives. The idea of synchronicity is definitely something that has found its way into the mainstream these days. Synchronistic nudges are something that happen to all of us, when we are paying attention and we catch these little affirmations, these “meaningful coincidences,” they can be quite elating and very reassuring.

For awhile Asheville, NC kept coming up for me. It happened many times, I had quite a few well timed instances of synchronicity that pointed me towards Asheville. It came up repeatedly in information that I found myself reading, in conversations, and in dreams. I remember one instance in particular, it was after I had already noticed this push towards Asheville for awhile, I was waiting in the airport for a flight home after some shows I had played out in the mid-west. I had a layover of a few hours and was waiting at the designated gate reading a book. After sitting there reading for a couple of hours I looked up and the gate sign no longer said Portland, ME, it said Asheville, NC. I remember thinking, maybe even saying, out loud “Ok, I get it! I'll go to Asheville!!!”

It took a bit but I did get to Asheville. My first night there, June 1st 2014, was quite an experience. I was awoken in the middle of the night by an energetic visitation. This isn't something out of the ordinary, I go through spurts where this happens quite frequently. This time though, was different. Once I was awake and aware of a presence, then I immediately shot out across the universe at an unbelievable speed. The only sound I heard was a series of ascending tones, which to this day I really wish I could exactly recall the sequence of those notes. At the instance of this happening I believed that it was the sound that was transporting me. During this experience I was wide awake and this was very, very intense. Unfortunately after experiencing this for a bit I got scared and the next thing I was aware of was that I was back in the room where I was staying at in Asheville feeling as though I had just forgotten something...I remember immediately thinking, 'No, no, no, I'm not scared anymore! I want to remember!' Directly after this experience I was shown how I needed to be in this location for that experience to line up. I was shown two pieces of paper sliding around until a hole in each paper matched up and allowed an energetic transmission to come through. The rest of my time in Asheville, although amazing, beautiful and full of mountain adventures, was not as eventful in this same way.

By the beginning of July in 2014 I was starting to have some absolutely amazing experiences. I found myself experiencing a deep connection and energetic awareness in the world around me. As this continued to build I found myself so charged with energy that it seemed I could no longer really sleep, but I was also never overtired during the day. These highly charged energetic experiences lasted from July 9-18 in 2014. During this time my experience and perception of this world was totally and completely different. I was living the same life in the same places, but my perceptions of reality were drastically different. I could see how everything in my life had been designed to get me to this point, how I did have free will, but every intersection in my life had been designed so that I would almost certainly make the choices that led me in this direction. I could see how everything in life is a series of meaningful synchronicities when viewed from an energetically charged space of higher awareness.

I was able to see energetic flow; between people, in nature, between all connected things..and all things are connected. I had several blissful out of body experiences. One night as I lay awake, as usual during this time, but feeling so absolutely amazing that I didn't want to sleep anyways, I found myself standing in front of a mirror in the dark staring at myself, getting closer and closer to the mirror until I walked right through and experienced a realm of pure energy where I was able to completely mold and form that energy into patterns and shapes. The energy I felt within this space was one of complete connection and bliss. The space around me was just as much a part of me as whatever body I was perceiving this experience through. I know what you may be thinking, but I don't even drink alcohol, or coffee, never mind take any drugs, not even cold medicine.

During this time I had a few instances where I would stand outside in the rain and as I stood there I would call torrential downpours, full force downpours like we really only see once or twice a year where I live in Maine. It actually wasn't as though I called the downpour by asking for it, it was more like I just knew that it was coming and I greeted it. I would stand there and know the torrential downpour was coming, and it would start raining so hard that I couldn't see more than several feet in front of me. In a short time I would find myself standing in puddles up to my ankles.

One day I had an experience where I slipped and cut my hand on some rocks by the water, and shortly after a moving energetic pattern took over my field of vision. This patterning of moving energy started with 5 points, (similar to the cover for my 2014 album Illuminated Heart, which is where that idea actually came from) and eventually this pattern filled in to become a full circle of moving energy. It was quite intense. This moving energetic pattern took up my entire field of vision. The funny thing is that the cut on my hand, although it bled quite a bit, never hurt. It didn't hurt when I rinsed it under the faucet, it didn't hurt when I applied medicine to it, it did not hurt one bit. Also when I slipped on the rocks and fell back I flailed my arms as I was falling backwards to catch myself. This action caused a shoulder that I had chronic pain in for quite some time after a dislocation to instantly stop hurting, and it has never hurt again to this day.

During this period of time I also had energetic visitations from light beings and energy beings. These were always more of a mental impression rather than having someone right in the room with me. One of the things that was suggested that I do was to meet with people and share these experiences and trade stories, which I was doing almost every day during this period of time. The act of sharing seemed to intensify and hold the energy and to build an understanding of how connected we all are, and how when working together we amplify our energy immensely. We are not solitary individuals. We are deeply connected on a level that at this period of history we have lost perception of...but this awareness is now starting to slowly return to humanity.

There were quite a lot of other events like these, virtually every moment of every day for this whole period of time was full of extraordinary events...performing Reiki and actually experiencing it from inside the other persons body, seeing blue crackling energy shoot out of a dream catcher, lots of messages, and lots of things that are very personal to me. I was perceiving this world and my whole existence in a completely different way from a completely different energetic reference point. I had the same sense of self as I always do, I was just highly aware of the connection between all things and able to experience that connection in all of the things that I was doing, no matter how mundane...and there really was no such thing as a mundane experience from this state of awareness, it was all bliss, pure bliss.

One thing that distinctly I remember is how sarcasm didn't seem very funny at all during this period of high energy. Not that I couldn't understand the intention, but it actually just didn't feel right. It didn't match up energetically because in sarcasm one is saying something that is vibrationally out of alignment with what is actually meant. When one is more highly tuned energetically, it seems that sarcasm is actually a bit uncomfortable...and honestly just entirely unnecessary.

After about nine days of this energetic super charge, or whatever it was, I lost the energy. It seems as though I could not carry it indefinitely. I first returned to normal everyday life, but then as the seasons changed into fall I entered into a very low energetic state and a dark period of life where I worried about finances and the direction of my life quite a lot. In retrospect I believe that what happened is that my world had been shattered by this experience. I had to learn deal with the realization that a lot of the belief systems that run my life on a normal day to day basis are false...and that just knowing this doesn't make these belief systems go away, or make it any easier to change them. I believe that these belief systems that are ingrained into me sociologically, ingrained into all of us sociologically, were the reason that I was unable to hold this energy indefinitely. After a period of time the contradictions between my programmed beliefs of this world and what I was actually experiencing during this time caused my energy level to entrain back down to the level of energy that I held previous to this energetic up-cycling experience.

Over a period of time, as summer turned into fall and the days grew shorter I sank to an energetic low point. When you get yourself into that state of low energy, that is when the doubt kicks in. The experiences of visitations from energetic beings are the type of experiences that are easy to write off in times of low energy, imagination. As are the experiences of calling the rain, are the experiences of traveling into the mirror, hallucination...a lot of the experiences I found easy ways to write off.

Shooting across the universe was actually far too vividly real and scary to ever write off. The level of bliss that I was functioning with during those nine days is absolutely unforgettable. I felt so amazing that I didn't even want to sleep, those wonderful memories I can never doubt. The ability to see synchronicity at work guiding me in every moment of my life during those nine days is also impossible to ever forget or write off. I've taken to calling my life's path “free will on train tracks.” I'm sure that your life's path will be seen this way as well once you find yourself experiencing life from this higher energetic vantage point, which I hope that we will all experience in this lifetime. We will see that the game is rigged in our favor, we are all destined to experience the greatness that in truth we already are.

I'm so grateful that I was sharing these experiences with others as I was guided to during that time. That sharing made it all somehow more real and believable as I moved away from being able to hold that energy level. I believe that this is important for all of us, share what you experience with others, no matter how unbelievable the experiences may be. This sharing allows these experiences to take root and not be so easily written off as time gets in between you and the memories.

I've had three years to reflect on these experiences. The best I can make of it is that this was some kind of energetic cycling up, some kind of temporary ascension experience that I believe was directly related to and facilitated by the experience that took place during my first night in Asheville, NC. Those nine days in July 2014 were the most amazing period of my entire life. I felt so energetically connected and so completely full of bliss...and well, just so complete in every single way.

I've spend a lot of time thinking about these experiences. Why wasn't I able to hold that energy level? How did this even happen to begin with? Why me? Is there anyone else out there that has experienced something like this? (Please do share.) And most importantly, how do I get back to that energetic state and hold it indefinitely?

I'm eternally grateful for having experienced this energetic shift, even in it's temporary nature. This experience has given me much more confidence in my life, which has allowed me the confidence to make a lot of much needed changes. This experience created a shifting in every part of my being that I am still in the process of undergoing. I've moved out of worry (most of the time) and into deeply listening to my life's true calling. When the worry does inevitably creep in, looking back on this experience is a way for me to be able to just let that worry and the doubts that arise therein go. This experience gave me a whole new perspective on this state of existence we are in, and something to strive towards moving forward. I want to live from that energetic space again! I want all of us to live from this energetic space. I know that it's right here with us. Learning how to access this state consciously is something that I believe we are all moving towards.

This energetic state is, I believe, where all of humanity is headed towards collectively. I believe that this energetic state is the so called “Golden Age” that has been prophesied. All of humanity seems to be undergoing a transition at this point in time, we can see that reflected in the world around us in many ways. Although it may seem that we are at a point of chaos right now collectively, I think that ultimately we are heading towards something so wonderful that it will completely change everything on this planet. The chaos we find this world to be in at this moment in time is part of the change. It's like with cymatics, when you take a metal plate attached to a speaker and vibrate particles of some sort at specific frequencies on top of that plate you get specific shapes. As you start to raise the frequency that is coming out of the speaker the shape that had formed starts to let go and you get a lot of chaos at first, but eventually you hit a frequency where you get another beautiful shape that pulls together. We may be in the midst of the chaos now, but that is only so we can cycle up to another absolutely beautiful form together. This is where we are moving collectively. I believe that this shift is hardwired into the functioning of this Universe...and the time is nearing.

I hope that my story can inspire some of you to share your experiences and stories, and to remember that we are all in this together. We are far more connected than our belief systems at our current level of consciousness allow us to perceive. I hope that my story can also inspire some hope and optimism for others in this world, and that hope and optimism can inspire at least the tiniest nudge to move towards your true calling. I know how difficult taking those steps can be.

At this time it is important to reconnect with our intuition, to let go of the old ways of doing things and our old belief systems. It's time to remember why we are here on this planet at this point in time in the first place. We chose to be here at this time to experience this amazing shift in energy and consciousness on a planetary level. We are all massively powerful energetic beings individuality, and even more so when we come together collectively. We are all in this together, and we are all in for an experience that is absolutely beautiful and mindblowing. What an amazing and exciting time to be alive!

Ben Carroll's Story:
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