Connecting to the multidimensional aspects of ourselves, our infinite selves


We live in an interesting say the least of it. There is quite a lot of shifting and changing going on in this world that we find ourselves within. A lot of this shifting and changing seems to be stemming from an energetic up-cycling that we (all of humanity) are undergoing.

This energetic shifting is causing us to seek out new ways of doing things, new ideas, and new ways of being. When you have 7 billion souls all starting to feel a little bit uncomfortable in how things have been in the past and all searching for new ways to do things, (on one level or another,) all at the same time, and often in contrast to one another...well...there are bound to be some turbulent times.

Ultimately, I believe that we will find ourselves in a better place...and...I don't know about you...but I want to see that better place as soon as possible, which is why I have moved into doing the work that I do with sound full time.

At this time of great energetic shifting the veil of separation between our current physical incarnate consciousness level, and our higher selves' infinite awareness is getting thinner and thinner. We are slowly starting to remember our deeper connections. Some of us are going in head first, trying to open this up even further, while others are doing everything that they can to shield themselves from these changes.

Regardless of our awareness of this strengthening connection to our higher selves, we are all working against many levels of blockages that impede this shifting. Our sociologically programmed notion of what this reality that we are all functioning within is determines a big part of where our physically conscious mind is functioning from. This is especially true in our day to day pattern / habit driven activities. These pattern / habit driven activities are the times when we have the tendency to be at our least present. This is when all of the conditioned past programming and limiting belief systems kick in.

The grip of these unconscious tendencies can be quite firm. No matter what your level of awareness of this is, this subconscious programming can still be extremely hard to overcome...and it's not something that we can overcome once and just be done with, this is something that we tend to repeatedly slip back into whenever we unconsciously slip back into our pattern / habit driven behaviors...which seems to happen a lot.


The work that I do with sound is geared towards getting people to a level of consciousness (specifically the theta state) where we can get down past the part of our physically conscious mind that is holding and running these programs. This allows us access to deeper parts of ourselves, the infinite parts of ourselves, the parts of ourselves that hold access to infinite knowledge.

We all must work to strengthen this connection, to undo the conditioning and the programming the only way that it is possible to do so, by overwriting it. Creating flow in the energetic body by releasing all the places we are stuck in dense energy, and working towards reforming these energetic pathways towards a deeper connection with our higher / infinite selves is where we will find a furthered thinning of the veil in our day to day lives...allowing us to start function more and more from within this space of deep connection.

We are the ones that hold our own answers. But in order for us to access those answers we need to be able to connect to the parts of ourselves that hold those answers. This connection to our higher self is greatly strengthened when we work on releasing our fears, which we do by working on recognizing and releasing our limiting programs and patterns...patterns and programs of self doubt, self defeating belief systems, and a disconnection from the higher parts of ourselves and from each other. Getting past all of that and overwriting it with belief systems that reflect our growing level of conscious awareness and connection is so important at this time. This is a seemingly constant process, always moving forward, always reforming the world we live in to reflect the level of consciousness that we strive for and are beginning to work with at higher levels in each new day.

I find that working with sound seems to be the perfect tool to get ourselves into a state of being where we can allow ourselves to overwrite these limiting patterns and programs. If you would like to experience the work that I have been facilitating in this area for yourself, please join us in one of the many Sound Healing Journeywork workshops that I currently have booked. If I'm not close to your area, let's do what we can to work towards closing that gap.

Deepest gratitude to all of us that are doing this work, on any level, we are all making a difference on many more levels than currently seem to be visible. Thank you. 
We can do this if we work together. Imagine. 

In Light,
   ~Ben Carroll

Happy Equinox ~ A perfect day for returning to balance


On this day of the Fall Equinox we have a day of perfect balance between the light and dark. This is the perfect day for us to focus returning to balance within ourselves.

Energetic balance is about maintaining our energetic flow. Denser energies can upset the delicate balance of flow between your energy centers. If you are blocked in one area that blockage will stifle the flow of energy through to other areas.

Your breath is deeply connected to your energetic flow. With every breath in feel the flow of energy through your entire body, through your physical body and through your energy centers. Notice if the breath gets stuck in any particular area. Notice if any areas feel stuck or denser than other areas. Breathe into those areas.

Imagine that with every breath in you are breathing in light, and that light is flowing through your entire body, shining light into any darkness and creating flow within and through any areas of denser energies.

Energetic balance is about maintaining flow by releasing any blockages. Blockages can be caused by any number of things, emotional trauma, limiting belief systems, stress... We carry these blockages around within us as denser energies, and if we can get ourselves into the right state of mind we can release these these blockages and return to a beautiful flow state.

InnerSelfSustained ~

Transmuting denser energies into Light ~ Part 2

Electromagnetic impulses are the informational field of the outer world impressing itself inwards upon us. These impulses are the state of us receiving information about the world around us, the 'external' world. Our internal world is not connected in the same way and cannot be connected to through the same ways in which we approach the outer world. A lot of the rituals and ceremonies peoples have used to connect to 'spirit' throughout humanity's vast history are ways of approaching things differently, tools to change the ways of informational flow from electromagnetic fields flowing inwards, from out to in, to 'spirit' flowing outwards, from in to out.


Our 'spirit energy' seems to be an energetic flow that swells out of us as a state of light energy, a field of light. This energy state is a toroidal flow with a stream coming out of the top and bottom. This energetic field can be seen to look almost like a round butterfly. I've been seeing this energetic flow state often lately. It seems as if in this transition we are undergoing that we are truly becoming butterflies of light.. (The pic in this post is the closest representation to what this looks like that I could find in a quick google search.)

At this time humanity seems to be undergoing a massive energetic shift. Part of this energetic shift that we are undergoing is learning how to change our energetic informational flow from electromagnetic flowing to us inwards, from out to in, to our inner energies, some call this spirit, flowing outwards, from in to out. We've always done this to an extent, but rarely do most of us use this flow state as the source of our perceptions. Learning to activate our intuition, to 'connect to spirit', to access the 'Akashic records'... these are all states that this informational flow connects us to. Learning to see the structure of this fractal matrix we live within and see its energetic flow as opposed to just seeing the symptoms of that matrix as the electromagnetic impulses reflected back to us is what this shifting of perception does.

To our logical mind this way of information flowing from inwards out to receive information can feel counter intuitive, this is why the logical mind can so easily shut this in to out informational flow down so effectively. The endless regurgitate training through the rote of our schooling system shuts this in to out flow down for most children. We are all born with this in to out flow being our natural state, but slowly as we get assimilated into this culture, through schooling and other forms of programming, this in to out informational flow is shut down in favor of the out to in flow of information. We very effectively learn to shut down our intuition and inner knowing, some to a greater extent than others.

At this time, as we are undergoing this energetic shift, it is getting harder and harder for us to maintain this out to in informational flow as our main source of information and people are experiencing 'awakenings' which is simply a change in the state of their informational flow. I quite regularly hear people worrying about 'if they are crazy' as they are experiencing this awakening, this shifting of informational flow, and worrying that others are thinking they are crazy. But you that are experiencing this have truly never been less crazy. It is the disconnected state of the world that we live in that is crazy. Waking up to the nature of your energetic self is far from being crazy, this amazing experience is your beautiful emergence from a cocoon you didn't even know existed.

It is important to gather in like minded groups at this time, to foster this informational flow state shift together, because it helps us to accept this shifting and realize that we are not crazy and we are not alone. This coming together with like minded people shows us that we are the way showers in this time of great shifting. You are so important, you are so amazing, and you are so deeply needed.

A large part of the work that I am facilitating in the Sound Healing Journeywork workshops is bringing people together and helping to facilitate a shifting of flow state. Utilizing the sound of droning quartz crystal singing bowls we enter an altered state of mind to bypass the programming of our conscious mind, and utilizing the energy of the group we strengthen our command over our energetic flowing, then utilizing my voice coupled with the energy of the group we facilitate a shifting of energetic flow. I may be facilitating the push of the energy in these workshops, but it is the group doing this work together that makes this so effective. Every one of these gatherings is different and those participating in these workshops are equally as important as what I am doing. We make this shift together and we are creating community together. This energy work is a practicing of a different flow state, and this is something that we need to practice often in our lives at this time. We are transmuting the denser energies of the out to in electromagnetic flow that we have been programmed to function with into Light as we shift our energetic flow state from inwards out. Be the light...literally. 💚

It is important to come together at this time. Join us at a Sound Healing Journeywork workshop, or find another group active in facilitating this energetic shifting. It is important to be with like minded people to make this shifting easier, and so much more fun!

“Be with the people that set your heart on fire.”

InnerSelfSustained ~

Transmuting denser energy into light

Transmuting denser energy into Light


There are so many of these denser energies coming to the surface at this time, showing up as fear, as prejudice, as intolerance... This is part of the energetic shifting we are all undergoing.

As these denser energies get bombarded with higher frequency energy they get forced to the surface. All of this negativity that we see coming to the surface at this time is doing so to allow them to be transmuted into higher frequencies. As we release this density the dense energy is transmuted into light, releasing density and allowing flow, cycling us further upwards and our resonant frequencies continue their ascent upwards.

We've been carrying all of these denser energies as programming, as traumas that we have undergone, as limiting belief systems about ourselves and about the world that we had trained into us. As these are coming to the surface they seem to be growing stronger, but the truth is that they grow bright so that they can ultimately burn way or another.

Do not slip into fear as you see this happening in the world around you, but stay in your own center, stay in your own flow, lighting your own light to be a beacon of light in this time of transmuting darkness. You are needed. 💚

Be the light that you wish to see in the world.

InnerSelfSustained ~

Cultivate your own bliss


Cultivating bliss is a task of extreme importance in these times. Massive changes are on the tips of our fingers and tongues as new energies filter through our every state of being. Let us welcome these shifts in gratitude and bask in the bliss that can come with this warm open welcoming. We are here to usher in a new age. We are here to bring the light. 💚

Part of what helps us to maintain the access to our happiness and bliss is actively seeking the higher road at every intersection and maintaining presence of mind in all things, especially in those things that tend to annoy us and cause us to lose our presence of mind and shut down our higher connections. In this instance I'm not talking about the big things, death, destruction, violence...I'm speaking of the smaller things like not receiving what you would choose or something taking longer than you expected.

In these times of apparent misfortune anger can come bubbling up as our programmed belief systems of how things should be comes up against a trigger point. This anger is ok if used productively. Analyze the situation and find the root of the anger if you can. Also notice the patterns of when it is that the anger tends to come up. What invades your happiness? When things are not as you expect them to be, does that encroach upon your happiness and keep your bliss at bay? If yes, why?

Living life expecting every day to be one certain way is not living life to it's fullest. This puts conditions on your state of being. Happiness and bliss become dependent on how you think things “should” be.

Eventually functioning from this space of accepting only limited types of situations can develop into fear as you start to gain an understanding what types of situations may encroach upon your conditions for happiness. Once this happens fear gets triggered when a situation starts to seem as though it may be going in a direction against those conditions for happiness. This will grow into a fear of change and a clinging always to the way things are and how you feel they should be. Ultimately this closes you off from many potentially wonderful and life changing experiences.

Let go of your conditions for happiness. Be open and present and interact with all things from a space of curiosity. If you come upon something that you view as an intrusion, there is a message for you in that intrusion. You must be open to receive that message.

The more we can let go of our need to direct all things and all situations to follow only one path, the more we can become aware of the deeper parts of ourselves, our energetic flow, and the subtle energies that interact with the world and ourselves. Ultimately by freeing ourselves from this trap we will deeply reconnect to our own intuition and higher self on ever strengthening levels.

Getting out of routine helps with this openness. Go to new places. Find new experiences. Take a different path home. If you are always in the same environment, taking the same path every day, expecting the same experiences with the same people, then you will undoubtedly end up closing yourself down and cutting yourself off from the openness required to stay present and cultivate your bliss and your happiness in all situations..not just a few select situations that you've chosen.

Be open to change for we are now entering into a time of great energetic shifting. This shifting is part of the obvious chaos going on in the world today. It's only scary if you are struggling against this. Be wide open and allow these changes to fully permeate your being...physical, emotional, spiritual. From this path of openness you will find your way to experiences so amazing that they may be unimaginable to you at this moment in your life.

Good things are coming. <3

The Lion's Gateway

Today is truly a day for pleasure and bliss, a day to let these delicious energies pour through your very being. Be grateful for this day. Breathe in the charged air today, allow your body the chance to take this in. Stay open. Be present. Don't drift into routine.

We have entered into a truly powerful energetic period. The opportunities at this time are immense. If we can allow ourselves the space to work on expanding into these energies the shifting available will be at an unprecedented level. Follow your intuition and higher self out into this. Reconnect to parts of yourself that have been previously unavailable to you. This is a time of re-connection...remembering ancient pathways.

InnerSelfSustained ~

Stepping through your shadow

I recently had a dream of someone spending all of their time looking for an old photograph. They were so engrossed in their search for this old photograph that they had completely lost the present moment. Not only were they completely unaware of the present moment, but I couldn't get them to notice me or acknowledge me in any way. They couldn't even see me.

We sometimes live our lives like that. At times we are looking for that old photograph by stuffing our present moment into molds that are defined by our past and that in truth have absolutely nothing to do with what is actually occurring in the present moment. We get so wrapped up in these old photographs that we tend not to notice that the present circumstance is really something completely different than what we are experiencing in our minds.

That old photograph that we are inserting into this present moment is a snapshot of a past time and space that bears no relevance to the present. When we insert our past traumas into current situations that have nothing to do with those past traumas we completely lose our ability to experience the present moment. We lose our ability to be grateful for the present. We forget the importance of gratitude. We do not even notice or experience what is really happening around us or to us. Everything is lost.

These old photographs are shadows in our minds. Identifying them and releasing them is a type of shadow work that we all must undergo. Living in this physical reality undoubtedly leaves remnants of our past experiences and past traumas that creep in and cast shadows over our present moment.

In shadow work we intentionally step out from behind our own shadows. We intentionally release those old pictures that we are holding onto so tightly that they've turned into programs that we subconsciously run. Once we've turned a traumatic past event into a program that we are repeatedly running, we will experience the trauma of that event happening to us over and over again in situations that are completely unrelated until we find a way to release that shadow.

We all hold onto our past traumas in this way and we all have these shadows to varying degrees. These programmed traumas can cast deep shadows over our light. If left unchecked these shadows can completely close us down until we lose our ability to experience the present moment as it is right now, and can ultimately lead to serious health issues.

These shadows form the negative beliefs that we hold about ourselves and manifest on a conscious level as the negative self talk that we may find ourselves repeating internally. “I'm awkward because I'm an introvert, I'm unattractive, I'm better off alone, I can't sing, nobody listens when I speak...” These are all stories that I have told myself in the past based on my own shadows. For a portion of my life each of these shadows became true for me because I made them into truth, but in reality, none of these were true. I have found each of these shadows and over time I released them from my consciousness.

In truth our shadows can also act as our greatest teachers and way showers to the changes that we are seeking in our lives. These shadows are wonderful guideposts to show us what we can release, because we can release these shadow programs if we can identify them.

We become aware of the shadows we are holding by intentionally becoming aware of our own negative self talk and negative belief systems. These are dead giveaways and anytime you find yourself in the midst of this stop, take note of what it is, and trace it back to it's root. Many times we can find a specific traumatic event in our past that formed each specific shadow. Sometimes the source of these shadows has become so buried that we cannot find them, but even if we cannot find the source we can still intentionally overwrite these shadows with new, more positive stories if we are persistent.

The act of releasing these shadows and finally letting go of these past traumas, although not always easy, is a catalyst for great change in our lives. This releasing can be a very effective way to raise our vibrations. As we find ourselves in a new, more vibrant, less constrictive world new doors and pathways start to appear before us that have always been there, but we just couldn't notice before because of the shadows we were casting over our own perceptions and experiences of this world.

What stories are you telling yourself? What contradicting programs are you running in the background? These stories that you tell yourself and these programs that you run don't have to define you, you can release them. Our past is only a program that holds us in the specific frequency of this current present moment. It was needed to get you here, but not to keep you here. Now is the time to release.

Releasing these shadows requires being open and honest with ourselves. We have to be ready and willing to do that. Seeing some of the stories that we hold and how this affects ourselves and the people around us can be a traumatic experience in and of itself, especially if we don't hold it in the right light. We have to realize that these programs were with us to help us to get to this place where we are right now, to offer us immense physical/emotional/spiritual growth. Without these programs we would not be where we are now. Be grateful for what they have done for you, their service to you. Release them in gratitude.

With the use of Sound Healing Journeywork we can give ourselves permission to just let go of all of it...maybe just long enough to hear our own intuition again. For more info on this visit:

By releasing these shadows and these stories that go along with them we become more and more of our true infinite selves. We become the ones that we have been waiting for, the harbinger of massive change and a guiding light for others. We can each live a life so full of love and light, we can each be an amazing inspiration to all around us when we release these stories and step out of our own shadow into the light. Our true nature is one of infinite light and infinite abundance.

Be the light that you wish to see in this world.

InnerSelfSustained ~

Be patient

We live in the time of a great change upon this planet. Collectively we have moved into a new energetic space, but it takes us time to understand this and to begin to work with these new energies instead of struggling against them.

We each move through integrating these new energies at our own pace. We all work with our own comfort levels. We all have our own past traumas and karma to release. The ability to work with and flow with these new energies is part of who we are, yet those abilities can be eclipsed by the blinding sun of our own current state of consciousness in this physical reality and the filters and programs that we are experiencing this physical life through.

We're all stubborn and don't like to move out of our comfort zones. We've got to push past that. Go into the uncharted territory with a sense of adventure. Excitement leads to transformation. Be grateful. Gratitude opens doors. Find the things that bring you true honest energetic bliss. Bliss pulls down the walls and blockades that keep us from seeing the truth of who we truly are. Don't allow fear to be your only point of reference. The fear is only there to facilitate greater movement, but not if you let it control you. Don't freeze up in fear, but when it comes use it as fuel to propel yourself forward.

This change is upon us, it is happening now, but there is no set time frame. This all happens as it is supposed to for each of us. Be patient. Want to help yourself integrate these energies quicker? Help others. What can you do to help? Facilitate openings within people. Cultivate bliss in your own life and share that with others. Open doors to connect more and more people together in working with these new energies. “Bring the people together.”

Be the light that you want to see in this world.

InnerSelfSustained ~

Part 3: A flavor of ascension

~ Part 1Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ 

~A flavor of ascension.~

My whole life I've always experienced visitations of energy, occasionally accompanied by messages. I've been asked to share my experiences. This is part 3 in the sharing of my own story. (Part 1, Part 2) I suppose it's not coming out in chronological order, but this seemed the best part to tell next. I know a lot of people have had intense energetic experiences, please realize that you are not alone.

Synchronicity is a term coined by analytical psychologist Carl Jung which refers to "meaningful coincidences" that occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related. Meaningful coincidences, like seeing a license plate with just the right word, or seeing 11:11 on the clock at just the right time, or getting a phone call from someone just after you think of them happen regularly in our lives. The idea of synchronicity is definitely something that has found its way into the mainstream these days. Synchronistic nudges are something that happen to all of us, when we are paying attention and we catch these little affirmations, these “meaningful coincidences,” they can be quite elating and very reassuring.

For awhile Asheville, NC kept coming up for me. It happened many times, I had quite a few well timed instances of synchronicity that pointed me towards Asheville. It came up repeatedly in information that I found myself reading, in conversations, and in dreams. I remember one instance in particular, it was after I had already noticed this push towards Asheville for awhile, I was waiting in the airport for a flight home after some shows I had played out in the mid-west. I had a layover of a few hours and was waiting at the designated gate reading a book. After sitting there reading for a couple of hours I looked up and the gate sign no longer said Portland, ME, it said Asheville, NC. I remember thinking, maybe even saying, out loud “Ok, I get it! I'll go to Asheville!!!”

It took a bit but I did get to Asheville. My first night there, June 1st 2014, was quite an experience. I was awoken in the middle of the night by an energetic visitation. This isn't something out of the ordinary, I go through spurts where this happens quite frequently. This time though, was different. Once I was awake and aware of a presence, then I immediately shot out across the universe at an unbelievable speed. The only sound I heard was a series of ascending tones, which to this day I really wish I could exactly recall the sequence of those notes. At the instance of this happening I believed that it was the sound that was transporting me. During this experience I was wide awake and this was very, very intense. Unfortunately after experiencing this for a bit I got scared and the next thing I was aware of was that I was back in the room where I was staying at in Asheville feeling as though I had just forgotten something...I remember immediately thinking, 'No, no, no, I'm not scared anymore! I want to remember!' Directly after this experience I was shown how I needed to be in this location for that experience to line up. I was shown two pieces of paper sliding around until a hole in each paper matched up and allowed an energetic transmission to come through. The rest of my time in Asheville, although amazing, beautiful and full of mountain adventures, was not as eventful in this same way.

By the beginning of July in 2014 I was starting to have some absolutely amazing experiences. I found myself experiencing a deep connection and energetic awareness in the world around me. As this continued to build I found myself so charged with energy that it seemed I could no longer really sleep, but I was also never overtired during the day. These highly charged energetic experiences lasted from July 9-18 in 2014. During this time my experience and perception of this world was totally and completely different. I was living the same life in the same places, but my perceptions of reality were drastically different. I could see how everything in my life had been designed to get me to this point, how I did have free will, but every intersection in my life had been designed so that I would almost certainly make the choices that led me in this direction. I could see how everything in life is a series of meaningful synchronicities when viewed from an energetically charged space of higher awareness.

I was able to see energetic flow; between people, in nature, between all connected things..and all things are connected. I had several blissful out of body experiences. One night as I lay awake, as usual during this time, but feeling so absolutely amazing that I didn't want to sleep anyways, I found myself standing in front of a mirror in the dark staring at myself, getting closer and closer to the mirror until I walked right through and experienced a realm of pure energy where I was able to completely mold and form that energy into patterns and shapes. The energy I felt within this space was one of complete connection and bliss. The space around me was just as much a part of me as whatever body I was perceiving this experience through. I know what you may be thinking, but I don't even drink alcohol, or coffee, never mind take any drugs, not even cold medicine.

During this time I had a few instances where I would stand outside in the rain and as I stood there I would call torrential downpours, full force downpours like we really only see once or twice a year where I live in Maine. It actually wasn't as though I called the downpour by asking for it, it was more like I just knew that it was coming and I greeted it. I would stand there and know the torrential downpour was coming, and it would start raining so hard that I couldn't see more than several feet in front of me. In a short time I would find myself standing in puddles up to my ankles.

One day I had an experience where I slipped and cut my hand on some rocks by the water, and shortly after a moving energetic pattern took over my field of vision. This patterning of moving energy started with 5 points, (similar to the cover for my 2014 album Illuminated Heart, which is where that idea actually came from) and eventually this pattern filled in to become a full circle of moving energy. It was quite intense. This moving energetic pattern took up my entire field of vision. The funny thing is that the cut on my hand, although it bled quite a bit, never hurt. It didn't hurt when I rinsed it under the faucet, it didn't hurt when I applied medicine to it, it did not hurt one bit. Also when I slipped on the rocks and fell back I flailed my arms as I was falling backwards to catch myself. This action caused a shoulder that I had chronic pain in for quite some time after a dislocation to instantly stop hurting, and it has never hurt again to this day.

During this period of time I also had energetic visitations from light beings and energy beings. These were always more of a mental impression rather than having someone right in the room with me. One of the things that was suggested that I do was to meet with people and share these experiences and trade stories, which I was doing almost every day during this period of time. The act of sharing seemed to intensify and hold the energy and to build an understanding of how connected we all are, and how when working together we amplify our energy immensely. We are not solitary individuals. We are deeply connected on a level that at this period of history we have lost perception of...but this awareness is now starting to slowly return to humanity.

There were quite a lot of other events like these, virtually every moment of every day for this whole period of time was full of extraordinary events...performing Reiki and actually experiencing it from inside the other persons body, seeing blue crackling energy shoot out of a dream catcher, lots of messages, and lots of things that are very personal to me. I was perceiving this world and my whole existence in a completely different way from a completely different energetic reference point. I had the same sense of self as I always do, I was just highly aware of the connection between all things and able to experience that connection in all of the things that I was doing, no matter how mundane...and there really was no such thing as a mundane experience from this state of awareness, it was all bliss, pure bliss.

One thing that distinctly I remember is how sarcasm didn't seem very funny at all during this period of high energy. Not that I couldn't understand the intention, but it actually just didn't feel right. It didn't match up energetically because in sarcasm one is saying something that is vibrationally out of alignment with what is actually meant. When one is more highly tuned energetically, it seems that sarcasm is actually a bit uncomfortable...and honestly just entirely unnecessary.

After about nine days of this energetic super charge, or whatever it was, I lost the energy. It seems as though I could not carry it indefinitely. I first returned to normal everyday life, but then as the seasons changed into fall I entered into a very low energetic state and a dark period of life where I worried about finances and the direction of my life quite a lot. In retrospect I believe that what happened is that my world had been shattered by this experience. I had to learn deal with the realization that a lot of the belief systems that run my life on a normal day to day basis are false...and that just knowing this doesn't make these belief systems go away, or make it any easier to change them. I believe that these belief systems that are ingrained into me sociologically, ingrained into all of us sociologically, were the reason that I was unable to hold this energy indefinitely. After a period of time the contradictions between my programmed beliefs of this world and what I was actually experiencing during this time caused my energy level to entrain back down to the level of energy that I held previous to this energetic up-cycling experience.

Over a period of time, as summer turned into fall and the days grew shorter I sank to an energetic low point. When you get yourself into that state of low energy, that is when the doubt kicks in. The experiences of visitations from energetic beings are the type of experiences that are easy to write off in times of low energy, imagination. As are the experiences of calling the rain, are the experiences of traveling into the mirror, hallucination...a lot of the experiences I found easy ways to write off.

Shooting across the universe was actually far too vividly real and scary to ever write off. The level of bliss that I was functioning with during those nine days is absolutely unforgettable. I felt so amazing that I didn't even want to sleep, those wonderful memories I can never doubt. The ability to see synchronicity at work guiding me in every moment of my life during those nine days is also impossible to ever forget or write off. I've taken to calling my life's path “free will on train tracks.” I'm sure that your life's path will be seen this way as well once you find yourself experiencing life from this higher energetic vantage point, which I hope that we will all experience in this lifetime. We will see that the game is rigged in our favor, we are all destined to experience the greatness that in truth we already are.

I'm so grateful that I was sharing these experiences with others as I was guided to during that time. That sharing made it all somehow more real and believable as I moved away from being able to hold that energy level. I believe that this is important for all of us, share what you experience with others, no matter how unbelievable the experiences may be. This sharing allows these experiences to take root and not be so easily written off as time gets in between you and the memories.

I've had three years to reflect on these experiences. The best I can make of it is that this was some kind of energetic cycling up, some kind of temporary ascension experience that I believe was directly related to and facilitated by the experience that took place during my first night in Asheville, NC. Those nine days in July 2014 were the most amazing period of my entire life. I felt so energetically connected and so completely full of bliss...and well, just so complete in every single way.

I've spend a lot of time thinking about these experiences. Why wasn't I able to hold that energy level? How did this even happen to begin with? Why me? Is there anyone else out there that has experienced something like this? (Please do share.) And most importantly, how do I get back to that energetic state and hold it indefinitely?

I'm eternally grateful for having experienced this energetic shift, even in it's temporary nature. This experience has given me much more confidence in my life, which has allowed me the confidence to make a lot of much needed changes. This experience created a shifting in every part of my being that I am still in the process of undergoing. I've moved out of worry (most of the time) and into deeply listening to my life's true calling. When the worry does inevitably creep in, looking back on this experience is a way for me to be able to just let that worry and the doubts that arise therein go. This experience gave me a whole new perspective on this state of existence we are in, and something to strive towards moving forward. I want to live from that energetic space again! I want all of us to live from this energetic space. I know that it's right here with us. Learning how to access this state consciously is something that I believe we are all moving towards.

This energetic state is, I believe, where all of humanity is headed towards collectively. I believe that this energetic state is the so called “Golden Age” that has been prophesied. All of humanity seems to be undergoing a transition at this point in time, we can see that reflected in the world around us in many ways. Although it may seem that we are at a point of chaos right now collectively, I think that ultimately we are heading towards something so wonderful that it will completely change everything on this planet. The chaos we find this world to be in at this moment in time is part of the change. It's like with cymatics, when you take a metal plate attached to a speaker and vibrate particles of some sort at specific frequencies on top of that plate you get specific shapes. As you start to raise the frequency that is coming out of the speaker the shape that had formed starts to let go and you get a lot of chaos at first, but eventually you hit a frequency where you get another beautiful shape that pulls together. We may be in the midst of the chaos now, but that is only so we can cycle up to another absolutely beautiful form together. This is where we are moving collectively. I believe that this shift is hardwired into the functioning of this Universe...and the time is nearing.

I hope that my story can inspire some of you to share your experiences and stories, and to remember that we are all in this together. We are far more connected than our belief systems at our current level of consciousness allow us to perceive. I hope that my story can also inspire some hope and optimism for others in this world, and that hope and optimism can inspire at least the tiniest nudge to move towards your true calling. I know how difficult taking those steps can be.

At this time it is important to reconnect with our intuition, to let go of the old ways of doing things and our old belief systems. It's time to remember why we are here on this planet at this point in time in the first place. We chose to be here at this time to experience this amazing shift in energy and consciousness on a planetary level. We are all massively powerful energetic beings individuality, and even more so when we come together collectively. We are all in this together, and we are all in for an experience that is absolutely beautiful and mindblowing. What an amazing and exciting time to be alive!

Ben Carroll's Story:
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I've had an amazing amount of potent synchronicities happening this week. One of which is that I've been led to re-read The Hathor Material by Tom Kenyon, this came up as a 'suggestion' in my morning meditation.

In part of the first chapter (page 10-11) is Tom was recounting his return home from Nashville after his 'failed' music career as a country singer. He was getting a ride from a friend from Nashville back to North Carolina and his friend wanted to stop for the night to see a teacher of his who lived in the mountains. This man was Jim Goure.

Jim's 'almost first words' to Tom were, “I'd like you to go out into the front meadow, and see what you can sense. Come back and tell me what you experience.” Odd as this request was, Tom did as requested and said this “To my utter amazement I had the visual impression of a dome sitting there.” “As I looked at the dome I could see inside that there were different chambers with colored lights, and there were people inside meditating for peace and an end to conflict between all the peoples of the world.”

Tom went back inside and recounted to Jim what he had seen, Jim then proceeded to pull out a blueprint. This was blueprint for the exact structure Tom had just seen in the field and Jim's description of the dome was just as Tom had envisioned.

After reading this I thought to myself that this description sounded much like the UR Light Dome in Black Mountain, NC. This dome is a beautiful space where I am so grateful to be facilitating a Sound Healing Journeywork workshop on August 20th. The next morning I googled Jim Gore, and it is in fact one and the same place!!!

It's absolutely inspiring to find so many of these amazing synchronicities happening at such regular intervals. They are such wonderful affirmations to me that I am on the right path, that stepping out on a limb and moving into this work with sound and resonance full time is leading towards something potent and extremely meaningful.

Deepest gratitude. I am paying attention.

If you are near NC or want to be, please join us for this event:

I'm very much looking forward to sharing this experience. Also, there is a full solar eclipse happening the following day which is only visible on the east coast from SC and western NC here on the east coast. <3

Sound Healing Journeywork

In the past several years I've really made a massive shift in what I am doing with music and sound. Lately I've been facilitating quite a lot of sound healing workshops...which is a lot different from traveling on tour buses and playing songs in a different city every night.

What does this sound work entail?

Sound allows us to calm our minds and turn inwards with a potency that, for many, no other medium seems to have. This internal depth allows us access to non-ordinary states of consciousness and allows for access to different aspects of ourselves that are less bound by the beliefs that we've formed. When we can get past the part of our mind where our beliefs about this world form our experience of this world, we access other parts of ourselves that are unbound by these belief systems.

We are each powerful creators. In the right state of mind, we each have the ability to take away our own pain, to reduce our stress levels, to heal ourselves physically and emotionally, to intuitively access information about ourselves and the world, to journey to other realms, and countless other extra-ordinary benefits. Sound is a vehicle that has been used for accessing these non-ordinary states of consciousness by many peoples for many millennia.

In my work I currently use mostly voice and crystal singing bowls to create the sound to journey with. The bowls are played as a drone to accompany my voice. (More on drones here:…/entraining-to-the-drone…) Working with a drone helps to soften the mind so to say, to release yourself from your ordinary active mind state. The other important sonic aspect of these sound journeys is my voice. What I've found is that I can use my voice to feel energetic blocks and to move stuck energy back into a state of flow. I'm aware that is a bit vague, it's difficult to explain exactly how this works, or how this feels from my own perspective, let alone yours. I've studied reiki for a while, the use of my voice in this sound work (to me) seems similar to reiki, but this work with sound is a far more potent medium for me in my own practice.

I especially enjoy working with groups because in a group situation we utilize the group energy to amplify the effects of this work. This is why I always start Sound Healing Journeywork workshops with some small activities to bring the group together and to activate the the flow of the group's energy into a state that is flowing smoothly together. These group activities generally consist of simple introductions and a bit of group toning. I'm always amazed at how opening it can be to just simply introduce yourself to a group and use your voice to move a bit of air and a bit of energy.

Everyone's experience is different in this work. There is no right or wrong experience that you can have. Some people experience amazing visions, some people experience deep cathartic release and a lot of tears, some people experience visitations from passed loved ones, some people experience lost time and Satchidananda...pure bliss consciousness, while others experience nothing more than a pleasant and relaxing meditation.

One thing is for sure, no two of these journeywork workshops are ever the same, I'm always surprised by what comes up. Experiencing this for yourself is the only way to find out what it will be for you.

The Window

Our perceptions are like a window. It's not an entirely accurate analogy, but an effective one I think. Most of the time we find ourselves with our faces pressed right up against the window...totally and completely engrossed with what is going on outside of that window. We need to step back. Notice what is around us at the depths of our true self before the perception of the external world. We tend to forget that there is anything else but what is going on outside of that window, where the story of this life is so actively happening.

This window is like the best three dimensional movie screen ever invented, IMAX for our consciousness. We are always watching this movie with such complete focused intensity that we become so completely engrossed that we completely forget the true nature of our infinite selves. We forget who we were before we started watching these stories out this window...this wonderful, exhilarating, terrifying, love filled, heart breaking, white knuckled story of The Hero's Journey...a story of time & space & duality.

It's time to remember how to fall back into yourself. Remember how to see your energetic world. Remember your infinite nature. This information is almost incomprehensible / incomputable from a logical standpoint. That logical / Newtonian approach is formed by the interfacing with that window. You cannot step back from the window using the same tools in the same way that you are using to form the stories on the other side of that window in the first place.

Experience a falling back within yourself...a letting go. Give yourself over to the flows of your subconscious mind. Release those perceptions of the external world and turn inwards...don't worry, the external world will be there waiting when you push your face to that window once again. =)

Another important thing to remember in this time... Don't expect everyone's experience of what is happening on the other side of the window to completely match yours. We each have a different interface, a different type of window. Just because you experience something one way does not mean that when someone else experiences that same thing in a completely different way they are wrong. You are both right. OR you could see it that we are all technically wrong because we are all experiencing distortions of the infinite energy that we all truly are...and infinity presenting itself as its true nature holds no form.

We must stop trying to be right all the time on what we are experiencing on the other side of that window. Fall back into yourself and reconnect with the truest essence of yourself. Strengthen the connection to your intuition and your higher self. And remember whenever you are projecting something to the other side of that window, the physical world, it must first pass through that interface, the window...and first be subjected to the distortions that lie therein.

These physical bodies are a resonant technology. We can shift and move energy. We can create the world around us. And we are far more powerful working together. It's time to come together. It's time to create a beautiful world. ♥

InnerSelfSustained ~

True Collaboration

Coming together. Collaboration. Being open...not just within certain parameters, but truly being open to collaboration. This doesn't mean that you have to take on the beliefs of another, it means creating contrast...without dogma. It means taking ideas that may be opposing to your own and bringing them together without judgment...seeing what happens when we are willing to work with mediums we are not comfortable with, not just on the physical level, but on all levels. Open collaboration is bringing your beliefs to be shared with beliefs that may be in contrast to your own...and finding the ability to do that without judgment or fear, but with a welcoming to that which our logical mind says won't fit. Just imagine what we, humanity, can create from this space.

Overcoming the need for either/or and beginning to create from a space of both/and...this type of collaboration is compassion in action. The willingness to allow another to be their honest self and to work with their open honesty allows for and embraces the contrast that can create a realization that your specific beliefs and truths would not exist without contrast to hold space open for them...that is compassion in action. The willingness to try and truly see and openly work with those contrasting beliefs in collaboration with your own contrasting ideas, forgoing fear, bypassing judgment, that is kindness in action. Being only who you truly are in open collaboration with another who is being only who they truly are can teach us how to find much happiness in this immensely diverse world as we remember what it means to be together. Being together doesn't mean everyone shares the same belief systems.

Don't be afraid to share who you truly are, don't hold back, and don't let fear stop you from openly collaborating with another who is openly sharing who they truly are. Don't try and make another hold back because their beliefs don't match yours 100%. The ability to come together collaboratively in kindness and compassion regardless of beliefs or cultural background or personal judgments is how we change this world. It takes all of us, together.

Be the light you wish to see in this world.

InnerSelfSustained ~

Part 2: Entraining to the drone of a plane engine

~ Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ 

~Entraining to the drone of a plane engine.~

I grew up on a small farm in the coastal town Salisbury, Massachusetts. One of my earliest memories is of laying on a hammock in the sun on a warm spring or summer day, I was quite young, not exactly sure how old I was. During the summertime we would often have small cessna aircraft that flew over our property regularly towing giant advertisement signs behind them as they traveled past us to fly down to the coast where there were lots of people enjoying their day at the beach to advertise to. I remember listening to the sound of the droning plane engine and how comforting that sound was. I remember traveling into the sound, into a space that was probably the most comforting, familiar space I had ever been in. This is my first conscious memory of achieving an altered state of consciousness through sound and traveling within that state of being.

This has always been a significant memory from my childhood. This simple act of laying on a hammock listening to the sound of a plane engine droning was a major event for me, an event that started me on a path of seeking awakening and transcendental experiences. This seemingly benign event provided some kind of deeper awareness within myself that helped me to remember that I am here to work with sound.

At some point after that experience I started sleeping with the sound of a fan in my bedroom because it reminded me of this extremely comforting experience. I would lay in bed each night before falling asleep, entraining to the sound of that droning fan, sometimes humming along. I would travel inwards into a universe of millions of lights, an internal deep space exploration. I traveled inwards through different galactic formations, and experienced different energetic clouds of light, free from the weight of a body I flew across vast spaces in an instant. It was always a very blissful experience.

This wasn't something that was weird to me, it wasn't something that scared me, or something profound, or mind blowing, this was just something I did every night...not necessarily mundane, I remember looking forward to it, but commonplace. I never talked about this with anyone, in the same way I never talked about the fact that I brushed my teeth before bed, or stretched my body when first waking up, it was just something that I did.

Sound has always worked as a mode of transport for me which is probably why I was called to make sounds of my own from a young age, starting with anything that I could get my hands on, or with just my voice. Eventually I moved up to learning different instruments as I got older and convinced my parents to indulge me. I never spent a lot of time learning songs, I was always more interested creating my own sounds.

This is how I ended up with career of making sounds in one way or another for the past 20 years, at first getting roped into the traditional 'acceptable' ways of making sounds. I worked on songs, getting radio airplay, and worked my way up to becoming Universal recording artist, releasing many albums with multiple projects, and become fairly successful at all of this. I was living out the version of being a successful musician that had been sociologically ingrained into my psyche, this was the accepted format for being a successful musician...writing hit songs, endless touring, living the lifestyle that accompanied that. Ultimately it was never completely fulfilling, although it certainly was an adventure and a source of major confidence building.

Now in this present day it seems I've moved away from writing songs. I've moved back into my first and most important musical inspiration, sound as a mode of transport. I am currently recording music that is ethereal and without words and I am currently facilitating Sound Healing Journeywork, in which I work with guiding groups of people, and sometimes individuals, through an energetic and sonic exploration of shifting consciousness...a means of re-connection through sound.

(There is a story of a pivotal moment when I was gently nudged to make that shift away from working with music thinking in terms of songs, and started moving towards working with music as a modality of healing and transport, but that is a story for another day.)

The act of using sound as a mode of achieving altered states of consciousness and conscious transport is probably older than humanity itself. There is something familiar about entraining to the sound of a drone, as though it reminds us on some deeper level of forgotten parts of ourselves that are timeless and infinite, and reminds us of where we come from before we come into this physical reality, before we come here and are assimilated into whatever cultural beliefs we are born into and take on as our truths and our way of living...while forgetting the truth of our infinite nature.

Working with the sound of musical drones is something that I am doing a lot these days in my Sound Healing Journeywork workshops. In music, a drone is an extended harmonic or monophonic accompaniment where a note (or a chord) is continuously sounded throughout a piece of music. Crystal singing bowls function quite perfectly as drones when they are played in a way that allows their tones to ring out continuously, which is why I believe so many people love the sound of singing bowls and love the experience of a meditation accompanied by them. This type of sound and it's effects on us are familiar, it itches at that hidden part of ourselves, the deepest essence of who we truly are, the part of us left hidden behind the veil as we've entered into this 'physical reality' hologram.

There are many mysteries to this state of being that we find ourselves in. I've been asked to share my stories, because we all have our own stories...we all have experiences that don't quite fit in with what we've been taught a conscious mind and a physical existence should look and feel like. We need to open up to each other. This is important. We need to realize that our similarities are much, much greater in numbers and significance than our differences. I've been asked to share this work with sound. This way of opening consciousness and pushing back our internal boundaries is important to our planetary awakening at this time. I will take this around the world if I can. I will bring this to as many people as I can.. So yes, I am currently acting on this expanding quite a bit.

This is a time of great awakening on this planet. This world is changing...we are changing as well, as we are intimately connected with this world. It's time to awaken from our past programming, from our dreams of separation, from our limiting belief systems. It's time for us to become something greater. I'm doing my best to help with that. Hopefully that will call many others into my life that are doing their best at this work as many different forms, not just sound work. Hopefully together we will inspire others to start on this path of awakening as well. Together we can change this world.

In light,

Ben Carroll's Story:
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I've been asked repeatedly about making an album of just the singing bowls that I use in my workshops. I've been working on such an album recently and I'm happy to say that 2 versions of this album  are finished and out now! If you would like to order a copy of this album, or to pick up one of my previous pieces of music you can do so here:

Every bit of support I receive on this journey helps immensely and brings me great gratitude. Thank you.

This world is changing

This world is changing. The energetic space we dwell in is shifting. How can we better integrate this energetic change / shift and what can we do to help this change along?

Come together in groups. Practice listening. Practice accepting others without judgment and without deeming others right or wrong. Realize our connection. Realize the truth of oneness. Do the self work. All that manifests 'outwards' is a reflection of the beliefs and programs that we hold within. Become aware of the programs that you / we may hold inside that run constantly, that may not actually reflect your / our shifting world view, but that still keep running nonetheless. 

All of us hold programs like this that have been integrated into our subconscious selves at very young ages. These programs always run, even though they do not match our current consciousness level and current world view. This creates cognitive dissonance, a clashing within, this is why we have such a hard time with the Law of Attraction at times. We must work to release these programs by accepting and working with the idea of infinite energetic oneness.

If we choose to believe in the Law of Attraction, then we believe that we are tuning in the world around us. If we choose to believe in Ho'oponopono, then we believe that we are tuning in the energetic version of the people that we come into contact with. This is significant. This means that nothing exists except for infinite possibility...and the physical world is something that we build from a vast energetic field of infinite possibility. 

This puts the power to change yourself, and change your world directly in your hands. These antiquated programs are holding aspects of ourselves out of tune. It's time to be objective about ourselves, find these programs and let them go.

Be open. Accept. Listen. Recognize the triggers that come up, acknowledge them. Let them go. Sometimes the easiest way to recognize your triggers is to look at where you are passing judgment. Judgments are showing us where our belief systems are running into friction with the world around us, which will show us where we may have contrasting beliefs, and cognitive dissonance as a result. Replace these triggers with an acknowledgment that you are the one that is actually tuning the trigger in, calling it to you subconsciously. 

You cannot change another through your judgment, only through your acceptance. 

You cannot change yourself through your judgment, only through your acceptance. 

Be the light you wish ti see in this world.

InnerSelfSustained ~

Wonderful things happen when we allow for change

Our whole solar system is currently passing through a place of higher energy, a dense energetic cloud. These new energies are affecting us here on Earth. Sometimes we have trouble integrating these new energies into our lives, our bodies and our minds get comfortable with things being one way, and many of us end up subconsciously struggling against the energetic shifts that come our way. This struggling against causes a perception of being stuck in our day to day lives, which is affecting the world around us.

Currently in our human drama program, everything seems to be in a state of flux. We can see this quite obviously reflected in the current state of this world. It's time to let go.

When the floor starts falling out from underneath us we hold on for dear life, watching everything else tumble away, but not letting go ourselves. Maybe it's time to trust the process. Let go. Fall. Change is inevitable. Change is the only constant. Wonderful things happen when we allow for change.

Be the light that you want to see in this world.

InnerSelfSustained ~

Are we individuals? Or have we merely become corporate programmed consumers?

Are we individuals? Or have we merely become corporate programmed consumers?

Many of us work meaningless jobs as cogs in a system. We trade our precious time for money which no longer holds any collateral value. The value that money does hold comes wholly from the belief that we have been tricked into putting into a manipulated monetary system of computer generated numbers and intrinsically worthless paper strips.

Our jobs, if we were allowed to work efficiently, could be done in a quarter of the time or be outright replaced by machines through technology that we already know about, and a lot more technology that has been hidden from us.

Most of us are taught to express our 'individuality' through factory made, mass produced products. We are taught that in order to maintain this 'individuality' we must keep up with trends and keep purchasing the latest clothes, technology, and whatever else through a highly targeted form of manipulation known as advertising. (…/marketing-politicians-manipulation-psych…/)

Our education system is designed to train us to mindlessly regurgitate the 'facts' we are told, not to think for ourselves. We are trained for standardized testing so that we can move into a standardized corporate workplace.

Many of us live in overpriced inefficient homes that rely on burning oil or gas to stay warm. We have no option but to use this outdated technology because of the large scale suppression of less lucrative more efficient technologies.

Our whole lives are set within this system of manipulation. Education, the media, the health industry, the food industry, the energy industry, the monetary system, they are all owned by the same people through a network of corporate fronts. A “super-entity” of 147 corporations appears to be running the world, and those corporations are completely interconnected with the Federal Reserve. (More info on this:…/davids-blog/1023-financial-tyranny)

How do we free ourselves from this system? How do we tip the scales towards this great awakening that we are all starting to seek?

Just being a guiding light of kindness and compassion is enough to affect this world. Kindness and compassion are resonances that help to affect this change in ourselves and in those that we come into contact with. This has been known for many, many millennia, which is why at the root of most religions, before they are subjugated for manipulation, kindness and compassion are the core of the teachings. This time of great awakening has been talked about by many ancient cultures. And the time of ancient prophecy that we have heard about from so many ancient cultures is this time that we live in now, it's hardwired into the cosmos.

I believe that once we free ourselves from these systems of manipulation humanity will have a massive revolution of consciousness. I believe this will happen in our lifetimes. I believe that we are all waking up to this change, some of us are awakening sooner than others, but all of us humans are headed this way. I believe that this change is hard wired into the Universe. I believe that kindness and compassion are the key tools in activating this revolution. I believe that together we can do anything. I believe that right now we are on the cusp of a great planetary awakening, one that has been pointed to for millennia, and with each one of us that undergoes this awakening individually, we are closer and closer to reaching the tipping point for all of humanity to awaken. <3

Be the light that you want to see in this world.

InnerSelfSustained ~

We rely on having adversaries to overcome for our growth

At our current level of consciousness we rely on having adversaries to overcome for our growth. It's part of the program that we are running; the hero's journey. The concept of separation, adversity, me and you, us versus them; that is a mindset that is part of this program of duality. We assimilate the construct of this program into our lives, as we are trained to do. "The struggle is real" because we believe it.

At the core of humanity, what do we want? What are we searching for? What are we searching for before these programs get ingrained into us? Reintegration with the all? Remembrance?

It's like Westworld, we are starting to remember in tiny increments and it's causing the whole world to come apart at the seams. These memories, this inner knowing, doesn't fit into the construct any longer.

If we are all fractals of the same consciousness, then are we all seeking the same thing? At the root of the program, is there one unifying goal? Is that goal reintegration through ascension?

Being fractals of unity does not make our individuality and our individual experiences any less valid, perhaps this makes our individual experiences even more valid.

Remember...All dissonance lies within...Kindness is the tuning fork to straighten out the path.

Be the light that you want to see in this world.

Believe in yourself. Trust yourself.

The time has come for all to move. We are at a time now when everything changes. This world and it's structures no longer serve the higher good, no longer serve the people. We each need to let go of our programmed beliefs, these societal structures that have been imposed onto us.

Believe in yourself. Trust yourself. Discover your own power, your own majesty. You are capable of massive change and much good. This world / this change needs all of us to look inside and rediscover who we truly are. Remember.

Part 1: Mission Statement

~ Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3

~Mission Statement~

Working with people and sound, working with integrating energies, working with bringing people together physically and energetically by facilitating vibrational entrainment is something that I've been called to do for many, many years, most (if not all) of my life. It's also something that I resisted for most of my life.

I remember in 2003, sitting outside of my tour bus in the parking lot of a stadium that I was playing at that day somewhere in the middle of the country, miserable and sobbing because deep down I felt that I wasn't doing what it was that I was supposed to be doing. I knew that I was supposed to be bringing people together. I thought about quitting rock music at that time. I remember rationalizing that there were probably over 20,000 people at this concert, so technically that is what I was doing, bringing people together. I remember intentionally leaving these thoughts behind because my logical mind told me that I was already living my dreams, and that I'd worked extremely hard to get to where I was, that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, that I was being self defeating and self destructive, and all of those other things the logical mind will say to defend itself and it's current comfort zone. But again, deep down I knew that this wasn't my true calling and that this wasn't the kind of “bringing people together” that I was being called for.

For years after that I drown out that voice deep inside my being with living the lifestyle of a rock star and living in that inflated ego bubble. I ignored and quieted my inner knowing and intuition, and I shut down that intuitive part of myself almost completely for a time. At the time of writing this, it's approaching a full 14 years after that day in that stadium parking lot out on the road somewhere in the middle of this country, and I feel that I'm finally truly and fully starting to walk on the path that I intended for myself, I'm finally coming into where I intended myself to be in this lifetime before stepping into this time/space. Today I am close to living the life that my intuition and inner knowing has been leading me towards for all of these 40 years of this life experience. All of my intuitings, all of the synchronicities, all of the visitations and energetic experiences that I've had have been leading me to this point in time/space. This time is the time of a great energetic shift and a great awakening on this planet and in this solar system.

At this point in time/space we are going through an energetic shift on a galactic scale. This energetic shift is hardwired into this Universe. It's part of the natural process of becoming self aware to the true nature of ourselves as infinite energetic beings, and becoming aware of the nature and depth of our connection to everything, the interconnectedness that we share with each other and the Earth as a species, and that our true power lies in this coming together.

We are currently at a major point in this shifting, a convergence of multiple's a convergence of harmonic pathways in the resonance of this vibrational existence. I've been led to understand that this great awakening has two dominant pathways/timelines that we are flopping back and forth between as we fumble our way towards this great shift. We have the pathway of ascension and the pathway of destruction. There is an infinite gradient of potentialities and potential timelines, but at this time, within this convergence of harmonic pathways and their impending split, all will fall into one of these two potentialities as we move towards this point of awakening through this energetic up-cycling.

Waking to our true nature does not mean a guaranteed movement towards peace and harmony with each other and this planet. We could self destruct just as easily as we could come together. Now, at this point in this convergence with all of these harmonic pathways mashed in close together it is still quite easy to tune ourselves to the harmonic pathway of our choice...and it absolutely is a choice. We can choose the experience that we want, but we must first realize that it is in fact a choice that we have and a choice that we are making in every action we take in every day of our lives, whether we are aware of this or not.

We humans have been influenced and manipulated for the purpose of others on this planet. And that is ok, this would not have happened if on some level we didn't allow it to to happen within our own free will. As this shift occurs, all of this manipulation will soon come to light, whether slowly in pieces or all at once, I don't know. The disclosure of these systems and the information that has been systematically hidden for the vast majority of humanity could cause a massive upheaval with the majority of people if we are collectively not prepared for this. If we are still not aware of our true state of being within this Universe and the true nature of our interconnectedness we could tear each other apart within the illusions of our separateness.

It's time for those of us that are awakening at this time to intentionally shift the state of our resonant being, to flow together, to work together, to realize that we are of one mind, that the differences we hold are so that we can experience opposing perspectives, but each of those opposites is part of a unified whole and that our truth could not exist without that contrasting viewpoint. We must work together to create a buffer of sorts for this change to occur without tearing ourselves apart. We need to be the spinning wheel on the YouTube video that holds space for the information to come in without crashing the whole system. This is the reason for the work that I am doing with sound/vibration/resonance and with the Star Teachings.

How do we make this change? I've come to understand that kindness and compassion are the resonant frequencies that are very much in line with the vibrational structure of this Universe, and of ourselves as fractals of this Universe. This is why at the core of their founding most of the worlds religions come from a base of teachings on kindness and compassion, because the resonance of kindness and compassion are hard wired into the resonant structure of this Universe. These Star Teachings are universal teachings that date back further than the age of this planet. These teachings are on how we bring ourselves back into resonance with the Universe and back into resonance with ourselves as fractals of this Universe. Kindness and Compassion are tuning forks used to bring us back into resonance with the true nature of ourselves. The true nature of the Universe may be Love as so many great teachers have stated, but in our current human state there are many contrasting ideas of what Love is, and I don't believe that any of them hold the true scope of that powerful state of being. The full resonance of Love may not be completely compatible with the current level of our vibrational state and the current resonance which we are collectively carrying. But working with Kindness and Compassion can and will bring us closer to that state, our natural state.

My path of service to this shift is helping the integration of these new energies through working with group energy, sound and resonance. The current group sound work that I'm am offering is an attempt at integrating these new energies coming in with the old energies that we are holding on to (for dear life in some cases.) We need to find the ability to let go of what came before energetically and work with the inevitable changes and energetic shifts as they are happening now, releasing and flowing through entrainment to specific vibrational resonances that are inherent to the structure of this Universe and to ourselves as fractals of this Universe.

The shift from successful rock musician to whatever words you would use to call what I do now, (sound healer, teacher of resonance, facilitator of group energy work,) has not been easy, I've had a lot of resistance within myself to move through, and honestly, I'm still moving through resistance on a daily basis...self doubt, financial difficulties, resistance to opening up and sharing this, the list goes on, and every day I try to keep taking steps forward. It's not enough to just do the work. I've been guided to share my thoughts, my stories, the guidance I've received, and my own experiences as well, which is not a small task for an introvert that on one level would much rather be off in the woods alone than sitting in a group of people talking. But I take solace in knowing that I am not alone in this, there are many others besides myself that are stepping into their own callings to help with this shift. We are looking for these teachers. We need each other in this time of turmoil.

Those of us called to do this work, those of us moving towards holding a higher state of resonance as a means to put out the call to gather more of us together, those of us working towards helping to shift this world into a positive transformation through the evolution of consciousness, those of us seeking the awakening that has been prophesied by many ancient cultures, those of us seeking truths that we feel exist somewhere beyond the societal structures that we see falling so short, we must join together. Together we can change this world. Let us bring the people together. Let us be a guiding light to the way of the path of awakening and ascension. We can do this if we work together. Imagine.

Bring the people together.

"You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one"
  - John Lennon


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