Please Remember

Our planet Earth and all of us here at this time are caught up within interdenominational power struggles that hail from a time before this time, before time as we know it within the context that we are currently experiencing ourselves existed. We chose to be here for this. We volunteered enthusiastically and wholeheartedly. We chose to come here together at this time, in service, lending our hand, bringing our specific consciousness raising and resonance shifting abilities to help in raising the collective resonance of all here at this time to the point where even the tiniest inkling of a greater awareness can start to shine through like thin beam of light penetrating the veil of darkness many currently find themselves within. The tiniest of tiny beam of light is all that it takes to awaken deep remembrance that is impossible to turn away from.

The problem is that many of us come here and we get stuck within this viscous veil of illusionary separation ourselves...which is why there are SO MANY of us here at this time...waves upon waves of us. And that is just counting those of us here incarnate, not counting those innumerable souls that bring aid from beyond the veil. We are here to not only help raise the collective vibration, but we are also here to help to kindle even the smallest remembrance in others like us....millions and millions of others like us...too many to ever fail. When it was time to step up, we did so in such a way that failure at this task was never even the tiniest percentage of an option. The deck is stacked inexorably in our favor, it's just a question of timing. WE ARE HERE. WE ARE TOGETHER. WE ARE INFINITELY GREATER THAN THIS THIN VEIL. Please REMEMBER. 🙏