Allow yourself this return to balance


Humanity is becoming poised to emerge out of the dark ages of  this current cycle. Your knowledge base will soon greatly expand. Your awareness of the true nature of your multidimensional reality will soon greatly expand as well. At this time many of you agreed to be here to help with this shift, you incarnated into this timeline specifically to help hold the new resonance of this shift.

It can be hard to remember this as you incarnate in through the same filters that are subjected to everyone who incarnates onto Earth at this time. The memories of your higher multidimensional selves and your purpose for being here are neatly partitioned behind the veil that separates this density from the higher densities. By coming into this density and functioning within this resonant space, your higher vibrational knowledge of your multidimensional self are a mismatch, you could not physically hold them here.

But at this time the planet you are on and the whole solar system you are within is undergoing a great energetic shifting and that veil is becoming thinner and thinner as the resonant space you are functioning within becomes more and more compatible with higher levels of your truly multifaceted, multidimensional self.

You now have more access to greater portions of your multidimensional self and the knowledge that is coupled with that strengthening of multidimensional connection. The more you can release what your physicality is holding onto, the greater connection you will have. The past traumas, the belief systems you've been subjected to, and the fear states that you've been programmed with are making themselves known to you more and more as they are rising to the surface like oil that has been dumped into water. They are no longer a vibrational match for you as you undergo this energetic upcycling, and as you reconnect more and more to your higher self awareness.

All of these things that are affecting your daily lives at this time are not happening because you did anything wrong or bad, but actually because you are doing many things right. We know this shifting can be difficult to understand and difficult to go through, but we ask that you allow this shift, and trust in the process.

This part that is so uncomfortable is not part of the new paradigm, but the remnants of the old paradigm making itself known so that it can be released, because it no longer fully matches the resonant state of your current incarnated existence.

Allow yourself this return to balance. Allow this in light and gratitude.