“...Ben Carroll’s sound journeys are unlike any other I have ever experienced! Playing his crystal bowls prepares and tunes the body and then his voice guides you gently and powerfully into other dimensions..."

"... Imagine sounds, chanting, music, reverberation, bringing you to a primordial sense of consciousness beyond light and dark to just what is, pure being. This was my personal experience...."

"...Ben Carroll isn’t just another sound healer- he creates an exceptional experience with sound. Ben’s talents for working with sound and vibration include using his astounding voice, adding a multi-dimensional, other-worldly layer to the tones of his work. I felt lifted up into other realms that I can only describe as angelic, and cosmic...."

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Experience Sound Healing Journeywork with Master Musician & Sound Healer Ben Carroll

Ben is available for:

"...Feeling the reverberations of the tones was a sensation unlike any I’ve experienced. It really seeped into my bones and cells, and allowed me to move in and out of states of consciousness, opening up to messages and guidance..."

"...The group came together mostly unfamiliar and left with a feeling of community, united by sacred sound - in deep reverence..."

"...I was maybe even a little bit skeptical- but the experience blew my mind! It was a cathartic experience- felt like all of my senses were washed clean and within the next couple of days, some profound energetic and emotional shifts took place..."

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The world is waking up!

It's time for a change. It's time to travel back to an ancient path of inner wisdom. Through the ancient memory of our inner selves we will survive, sustain and thrive once again.

How do we start to learn to navigate this new multidimensional reality that we are waking up to?

There has been a lot of talk about the coming of a new paradigm...but, where is it? How do we get there? Well, the only way to truly move this world into a new paradigm is to do so collectively, we must work together, that is where the true power of humanity lies. More and more people are waking up to deeper spiritual self-realizations at this time, if we can all start facing the same direction, or even a similar direction, together we have the power to move this world to change.

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InnerSelfSustained is about...

...ancient wisdom in the modern world.

Happiness, Wellness & Sustainability for the Body, Mind & Spirit.