Wonderful things happen when we allow for change

Our whole solar system is currently passing through a place of higher energy, a dense energetic cloud. These new energies are affecting us here on Earth. Sometimes we have trouble integrating these new energies into our lives, our bodies and our minds get comfortable with things being one way, and many of us end up subconsciously struggling against the energetic shifts that come our way. This struggling against causes a perception of being stuck in our day to day lives, which is affecting the world around us.

Currently in our human drama program, everything seems to be in a state of flux. We can see this quite obviously reflected in the current state of this world. It's time to let go.

When the floor starts falling out from underneath us we hold on for dear life, watching everything else tumble away, but not letting go ourselves. Maybe it's time to trust the process. Let go. Fall. Change is inevitable. Change is the only constant. Wonderful things happen when we allow for change.

Be the light that you want to see in this world.

InnerSelfSustained ~