Creating Resonance ~ What is it to create resonance, and what is it that we are creating resonance with?

Creating resonance is something that comes up a lot in energetic and spiritual work these days. What is it to create resonance, and what is it that we are creating resonance with?

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The resonance we speak of is a type of electromagnetic force that pulls in other systems of vibration and causes entrainment, which is a coming together on a vibrational level. Resonance between systems can occur at any frequency level, but what we are looking for is resonance within a specific frequency bandwidth. This frequency bandwidth is higher than that which humanity on this planet Earth has been functioning within for many millennia now.

There is currently a shifting of the resonant frequencies of all that lies within your solar system. This very much includes your planet Earth. Your solar system is currently moving into a cloud of highly-charged energy, and has been for some time. This is affecting all of the vibrational bodies within your solar system.

Everything is either a resonant body held in specific (yet influencable) vibration, or a carrier of vibration that holds no influence. These are the two states of being within your density of duality; that which holds a vibrational resonance and that which carries a vibrational field without affecting it.

Your “space”, the “empty” space between stars and planets, carries vibrational resonance without affecting it. So as you move further within the the energetic cloud, it instantly raises the energy level / vibrational level of this space. Or rather, space becomes that resonance as it holds no specific resonance of its own that would effect that incoming resonance. Everything else holds its own resonance and has its own resonant state of being. Planets, moons, and all matter, including their atmosphere and their magnetic field, hold a specific resonance. They are affected by this cloud of higher energy, but not instantaneously affected, a gradient of entrainment takes place...the magnetic field is affected, which in turn affects the spin and Coriolis Effect, which in turn affects the matter, which in turn affects the atmosphere, which in turn affects the creatures living within the atmosphere.

The same can be said for your Sun...higher energy effects the Sun's magnetic field, which affects the matter that makes up the Sun, which then affects the light given off by the Sun. When you realize that light is information, then you can begin to understand how a shifting of consciousness takes place. The light that is coming out of the Sun that has been entrained to the higher energies and is holding this higher resonance, holds a different quality of information.

As you, yourself (your physicality, your magnetic field, your energetic field) come into resonance with these higher frequencies, you will have access to this different quality of information being carried by the light of the Sun...on many levels.

Light carries the energetic / geometric patternings that hold the building blocks for all of life, which is actually related to consciousness and not matter. As the light and the information within the light shifts, the vibrational patterning of life shifts as well...on the physical level, on the energetic level, and on the level of experiential consciousness.

Truly all is consciousness. What is happening is that as your energetic vibrational resonance raises, you have access to higher levels of consciousness, deeper connections to Consciousness (with a Capital C, i.e. source consciousness, the one Consciousness of this Universe.) This means a deeper level of understanding of that Consciousness with a Capital C and your ability to work with that Consciousness as actual creators, not just wind up puppets...i.e. electromagnetic vortexes of action / reaction impulses...which is how many beings of deeper connection and higher resonance see humanity at this point in your timeline. There is free will and forward movement for humanity within 3rd density, but a lot of times someone else is pulling the strings.

It's time to cut those strings. It's time to become a real boy Pinocchio.

Fully open yourself to these new higher frequencies, learn to stabilize your ability to hold this higher vibrational resonance, and EVERYTHING will change for you...individually and collectively. This is the resonance of which we speak, and the quality of this resonance that we speak of is to be one with the New Light and the New Earth.