The Awakening Process

This world that we live within, all of the structures that we've created for ourselves, and the very state of our consciousness seems to be going through a massive shift, and we all seem to be experiencing quite a lot of growing pains from this shifting these days. How can we change our experience of the world that we live in to being a more peaceful, and more connected experience? How can we expedite the process of ascension and awakening for all of humanity?

The awakening process that humanity is currently undergoing requires a balance of give-and-take.


Humanity is within a delicate stage of the awakening process, where that which came before no longer feels like a vibrational match, but you are not yet a complete match for the resonant state of these new higher energies coming in as of yet either. A lot of growing pains occur during this in-between portion of the ascension process.

You can see this reflected out into the world all around you. People are no longer accepting the way things have been on your planet, and because of this many of your systems are in turmoil. This chaos you are collectively experiencing is just a symptom. This is what happens when you have 7 billion people who have all become a bit uncomfortable with the way things have been because of the shifting resonance of your planet and solar system, and all start to seek new, more comfortable, ways of being in this world at the same time.

The real chaos comes from the fact that you humans still hold a very separatist view of your reality within your timespace matrix. You see yourselves as individuals separate from one another and separate from the world around you. As you begin to work with more and more of these new energies and start to hold this new resonance it will become obvious to you that the idea of separation which you function within is a distortion of perception that stems from the unbalanced state that you have lived within for so very long.

As you reawaken and become more aware of the energetic flow inherent within all of existence, the energetic flow that connects all of existence, you will be able to work directly with this new energy more and more. Your ways of communication, your technologies, your worldview, and your entire ways of being will shift to reflect the connection to this powerful energetic source.

From this space of energetic connection, when you are actually existing within the awareness of, and utilizing these potent energies as part of the functionality of your existence, Everything Changes. This reawakening of the use of your energetic connection then reawakens and brings a much more complete awareness of the state of your true being, which is multidimensionality.

This awakening is where your timeline is on the edge of right now. Some people are becoming aware of this energetic state of being, while others are grasping at old ways and in their discomfort are looking backwards to find new ways of being within this shift. The problem is that there are no accurate portrayals of this new energy that you are experiencing, and this new way of being, within the histories of the peoples upon your planet as they have been taught to you. The only way through this delicate period of awakening is to keep moving forward, looking backwards into the separation that your histories portray for answers to your current state of being will only serve to confuse you.

Where we recommend that you look is within yourself. As you learn to work with more of these new energies, and learn to hold and work with this new resonant state more consistently, you will have more access to the multidimensional aspects of yourself and the vast libraries of information that go along with that. These vast libraries, which some call the Akashic Records, start to become accessible to you through what you call your intuition at first. As you learn to trust and work with information in this intuitive way, which starts as a trickle and quickly becomes a river, you allow yourself access to vast amounts of Galactic information. As you learn to how to come into resonance with the Geometric Informational Structure of this type information, you will start to learn how to fine tune your access to a much greater degree.

It is important that you learn to utilize this multidimensional aspect of yourself by learning to tune in information through the resonant state that you hold, like the tuning in of a radio station, honing in on the specific vibrational frequency bandwidth for the specific information you wish to access, as it is hosted in this way within the structure of the time-space matrix that you function within.

At these higher vibrational states of being your physical reality becomes much more pliable, and the illusion of separateness starts to dissolve. So it is very important to work at raising your vibrations in all the actions that you take. As you reawaken your connections to these higher energies many latent abilities will reawaken within you, as you yourself start to reawaken.

Go within and find these connections, and bring them out into the world around you in whatever way your intuition tells you is appropriate for you. This is how you change your world and expedite the process of ascension to the higher realms for humanity, individually and collectively.