Moving Beyond the 3rd Density

Light holds information via geometric informational structures, DNA is a fractal antenna that tunes into that information based on our vibrational resonance, and the pineal gland is a translator of the geometric informational structures...I'm trying to understand all of this. Does the pineal gland see light of a different wavelength than that of visible light so that it can translate the geometric informational patternings?

These are all 3rd density functionalities. Light is multidimensional, but your DNA and pineal are part of your physicality in 3rd density. This way of understanding the flow of information, although partly accurate, shows a very limited sliver of the true functionality of Universal / Galactic Informational Exchange.

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Vibration / Frequency / Resonance:  these are the true underpinnings of everything in existence at all levels. Your physicality is an illusion brought on and held by the rate of your vibrational flow / frequency within the state of resonance that you hold.

Raising the vibrational rate of your energy field changes your perception of how matter functions. As you raise your vibrational resonance, aka speed up your energetic wavelengths, you are able to see the undulation of the wavelengths of the physical matter within your 3rd density. Matter is not solid. Solidity is an illusion of vibrational entrainment. If you are vibrating at a similar level to a chair, the similarly vibrating wavelengths will reflect each other. This reflection / repelling force creates the illusion of solidity, a vibratory barrier...if you will. While similar frequencies / vibratory rates are held, this causes these things to seem be impenetrable, or “solid.”

As your own vibrational rate raises, relative to you, the vibrational rate of “matter” will be lower. You will be able to pass right through an object holding a vibrational resonance that is much lower / slower than yours; as in your wavelengths will travel right through a wavelength of that which is oscillating at a much slower rate.

Think of the blades of a very very large fan. If the fan is traveling fast relative to your perception, the blades will give the illusion of solidity. But if the blades were traveling slow relative to your perception, you will be able to walk right between those blades without the slightest resistance. It's all relative to your point of perception.

This is how portals work. Different “areas” of the universe oscillate at different vibrational rates. As these vibrational rates line up in the right way you can “walk right through” to the other “area” of the Universe. Places where a portal is always open are nodal points within the vibrational structure of the Universe. The harmonics on your guitar string are a good example of nodal points. If you have an open string ringing out and you touch that string on the 12th fret you don't mute the sound, you have a nodal point where the oscillation can continue on unaffected at the higher levels of oscillation even as you are touching the string. This is similar in concept as to you can “walk between the blades of the fan” without being “struck” or repelled by wavelengths that are too similar of a vibrational rate.

Harmonic Nodes - there is a lot more that can be done when working with the harmonics of your “physical structures” that are still beyond your level of understanding. The patterning of the Phi ratio is also related to these harmonics, which is the harmonics of informational patterning traveling through densities.

Is this harmonics between different dimensions of existence?

Dimensions are different from densities. As your perception point travels through different densities your perception of the Universe changes, but all is still perceived from the point of one singular viewpoint. As you travel through dimensions there are multiple “versions” of you, all possible versions of you that are a harmonic refraction of the one source, including all of your parallel lifetime experiences...“past lives” multiple harmonic intervals within an infinite amount of octaves.

That's a lot to wrap my head around....Densities, Dimensions, Harmonics within the Octave, Infinite Octaves...

Shifting densities is “changing notes” within one octave. With a different “note,” different harmonics build the vibratory structure of that note. This is the shifting that you are undergoing at this time. So you can see how this informational transfer occurs within your physicality is irrelevant, because as you shift vibrational rates and begin to hold a different “note” then your idea / perception of what “physical” is will shift as well. Your physical body is a specific vibrational resonance held in place by the harmonic structure of the informational patterning within that “density” or “vibrational resonance.”

Vibrational resonance = density?

As you shift to a higher vibrational resonance you will see your current physical body as a reflection of existence within the harmonic patterning of the 3rd density. Shifting to a higher density changes the harmonic patternings, which changes what you perceive as your body as well as the information available to you.

4th density bodies are much more pliable and much more consciously connected to the “physical space” around them.

5th density bodies, and beyond, don't require the illusion of physicality for functionality. There is a more seamless integration with the energetic structure of everything at that level of existence / vibratory rate.

Don't worry about how this shifting process works within the physical body of your functionality within the 3rd density. You are not that body. Allow your focus to be on understanding yourself from the level of your vibrational rate, and how to start raising your vibrational rate towards the higher end available to you, which is that of what you call 4th density. This talent is now well within your grasp as your planet is within the 3rd / 4th density gradient, both are available. We recommend that you bring yourself into alignment with the higher end of vibrational rates available to you.

This 3rd / 4th density gradient is why the harmonic patterning of your reality is currently in a state of chaos. Like with cymatics that lose one form before coming into another form at a different resonant frequency, your vibratory patterning is between Resonant Structuring Frequencies and is actively shifting to a new higher state of vibratory resonance and therefore a new geometric informational patterning. This can look like chaos when viewed from a lower / slower vibratory rate.

Focus on holding these higher resonant states and you will be able to move through this shifting at a quicker rate that is much more pleasant to experience. Your focus is better placed upon entrainment to the higher vibratory resonance, not on the 3rd density physicalities resonant functionality. With entrainment to the higher frequencies, you will be able to move through this chaotic node and enter into a state of higher vibratory resonance.

Raise your vibration.