This is the revolution that will change the world...

Raise your vibration to the point where you feel bliss in this world. From this higher perspective you are able to see how interconnected you truly are to everything. Your energy weaves and flows with your surroundings, with your neighbors, with the plants & minerals, and with the air/atmosphere... When you are in tune your energy can wrap around the whole of this planet vibrating with the state of bliss that the deep interconnection you feel aligns you with.

Raising Consciousness will break the illusion that your current societal systems hold any type of semblance to sanity or functionality. As people become more aware, as they enter a state of higher consciousness and a deeper connected flow, as consciousness expands into this vast awakening, this will allow for a wholly different viewpoint. From any other viewpoint except the one that you have been tricked into, you will see your societal structures for what they are...which is a means for distraction and control, a means to create and spread intolerance, fear, division, anger, and lower vibrational states of separatist beliefs and behaviors designed to keep you divided and unaware of your true powers.


The systems we function within are so broken that change from within is impossible. The systems must be completely shattered – enter the System Busters.

Don't buy into this fear-mongering and vibrational control. Work on raising your vibration and work on bringing like-minded people together to hold higher vibrations together. Carry this new resonance out into the world. This is the revolution that will change your world, a revolution of consciousness.

Step forward into the light, become a vibrational match for the light of this new resonance...this vast new change. Accept these light encoded geometric patternings of this new energy into your very being, aligning with them on the level of your DNA, your energy field, your thought patterns...creating a vortex of alignment that magnetically pulls like-minded individuals to you.

The key to the door to the higher realms is a matching of resonance. You may need numbers to carry this resonance to the tipping point of massive worldwide the least, having numbers will make it easier to hold this resonance in stability on a large scale. This is the revolution of consciousness that you seek.

The Universe is conspiring with you as your planet and your whole solar system are currently undergoing a shift to function from within this higher resonant state as well. Stay positive, stay focused, ignore the bait being laid out to lure you back into the lower vibrations, aiming to keep you from separate from one another. You've got love and deep've got this.

Believe. Be Alive. Flow. If you can learn to hold this resonant state, you can change your world.