It's all just perspective...

Nothing is a coincidence, nothing is random, all is of careful design. How you react and what you hold your attention to, that is what is under your control. There are many, many ways that something can be taken in and experienced. Many ways for your mind to work with a single situation or piece of knowledge. The eye of the beholder is the saying for this...

There is no right or wrong, left or right, up or down, there is only your perspective, and there is always another's perspective that will contradict your own. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact there is everything right with that. You must allow room for perspectives other than your own. Allowing room for them does not mean you have to take them as truth, or even work with them in any way...but practice tolerance in the very least...even if that tolerance does not go in both directions...especially if that tolerance does not go in both directions. This world could use a fair share of tolerance these days. ✨Lighten up already✨...after all, you are made of light.

You don't have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Know that you are choosing your own perspective, and allow others the space to choose and hold their own perspectives as well. There is nothing to fret over or worry about. You are never right or wrong, you are choosing to work with a perspective. Don't worry about anyone that judges you too harshly for working with a perspective. Don't feed those flames of intolerance, for you will only call more of that into your vibration. Live and Let Live.

Staying on this path of openness and exploration of new ideas is important for you. You will not find a new way of being that will replace the obviously failing societal systems by functioning from within those failing systems. You are a system buster, not a repairman. You are a bringer of change, not a recycling station. Allow yourself the freedom to explore and disregard any harsh judgments that may arise out of another's intolerance. Diving into those judgments will only attract more of the same. Let go. Move on. Keep moving forward.

You are doing wonderful fabulous work and your conscious mind is struggling to keep up. Don't let your conscious mind drag you down with its attachments to the systems that have been programmed into it. Drop the weight that you are carrying right now. Explore!

Visualization: Picture your body filling with light with every breath that you take. Each and every single breath is pulling more and more light into your body. Notice your body starting to completely fill with this light and it gets so bright with this light that it starts to overflow. Notice that overflowing light is not in your body, and it is not in the room surrounding your body either. This light is held in another dimensional space. Notice this light space expanding and allow yourself to move out into this light space. You are neither in your body, nor in the room surrounding your body, you are in another dimensional setting. This is like splitting your mind in half. Grow that light space to be of infinite depth and travel into this light. Allow yourself, without judgment, allow. (Extra Dimensional Travel 101 ~ Learning how to change the radio dial.)

Now is not the time to be timid. This time of great change is not for the faint of heart. You are strong. You already know all of this on another level. You are here intentionally experiencing all of this. You are specifically here to help with this great time of change. You are powerful and you chose this. You are a great leader outside of this little dream...don't be lulled back to sleep.