Do you remember your childhood superpowers?


For many years you have held your frequency stuck in one position (think of a jammed radio dial.) You have been trained and programmed in this way since the day you came onto this planet. As children most of you have memories of traveling energetically, of energetic expansion and contraction, of traveling without your body. Many of you have written off these memories as a child's imagination and some of you have totally blocked out these memories as overtime the programming has taken hold and then fully assimilated into your structural beliefs that form your reality matrix.

The energies that you intuitively worked with as children are becoming stronger and more readily available as the planet you live upon is going through a great energetic shifting. These energies are making themselves known to you once again. As these energies get stronger many of you are blocking them on a subconscious level because the programming you have undergone has trained you to do this. Realizing this is the first step to loosening the grip. Learning to work with these subtle energies is becoming very important as these “subtle energies” are becoming less and less subtle as the shifting is occurring. Studying Reiki or another modality that works intentionally with the movement of the subtle energies will help you to (re)gain a better grasp of the perception of these energetic fields.

As you start to once again work with these energies you also begin to unstick your “radio dial.” The reality Matrix that you are functioning within is frequency based, functioning within different frequency bandwidths allows you access to different layers of this multidimensional reality. You are multidimensional beings that have been trained to keep your dial locked into just one frequency bandwidth, but as the shifting is occurring the specific singular frequency bandwidth that you've been function within is becoming less and less of a resonant match to the energetic functionality of your reality matrix. The fact that you are still holding this bandwidth against the vast tide of energetic change that your whole solar system is undergoing is a testament to the massiveness of your inherent (and forgotten about on the "conscious" level) powers. It takes a truly magnificent and powerful being to hold at bay the tide of Universal energy that is currently pouring into the part of the galaxy that you reside in.

As you start to remember how to work with these energies, and realize what it is that you are doing, you will (re)gain the ability to let go of the one frequency bandwidth that you have been programmed into using exclusively, and you will release the death grip on your radio dial. In doing so you will not only release the massive weight that is upon your shoulders, so to say, but you will also gain access to your radio dial and to the many other frequency bandwidths that you can function within. You will become aware of your true nature, that you are a multidimensional being. It will be like discovering that you live within an unimaginably vast mansion, and all this time you have been hiding within the tiniest closet you could find. Reawakening to this understanding will bring vast changes to your reality matrix, and in turn to your way of life. You are in for an amazing awakening and access to a vast territory that was previously blocked from your conscious mind. Happy exploration!