A multidimensional reality is a reality of many perspectives

This point in time is bringing much change for many people. New connections to higher dimensional aspects of yourselves allow you access to different information than you've had access to in the past. A lot of this new information that is coming in may be in conflict with information that has been taught to you within the construct of your current timeline worldview.

This contrast doesn't meany that one is right and one is wrong. These contrasts of viewpoints and opinions are choices of different experiences and different viewpoints within the experiential reality. Your idea of flat Earth versus spherical Earth is a perfect example of this. You have different groups of people claiming different aspects of the Oneness.

One group says the Earth is round and anyone who sees it any other way is wrong and of limited intelligence. The other group says the Earth is flat and that people have been lied to, that the Earth is not round and anyone that believes that it is round is being deceived. These groups are very much against each other in right/wrong contrast. They are fully invested that it has to be this way or that way, and no other way.


Why can't it be both? Your CHOICE of perspective determines the worldview that you see. Instead of "either/or", why not "both/and"?

One group sees the spherical / spiraling viewpoint of existence, the other sees the holographic / fractal viewpoint of existence. Both can be correct from different viewpoints, so there is no need to fight over which is correct, both are, and on a deeper level, neither are because they are just distortions of the One.

Your reality is an experiential creation and not a physical creation. The world you live in is an experiential creation.

When working with new information don't try and force feed it into your current perspective / worldview. Allow yourself to see things from different viewpoints. This is an aspect of your multidimensionality.

As you start to reconnect to different aspects of yourself, your different dimensional expressions, you will have contrasting viewpoints available to you. Trying to determine one viewpoint to be correct and another viewpoint to be incorrect is a worthless endeavor. Learn to see and work with different viewpoints.

This openness to different viewpoints is the first step to embracing your functionality as multidimensional beings.

Keep your vibration high, stay connected to the flow of energy available to you, and keep your mind open to allow your viewpoint the flexibility to see things from multiple perspectives.

You are not just your third density viewpoint. You have the ability to connect with far more than that. Allow yourself to become aware of the fact that you are already “awake.” You just aren't allowing yourself the space within your conscious expression of yourself to work with the functionality of your multidimensional state of being. Release the dualistic function of right/wrong, either/or, singularity of viewpoint. Open yourself to the vastness of expressions of the true Oneness that are available to you...available to you right now. You are awake when you decide to realize that you are awake.