Rewrite your reality ~ Where do you begin?

How much of the personality that we identify with as being ourselves is really who we truly are?

I've become well aware of how easily manipulated our personalities are. Where does that which we identify with as our 'personality' come from? A lot of our wants and needs and desires are not fully our own. A lot of those desires and needs seem to come from manipulative advertising, and worse, programming designed to downright control our perceptions of this reality. These manipulations form at least a part of our personalities, a larger part for some.

How much of our personality is the result of a manipulation that is aimed to make us identify with certain things in certain ways by playing on our fears and our biological desires? Are these manipulations used to keep us in line? To keep us as loyal consumers? To intentionally keep us in a fear state which blocks our energetic flow and disconnects us from the whole of ourselves as multidimensional beings? And how do we strip this programming and these manipulations away to get to the purer root of ourselves? How do we move away from this manipulation seemingly pushing us towards being in a constant state of Fight or Flight and move into a state of Connection and Understanding?

Once we start to realize how much we carry around and identify as ourselves that is in reality NOT us at all, but an intentional manipulation served up unrelentingly, it's hard to know what to trust and where to begin releasing and letting go of these programs.

Where do we begin?


Our multidimensional higher infinite self, the true essence of ourselves, only seems to be a small percentage of our personality in these times. As a human being on this planet in this time we undergo a lot of programming, programming through our educational system, TV programming (which is even what the medium is actually called,) programming through religion, programming through advertising, programming through being assimilated into our monetary system...the list goes on and on. It's easy to lose touch with the true thread of our deeper higher self, our society seems almost designed to make it so.

In our history maybe some of this programming was for our survival and for our forward progress as a species, but in this time that we are now in, we are past the need for this. Yet there is definitely programming that we still are subjected to on large scales, and this seems to be willfully used as a manipulation and source of control by some groups. There are many rabbit holes to go down here;  what some call mind control, and others call paranoid conspiracy theories, but that is not what this post is about. This is about superseding these manipulations for yourself to come back to a truer awareness of your true infinite self.


We each hold within us the power to unlock remember....remember who we are and why we are here. It seems as though this is not something that can happen at the level of our human logic. The mental structure of our human logic is part of what has been manipulated over much time, so releasing that structure and exploring ourselves outside of that structure is what it takes to start cracking away at the programming and the manipulations that lie therein.

We each have a direct connection to the source energy of our existence, to our higher self, to our multidimensional aspects. We've undergone so much programming that it seems it takes a bit of letting go of the human logic to reconnect to this. One must step outside and view the aspects and programs that are forming their reality on this planet in this current time-space objectively from the viewpoint of higher awareness. From there, from that viewpoint, cracks start to appear in this structure that we've been entrained into, the false beliefs and the false programming that causes our patterns of disconnection start to become more apparent. Follow the threads of these cracks to access your higher multidimensional self and higher truths.

At this time it's important to allow yourself the space to let go of the concept of the here and now, time-space, linearity, three-dimensional reality...and look within. Look within at the full, rich Universe that exists within you. As above, so below, the micro and the macro, you are the one and the all. The Universe outside of you is one and the same as the Universe inside of you. Take the time to experience yourself as the macro, experience the Universe inside of you, from that level of consciousness you ARE the Universe, the Universe is within you as you are within the universe.

In this holographic Universe every single part contains all of the whole, all of it, everything...because in fact there is no part. There is no separation, only a fractal patterning of infinite depth that creates the illusion of separateness. The false depth of space and time that we see when we look into the mirror of ourselves as we experience this third dimensional reality, through which we identify as separate from the all, only recognizing this manipulated self at this third dimensional level where we carry the illusion of separation.

Some might see this as scary, but it's not. This is the experience that we come here for. It's exciting to forget and then to remember's the most exciting thing going on in infinite eternity apparently...all the cool kids are doing it.

You are the Universe. Reconnect, remember, revitalize your energetic flow. Get out of the fight or flight level of consciousness that this society and it's programming has entrained you into. This fight or flight is what is cutting you off from the higher aspects of yourself, shutting down your energetic flow, dampening the perceptions of your true connection to this multidimensional reality.


How do we draw in and connect the contrast of being the full Universe on the one hand, and functioning within this time-space reality of three-dimensional existence, experiencing the illusion that we are only an infinitesimally tiny part of the Universe on the other hand? How do we attain that balance? What does that look like? While those are questions that we must all ultimately answer for ourselves, we can start striving for clarity by calming the nervous system and freeing ourselves from the perpetual state of fight or flight.

It seems that our nervous system literally emits a pitch to communicate between our conscious perception of this reality and the functioning of our body. Think about when you've gone into high alert when you've been frightened or when something traumatic happens, and how you've experienced a high pitched ringing in your ears. That signal is relayed to the full body telling it to remain at high alert, telling the nervous system and all of the muscles and tendons “Danger, prepare to act.” This signal puts us into the fight or flight mode, our whole body is prepared for action and all of our conscious awareness is focused on the space outside of us, that which our logical mind perceives as being separate from ourselves, and that which may be threatening or dangerous to us.


At this time we live within a society that seems to function from within this state of fight or flight at all times. This is perpetuated by all aspects of our daily lives. The corporate media that we absorb our world news from spreads the fear of terror and breeds intolerance though that fear. The TV shows and movies we watch for entertainment are full of gratuitous violence which breeds desensitization and ultimately mimicry. The privatized monetary system we use to divvy up the worth of goods on this planet is designed in a way that makes the vast majority of us fear for our very survival and pits us against one another to battle it out on black Friday shopping sprees, all while a select few hold a vast unimaginable wealth. Most religious institutions, which formed their structures in our histories as ways to govern and control the people, are designed to create elitist separation as most proclaim their teachings as the one true path, the only path to salvation, and state that all other paths are inherently wrong. People are dying of starvation while corporations throw out huge and sickening amounts of food. Our kids are bullied in schools. Women are afraid to walk the streets alone. Our governments...oh where do we even start with that one..our government.

The bombardment of fear and separation is unending. This leaves us as a collective, deeply disconnected from not only each other, but from ourselves, as well as suffering from chronic PTSD. While functioning from within a state of being dominated by fear it is impossible for us to connect to our higher multidimensional selves because it's impossible to maintain any kind of open energetic flow state. Think again of that high pitched noise our nervous system emits in times of stress, a signal that blocks out everything except that which can focus on an immediate threat...and think about the fact that our current societal situation seems to be designed as one of constant stress.

Now think about the drone of a deeply resonant singing bowl, or think about 'Aum' / 'Om' – that beautiful deep resonant tone that is commonly used to find our center and to bring us back into resonance with this Universe. Drones are tools that human beings have been using for millennia to achieve relaxation and connection, as well as achieving altered states of consciousness and multidimensional awareness. Think about how settling sound can be to our nervous system, all of our muscles, tendons, and our whole nervous system relaxes into that sound, dissolving away any tension and fear. From this state of relaxation we can focus inwards instead of on some perception of an external threat. We can start to function from a space of connection instead of a space of separation. In order to truly connect to our higher self, our conscious mind must get out of that fight or flight mode. Reaching this state of connection and understanding is ultimately what the goal of meditation is.

Utilizing sound in relaxation, in meditation, as well as in healing, is an extremely powerful tool that can sooth our nervous system into a state of relaxed energetic flow, vibrate tension right out of our physical body, guide us into deeper more connected states of mind from which we can access much greater levels of intuition from many different levels of consciousness currently inaccessible to us in our normal waking states of mind. Humming along with soothing sounds can entrain our nervous system into an even deeper state of peace. As our nervous system becomes deeply relaxed, our physical body will also become deeply relaxed, and our mind will settle down into a state of being where it is much easier to turn inwards and tune ourselves in with deeper aspects of our consciousness that would ordinarily be buried by the normal waking state. This is called the Theta state.

Functioning from within this Theta state is also where we can overwrite the programming that we've been vastly subjected to in this lifetime with much greater ease. From this state of mind we can overwrite the programming of fear with a state of connected bliss, with a higher infinite awareness, and with a deep sense of connection.

Let me repeat my question from the beginning of this post: How do we move away from this societal manipulation that is seemingly continuously pushing us towards being in a constant state of Fight or Flight and move into a state of Connection and Understanding? I believe that the answers to this question can be found within the Theta state.


With meditation alone it can take years of dedicated practice to consistently achieve the Theta state, but by working with sound it seems we can gain quite a massive shortcut to achieving this Theta way of vibrational entrainment and a washing away of tension within the physical body we are able to go much deeper than with just meditation alone.

We may not have years to practice and perfect meditation at this time because this world is changing rapidly right now. What is needed is for as many of us as possible to be conduits of positive change, working with new coherent energies from a space of connection and understanding, and waking up from the controlling fear state that we've been entrained into by a system that sees designed to keep us disconnected from each other, as well as disconnected from ourselves and our true powers. My personal experience of facilitating sound for people has been quite profound. I have witnessed many wonderful transformations and many profound internal connections being made. The use of sacred sound can immensely help us to relax, release, and receive, to connect to our higher selves, to awaken to the multidimensionality of this truly magical existence, and to free ourselves from being stuck within a system of manipulation.

Relax. Release. Receive. Rewrite your reality.

This article was written back in the beginning of November 2017 and I'm finally getting around to posting now. There is so much happening in this time, it's an exciting time to be alive.

Find what works for you, find what sets you free. It's not going to be the same for everyone...find what is is that wakes you up and be the light that you want to see in this world. We need you. 

   ~Ben Carroll