The Art of Jumping Timelines

Our perception of time is a functionality of the vibrational density that we hold to function within this physical reality, currently the 3rd density. Our perspective is quite limited, we can only view one fragmented section at a time which gives us an illusion of linearity, when in fact the linearity is our perception of a very slow fluctuation of waveforms. A slow undulation, very slow.

All waveforms also function with refraction, i.e. harmonics...shorter cycles within the longer cycles, within longer cycles, within in longer cycles...from the rise and fall of one age which equals 25,960 years, to the rise and fall of civilizations, down to the rise and fall of one single individuals own life span, down to a single unit of Planck time. These perceptions of specific divisions are the functionality of the harmonics, but the “Master Wave” is all time. If you could see the master wave, all would be frozen within...all that will happen, all the possibilities of what could happen, all that is or ever could be from any imaginable perspective.

Now realize that this "wave" is a 360-degree bubble, not actually a wave. Each single linear trajectory is a single line of possibility from the center, one line with an infinite round of possibilities in all directions. The art of jumping timelines is the art of changing which linear progression you are choosing to experience the trajectory of.

Shifting our vibration shifts our timeline.

I used to think that the resonance of kindness is more in line with the resonance of this Universe, but I no longer see it that way. This Universe makes no distinction between kindness or hatred or any other state of human simply is all of it. Our unique perception of the Universe is formed through action and perception (which is what we choose to see) which brings us into alignment with the vibrational resonance of a specific linear progression...a specific experiential timeline. We tune ourselves to that experience.

We humans are a deeply interconnected singular social complex. We perceive from within a specific frequency bandwidth corresponding to the current vibrational resonance which we are holding. Bringing ourselves into resonance with something like kindness and/or compassion raises our vibration, which shifts the experience of the linear progression of time to that which matches the resonance we choose to hold, which shifts our perspective. When we do this together, as many, we amplify this resonance immensely and we are able to make much greater shifts in our experience of the linear progression of time, which is the art of jumping timelines.