In the present moment lies bliss

Practice being truly present. The present moment is truly a timeless experience.

The ego experiences itself through the illusion of time...lost in a remembered past or dreams of an imagined future. Through ego we project ourselves away from the present moment and away from our true selves.

Bring yourself to the present. Practice experiencing the present moment, just being here now without judgment. That is your true self, not the projected thoughts of the ego.

The projected thoughts of the ego are judgements, prejudices, and anxieties on a remembered past and on an imagined future. To truly be present is a liberating experience.

No judging. Judging is a comparison against a remembered past or a projected future.

No sorrow. Sorrow is regret from a remembered past or feeling of inadequacy because of a projected imagined future.

No anxiety. Anxiety is the fear of an imaginary projected future.

In the present moment lies bliss.