Don't judge yourself so harshly


We really are self-absorbed beings, we humans, will we ever overcome this state of being so completely self-absorbed?

Don't judge yourself so harshly. 3rd density is designed to run all of your perceptions through the sense of “you.” This is a state of being that is designed to give the illusion of separation. The Illusion of scarcity can only exist through the illusion of separation.

When all of your perceptions are reflecting back on yourself, it is then easier to think of yourself first in all things. To overcome this one must raise their vibration out of the 3rd density. Practicing kindness is wonderful as a vibration raising tool, but as long as you are in the 3rd density all is still reflected through the illusion of self.

Raise your vibration. Keep working on balance. Keep working with groups. Keep practicing kindness. This will continue to raise your vibration, which will change your viewpoint more and more.

Be kind to yourself. This journey that you are on is not always easy or obvious, but if you give yourself the space you need and you will easily find the path to your freedom, individually and collectively. Release the lever.

The cage door is open. Don't face the back wall and pretend that you are still imprisoned. Turn around and step outside.

Most things you do are a reflection of yourself and your listening to your ego mind telling you what you need to do to survive within its programmed structure that is its worldview. Even though the veins of your deeper connections are growing and strengthening, your logical mind is still functioning within the same worldview that it has had for years...on some levels. On some levels it has changed, but not on all, and not on most.

Take this logical mind out of the driver seat. Release the lever. Strengthen your intuition and follow that intuition. It takes a leap of faith to start. Just like when you couldn't use your GPS and decided to follow your intuition, and you drove straight to the highway. It worked flawlessly, but then your logical mind started to take over and try to take credit for that...and it is even now trying to do that again as you write this.

How can I listen to intuition deeply without allowing the logical mind to get in the way?

Blind faith tests. Take small Adventures without needing to know where you are going. Just go out into the world and feel your way to somewhere. Trust...without expectation. Just go out and experience.

Many people never do this because the world you live in is so structured that you can survive without ever needing to do this. Wake / work / consumer time / entertainment / sleep / repeat...and all of that happens within predefined parameters. Intentionally take down those parameters.

Even the walks you take are structured for the most part. You go to the same places and walk the same loops. Your full day is structured, maybe not as much as most, you have more freedom of available to you...but, are you using that freedom? You are very frequently staying within one repetitive cycle.

Find brand new experiences. Take unplanned Adventures.