How can sound help us to heal our physical body?

Sound can help a person move into a state of clarity. All of the distractions and the seeming very important things that are really quite unimportant tend to drop away upon releasing oneself into sacred sound. This leaves us with a deeper connection

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A multidimensional reality is a reality of many perspectives

This point in time is bringing much change for many people. New connections to higher dimensional aspects of yourselves allow you access to different information than you've had access to in the past. A lot of this new information that is coming in may be in conflict with information that has been taught to you within the construct of your current timeline worldview.

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This is the revolution that will change the world...

Raise your vibration to the point where you feel bliss in this world. From this higher perspective you are able to see how interconnected you truly are to everything. Your energy weaves and flows with your surroundings, with your neighbors, with the plants & minerals, and with the air/atmosphere, with... When you are in tune your energy can wrap around the whole of this planet, vibrating with the state of bliss that the deep interconnection you feel aligns you with.

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Do you remember your childhood superpowers?

For many years you have held your frequency stuck in one position (think of a jammed radio dial.) You have been trained and programmed in this way since the day you came onto this planet. As children most of you have memories of traveling energetically, of energetic expansion and contraction, of traveling without your body. Many of you have written off these memories…

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Be Present


Be present.

Our day to day actions come from the sub-conscious mind about 95% of the time because our conscious mind is caught up in thoughts of the past or thoughts of the future; remembering, planning, worrying, self-critiquing...this tends to be the nature of our existence as a human. We tend to live our lives on autopilot, lost in our thoughts and therefore our actions end up being run by our sub-conscious mind because we are not attentive to this present moment. It's time to re-condition ourselves.

The reality that has been ingrained into most everyone in our culture's sub-conscious mind is a reality in which we believe and perceive that the fundamental nature of existence is one in which mind comes forth out of matter. We are conditioned to believe that we are tied to our genes, we were born as who we are and that this is who we will always be...a victim to our genetics and a victim to our place in the world. But this is not true, we are not victims. 

We have now begun to pass a turning point in our awareness. We now are starting to understand that mind is not created out of matter, but that matter comes forth out of the mind. We are a consciousness experiencing and creating a reality for ourselves.

Once you come to the realization that the conscious mind creates your reality, you must also realize that you cannot find truth or know the true nature of anything from thoughts related to matter. Truth must come from spirit energy, source energy, the universe...or whatever you want to call it. We are starting to wake up to this awareness. But our sub-conscious mind hasn't gotten the memo.

If we do not break the cycle of letting the sub-conscious mind run the show based on a set of truths that we no longer find valid, we will continue to live in a state of eternal recurrence where we sub-consciously make the same choices over and over, individually and culturally. Our sub-conscious programming comes from what we learned in the first 6 years of our lives, because this first 6 years of life experience shaped our sub-conscious version of reality. Break the cycle. Consciously re-write your sub-conscious conditioning.

We can change the programming of our sub-conscious mind if we keep at it. We just have to be present and attentive to what we are letting our minds and bodies do and when you find yourself sub-consciously performing an action or thinking a thought that no longer resonates with your current reality, correct yourself.

Be conscious and fully aware of your actions. 

Just a reminder to myself that I wanted to share with you... 
Be present.