Exploring Your Energy Field

09-27-2013 BQDvUntCYAA6NoH.jpg

Today I wanted to share an exercise for becoming more aware of your body's energetic field. The human body is surrounded by an energy field moving in the flow of a torus, known as the toroidal field. You've probably heard of the toroidal field, but a lesser known energetic point in your body is the assemblage point. All energy must have an epicenter of rotation, in our case it's the center point of the toroidal field, this is the assemblage point...the heart center. Today we're going to bring awareness to these two energetic fields.

While doing this exercise, keep an open mind. The human mind is a powerful tool, if you approach this from a space of doubt, you'll probably experience nothing.

Put your hands out in front of you. Place palms together and apply a slight pressure. Begin rubbing your palms together back and forth. Keep this up for at least 30 seconds, feel the energy building. Now, holding your palms parallel to each other, separate your hands 1 to 2 inches. Hold your hands in this position for at least 1 minute, feeling the flow of energy between your palms. Very gradually expand the distance between your palms, keep it slow, feel the energy there expanding, don't force it. Keep your focus on this energy for several minutes, if you feel the energy pulsating, allow your palms to pulsate back and forth with the flow of this energy. When you are ready, when you've had your fill of holding this energy, without touching your hands together, take your hands up to your mouth and breathe in the energy held between your palms, breathe in deeply and take this energy inside of you. Feel the energy enter your body and expand your heart center. Your heart center is the assemblage point of your bodies energetic field, the center point of the toroidal field. Feel the point where your energy meets and flows, your energetic center point, your heart center. Embrace this energy, feel it pulsing through your whole body and feel it emanating out into your energetic field. Breathe into your heart center, deeply, slowly, for several minutes, feel yourself becoming centered. Feel your breath carry this energy from your heart center out to your whole body in the flow of your toroidal field. Feel how all of your energy is connected through this assemblage point of your heart center. Feel how there is always new energy being carried into your center point and out of your center point, at all times. You are deeply connected to this energy on all levels. Carry this connection to your energetic flow with you throughout your day.

Maintaining this deep connection to your energy field in your day to day activities can greatly affect you in a very positive way. Our energetic awareness and the toroidal field's assemblage point positioning is directly tied to our psychological and physical well being. As humans, we are beings of energy, we must flow.

Now a couple of questions to ponder today:
1. What is inside of your energy field and what is outside of your energy field?
2. Can you truly experience anything that is outside of your own energy field?

Be light.