The 5 Truths


There are 5 truths to knowing something.

The conventional “Scientific” order of knowing that is currently mass embraced would be:


---- Human (Physical) Stuff ---- 
1. Perception. Perceiving something, knowing that it exists.
2. Confirmation. We want to make sure others can see this as well, confirm that yes, this does indeed exist.
3. Communication. We want to tell others what we know. This helps a person to gain a name for themselves, a place in the world and to form their own self truth & self worth.
---- Spirit Stuff ---- 
4. Spirit. Knowing how things tie into our spiritual beliefs.
5. Kindness. Our spiritual existence depends on our kindness to others. 

The problem is, this order of knowing puts the physical before spiritual, or rather, it puts the matter before the mind.

The fields of quantum mechanics and noetic sciences are proving that what gurus have been saying since the beginning is right, matter comes forth out of mind. Understanding matter comes forth from the mind changes everything. 

If you start to shift your consciousness towards believing that matter comes forth out of mind then “Spirit” must come first. Once you come to this understanding then you'll see that the current system of knowing is backwards. You cannot see a physical perception as being step one in the process of knowing something if you believe mind comes forth out of matter. It just wouldn't make sense to see it that way. What you are perceiving had to have an internal origin, therefore it had to come through Spirit first. Your spiritual belief is dependent on your kindness. The perception of the physical manifestation would come after these two steps.


Imagine a world where Spirit & Kindness came first. This is the shift you've been waiting for. =)