Flow With the Go

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In order to open your heart you must open yourself to change. Time is an illusion. All that exists is a constant state of vibrational flux, change and flow. Our basis of judging time, day/night, months/years, decade/century/millennia, are all just perceptions of the positioning of this planet in regards to the sun and positioning of this solar system in regards to the galaxy within the universe. 

Everything in this physical reality, our outer world, is in a constant state of change at all times. All that exists in the external world is change. Our judgments on the external world are based on these moment to moment, short term and long term changes. If we try to grasp on to things too tightly and fight the flow of change in the external world, if we continue to try and fight the fact that everything in the outer world is in a state of flux at all times, then all we do is continue to create create strife in our lives and discord on our planet.

The true nature of existence lies within, not without. It is the loss of connection to the inner worlds that has created the immense imbalance on our planet. The only way to find bliss is to allow yourself to flow with the external changes, do not fight the flow of change. Everything changes from moment to moment, that is what the illusion of time is, the perception of change. Instead of trying to find constants in the outer world, where they do not truly exist, find constants in your inner world. We have it backwards, we let our ideas about the outer world shape our ideas and beliefs, but we should be shaping those ideas and beliefs from our inner world.

Live fully and love fully, but know that all of the external world is impermanent, all forms dissolve and change. Bliss is finding stillness within the changes and rediscovering the consciousness of the heart connected to all that is.