How can sound help us to heal our physical body?

How can sound help us to heal our physical body?   

Sound can help a person move into a state of clarity. All of the distractions and the seeming very important things that are really quite unimportant tend to drop away upon releasing oneself into sacred sound. This leaves us with a deeper connection to that which is more in line with our souls true path, that which we came here to experience and achieve.   

As the distractions and the unimportant stuff drops away we are left with the opportunity to vibrationally recalibrate back towards alignment with our souls path and to deepen our connection to our higher self. We may become aware of important personal truths or directions which may have been eclipsed by all of the low vibrational baggage that we tend to pick up within this 3rd density reality matrix. Working with sacred sound gives us the opportunity to set that baggage down, at least for a short while. Sometimes that is all that it takes for us to make that reconnection back to a higher self and our souls path, which gives us the important opportunity to recalibrate our current path from a more connected space. This can help us with the ability to notice other paths that may be more in vibrational alignment with deeper, more connected, parts of ourselves that we just didn't or couldn't notice as we were trudging along under the weight of all the unnecessary baggage that we tend to carry around in our day to day lives.   

It's easier to feel the call and decide to take the path up the mountain when we are not weighed down and desperately seeking the parking lot to rest.   

Recalibration, vibrational recalibration, happens on a conscious level ultimately, but first takes place at the cellular level. All of the emotions that you carry around get stored into your body at the cellular level, like little vibrational clusters that actually affect your health and well being from the cellular level. Vibrational dis-alignment causes dissonance within the body and it's systems, which causes a dis-ease at the cellular level. This dis-ease is a vibrational blockage that will keep you from being able to fully receive a healthy vibrational resonance that is needed to keep you in alignment and in tune within this 3rd density reality matrix. The more substantial the dissonance (i.e. blockage,) the more out of tune you are, the greater chance of that causing a physical illness within the physical body. The cells can start to become malformed within this dissonance, which will upset the perfect balance that is the natural state of the miracle of the human body.   

It is important to allow yourself to come back into alignment and to recalibrate to the states of vibrational resonance that are coherent within the resonance of this 3rd density reality matrix. Your body already knows how to do this, as this is its natural state of functionality, but our mind is a powerful tool that can disconnect us from that body knowledge of proper vibrational alignment when it is given the chance to run amok.   

Sound is a powerful tool to help us to find the way to release these self-imposed (usually at the subconscious level) misalignments. This release will allow the body to snap back into alignment with the natural state of vibrational resonance that the body requires for longevity and long-term health. This is how sound can help us to heal our physical body, by allowing us to allow the body to do what it does best, heal itself. We just need to release that which is creating the dissonance and disalignment, the dis-ease, in the first place. For this the proper use of sound is an ideal catalyst.   

Sound doesn't just affect us on the physical body level, it also helps to restore balance between the body, mind, and soul...the physical, mental, and intuitive. Maintaining this balance is important for maintaining our higher vibrational connections and for keeping us in alignment with our souls path.  

What is our souls path?   

We each incarnate into this physical dimension with a path that we've laid out for ourselves. We come here under spiritual contract which is designed around that path that we've prepared for ourselves before incarnation. We choose the birth parents and the surrounding environment that we are born into. This is specifically chosen to allow ourselves to be withing an environment that will shape us in ways that will help us to make the choices that keep us on the path which we've set out for ourselves. Realizing this can be very self-empowering. Realizing that everything that you've experienced, all of the wonderful AND all of the terrible things, have been designed to keep you moving forward on your souls path that has been laid out by you from the perspective of your higher self. Terrible things ultimately equal the best catalyst for positive change, from a higher perspective at least. It doesn't always appear this way when we are deep down in it.   

I've called this souls path “free will on train tracks” as it seems to be laid out in such a way that even though we most certainly do have free will, our reality has been designed in such a way that we will be far more likely to make the choices that keeps us in alignment with our souls path. Those “terrible” things that have happened to us are designed to be catalysts for massive change in an ultimately positive direction.   

You also have deeply connected guidance every step of the way, you are never alone. There are always synchronistic messages there waiting for you, nudging you in the right direction if you are aware enough to notice them...even if you aren't aware enough to notice them you are certaily still being guided by these messages subconsciously.   

Remember the cards are stacked in your favor.  Remember to trust your intuition.  And most important, remember to Enjoy the Ride!