Lets Create A New World.


I've come to realize that most of the time the fear and anxiety we feel is just the result of stories that we tell ourselves in our mind. These stories hold no relevance to anything that is actually happening in the world. Our fear and anxiety tends to be caused by a string of "what if's" and hypothetical scenarios that we allow to run through our mind. Our body reacts to hypothetical situations as if they were actually happening to us...but these imagined scenarios are not actually happening to us...they are only imagined...we make them up. 

Science has shown that the same chemical reactions can occur in our body if a situation is really happening or if we just think about it happening. 

When your body is stressed or anxious:
· Chemicals, such as adrenalin start pumping
· Heart rate goes up
· Blood vessels dilate
· Breathing increases
· Sweat production increases
· Metabolism slows down
· Muscles become tense
· Pupils enlarge
· Sex hormone production goes down

So really we are causing ourselves harm by allowing our minds to run amok with hypothetical situations which create fear and anxiety. All of this fear and anxiety causes us to create more hypothetical stories, which creates more fear and anxiety...“but WHAT IF this terrible thing happened?”...so we get more stress...it's an anxiety feedback loop. 

It's really hard to be kind with all that craziness going on in your body and mind. 

Are you stressed or anxious? If you are STOP. (((BREATHE DEEP))) BE PRESENT. What is really going on at this moment? What are you physically doing? Sitting down? Walking around? 99% of the time, it's probably nothing scary. Are you being chased by a bear? Probably not. If you are...then the stress and anxiety is probably warranted. Chances are you are creating an anxiety feedback loop. Realize you are telling yourself stories and try to bring yourself to the present moment.

Present moment awareness is the first key towards ridding yourself of stress, fear and anxiety.
Getting rid of anxiety and fear is the first step towards being truly open to kindness. 
Kindness is the first step towards changing yourself. 
Changing yourself is the first step towards changing the world.

You don't have to change the world. You don't have to change other people. You only have to change yourself. If we all change ourselves, then the world is changed. 

Lets create a new world.