Shifting into a New World


I think a large part of this great shift of consciousness that everyone has been talking about will come with the realization that matter actually comes forth out of consciousness, or at least that will be a major catalyst. Our whole structure of reality, the monetary system and the state of constant want that we all live in is caused by the lack of realization of our conscious creation abilities, and the exploitation of subconscious creation that we are left with by not realizing we are the ones actually creating. 

Constant want...the way society has been structured within our current belief systems leaves us conditioned to always want more. There is never enough when you are in this mindset. We're trained by example from the sources that we get the majority of our information, entertainment, education, the majority of our physical goods, the people that run our country, the people that heal us...that it is not only acceptable, but encouraged to sell out the humanity within to maximize the profit margin and make a grab for as much as you can take with little or no regard to the effects that this will have. That is accepted as business as usual.

In the false mindset where it's taken as truth that matter is the creator of all, that consciousness arises out of matter, with the finite and limited amount of goods and available wealth that comes with that mindset, it seems that in order to sustain yourself with only a limited amount of goods & materials there are really only two main ways to live; either you live from a point of optimum advantage & personal gain or you live from a point of damage control and try to avoid personal loss. Both of those mindsets are fear based.

In the future, looking back to the time before this upcoming shift of perception, I think the way we've seen the world up to this point (as consciousness coming forth out of matter) will seem as ridiculous as the past belief that the world was flat. Imagine the changes a world where people know and embrace that matter comes forth out of consciousness will bring. Imagine that self-empowerment. Why would you ever have need of anything? Why would there ever be greed or hunger, or information manipulation, or suppression of another for personal gain? There would be no need of that.

But how do we master this realization now? I'm trying to learn that too. We need to break the cycle of perceived victimization & manipulation, there are no victims and we only let ourselves be manipulated. It's hard not to slip back into subconscious creation, that is something I struggle with everyday. Overcoming fear and anxiety are both major tasks in working toward conscious creation as a way of life. It's hard not to experience fear and anxiety when you are tying to re-train yourself to let go of the basic structure point of your own reality and transform it into something that requires a lot of faith in yourself.

We're on this planet is to decide and experience who we really are, and as we do that consciously create our own beautiful reality. And we can create who we are over and over and over again, we do everyday.