How does light hold information? (Asking questions and allowing answers)

Every morning I sit in meditation with a candle, a cup of tea, and my notebook. Sometimes I ask questions and try to allow the answer to come through. Sometimes I scribble out words so fast that my hand cramps up, and I think they probably won't make sense, but when I read them back later those words can be pretty potent. I don't usually share these writing directly, but I absorb it into the other things that I am working on and share them that way. I decided to share this one because I felt like I should.

Allowing...such a simple concept, until you try and put it into practice...

These words are from this morning, minus a couple of changes to pull out personal information.

How does light hold information?

Light holds information by way of carrying the activating force that will awaken the information inside of you. You are thinking of 'information' in terms of what the logical mind considers information. That type of information holds some value in physical incarnate, but is not the most direct connection to the infinite wisdom that you are seeking. The information you are looking for is held within the emotions and the intuition.

The light is carrying the vibrational change that will unlock these potentials within you, attuning you to higher levels of connection and carrying that connection into your emotional body to awaken knowledge through intuition and the infinite wisdom of the intuitive self as a reflection of the Galactic information that is part of the very fabric of your being and of all being. This is the way in which light 'holds information.'

The high energy cloud that this solar system is now within holds potential for large shifts and major upgrades to your level of connection and your ability to work with different densities. Awakening this awareness is the awakening of the multidimensional self, which is a truer and more connected version of your being.

You are under constant energetic refinement at this time, millions of times more than anything experienced in your histories and anything that you have experienced (as a human incarnate) before. Opening the channels within you, allowing the flow of this energy, learning how to do that, learning how to allow that, what that feels like, that is a process you all must undergo in order to remember a greater portion of yourselves.

You could call this time “the great remembering” as you gain access to parts of yourself that as an incarnated being have been blocked from you. It's a great shifting to undergo. It's not always easy, especially when you start bumping into the programming that you've undergone that goes directly against some of the things that you may be experiencing...or in the very least least trying to allow yourself to experience.

The best exercise at this moment in time is to allow yourself the space and the time to relax into this energetic shifting, this new light. Allowing this new light in will activate this shifting within your physicality to an even greater degree. Surpass the logical minds need to be in charge whenever you can, sound is a wonderful and highly effective tool for this.

Be the Light. Allow yourself to vibrate at these new frequencies that are permeating your solar system at this time. Create resonance (allow resonance) within your physicalities at these new frequencies and this will allow the shifting to take place with far less of an experience of struggling against them. Allow.

Sometimes it can help to say it out loud: “I allow these new frequencies to create resonance within my physical body. I allow my body to relax and shift within these new frequencies. I become this new light.”

Visualizations can help as well. Visualize a spiraling double helix traveling through the seven main energy centers within your body, spiraling with greater and greater intensity until a solid tube of energy is formed right down your very center, your core. This is the Pranic Tube. Then connect out of the Pranic tube from the root and the crown like you are growing roots that connect you to the above & below, Heaven & Earth. Allow these roots to pull in terrestrial and celestial energies into your Pranic tube, and circulate those energies through your heart center and out to your entire body. This is an effective visualization for working with this new energy by allowing it to strengthen your energetic center and then circulate out through your entire body.


Never forget that this information is already inside of you. Practice allowing it to come to the surface so that you can share it and teach it and and allow it to become written into the interface of your very existence in physicality.

If going out on a limb to teach this information excites and scares you...this is the sign that it is exactly the path to take. Trust in yourself. Allow in this shifting resonance. Be the Light.