Piercing the Veil with Sound

It's interesting how music can hold emotional memories long forgotten by the conscious mind, like a portal back to our energy center's functionality within a particular time when that particular music made its impact. It's like the organizational patterns of the rhythm, the melody, and the words (more as a chant than anything that the words themselves may actually mean) bring back to an old emotional patterning long forgotten by the conscious mind, but still held deep within the vibrational memory of the body and spirit.

Can we not also bring ourselves back to a deeper connection with our higher self, to who we are before entering into the illusion of this reality matrix, using sound to pierce the veil?

The same way an old song can bring us back to an emotional connection with a part of our childhood, the ancient songs...songs of planets & stars...drones & rhythmic pulses...can bring us back to an emotional connection with the time before time, before our incarnation into this physical reality matrix...a vibrational connection to an emotional past, but one that our conscious mind has no point of reference for when it is only pulling from the memories and programming provided by this current lifetime.

Stay open to these experiences and absorb them on a vibrational and an emotional level. Don't let your conscious mind chase these most sacred gifts away with a constant seeking of a familiar common ground pulled from this current lifetime's experiences. Become the True Light of existence and absorb the resonance held within that most ancient alignment...unfamiliar to the conscious mind...moving deeper...gracefully...moving past the veil.

Come what may. Stay open to the light.