Experiencing positive and negative vibrational entrainment with others

Even with an awareness that it is happening, why is it so hard not to be sucked into negative emotions like fear and anger?

Humanity has been manipulated energetically for a long time now. You have been intentionally steered towards the negative; fear, aggression, and such. You undergo this tuning by being trained to focus on the negative in your entertainment and in your corporate media sources, as well as being actually manipulated on an energetic level. You could have 30 positive things happen to you and one negative thing, and the one negative thing is generally what you will focus on and obsess over. Through that focus you entrain your energetic field to that lower vibration negativity, you consistently allow vibrational entrainment towards the negative.

You can release that habit, and more and more of you are working on that. Releasing these habits and manipulations starts with an awareness of them.

What lies below the surface of the specific events that have a negative impact on us? Between humans there can be very jarring vibrational mismatches which causes instant agitation, whether we are aware of it or not. What can be done about that? How can one not have these vibrational mismatches affect them?


As you get better at reading the energy of a person or a room of people you will also get better at protecting your energy from entrainment with the energetic patterns of others that are a mismatched with your own. This self-protection becomes easier and easier the more you are coming to balance. But when you are out of balance already, it is easy for another's jarring difference in energetic patterning to pull you into their patterning a bit by way of entrainment You are easily sucked in when you are already out of balance.

The most important work you can do for yourself is continuing to strengthen your balance and reconnect your intuition. This will significantly help you to not be affected by those negatively charged situations.

Are there any other exercises you would suggest to help strengthen balance and intuitive connection?

Visualization - Visualize the strengthening and expanding your energetic field. Visualize the expansion of your energetic field, and visualize connecting that energetic field to the Earth below you and the heavens above you. Intentionally connect to and work in alignment with these terrestrial and celestial energies.

Grounding - Get your feet on the Earth, and in natural bodies of water, just your feet in the water, or even better your whole body. Swimming in unpolluted lakes and oceans, streams and rivers will get your nervous system humming with good energy. Being submerged in salt water is a way of allowing a slight reset to your magnetic field, while at the same time boosting your energetic field.

Meditation - Keep a daily meditation practice. If you can meditate outside, even better...next to flowing water, even better. Allowing yourself this time to reflect inwards daily is very important, regardless of where you do this.

Toning - Get your nervous system humming with good energy. Your own voice can activate a very positive and calming effect on your nervous system. By calming your nervous system you allow greater energetic flow. Specific kinds of toning like Bee's Breath is wonderful, especially within a group, because groups can amplify the energetic flow of the practice. But just humming can be very beneficial as well, especially working in tandem with drones, like singing bowls, or some binaural beats, or some meditation music. Vibrate your body.

Community – Intentionally gather and surround yourself with many like-minded people that are vibrating at the same or similar rates of vibration. Together you will strengthen your ability to unwaveringly hold a higher resonance with much greater efficiency.

Finding those you can openly share your energetic and intuitive experiences with, and actually sharing these experiences, will strengthen your connection to these experiences and help yourself to have more higher-level energetic experiences and allow deeper intuitive experiences...as well as facilitating yourself to put more trust in these experiences. Learning to trust these experiences and the intuitive information they contain is a very important part to strengthening this connection and increasing the frequency in which they happen, until they become your normal experiences.

You are not alone in this... Ever. You have a vast amount of help on many many levels. You have higher dimensional beings working with you. You have many many others incarnated into this timeline that are here to work at holding the resonance of this great shift that your planet and all of humanity are undergoing...as you are currently doing with greater and greater efficiency. As you start to come together more and more, you start to strengthen your connection to this higher resonance all around, becoming more and more comfortable with every aspect of this shift.

Bring the people together.