Be patient

We live in the time of a great change upon this planet. Collectively we have moved into a new energetic space, but it takes us time to understand this and to begin to work with these new energies instead of struggling against them.

We each move through integrating these new energies at our own pace. We all work with our own comfort levels. We all have our own past traumas and karma to release. The ability to work with and flow with these new energies is part of who we are, yet those abilities can be eclipsed by the blinding sun of our own current state of consciousness in this physical reality and the filters and programs that we are experiencing this physical life through.

We're all stubborn and don't like to move out of our comfort zones. We've got to push past that. Go into the uncharted territory with a sense of adventure. Excitement leads to transformation. Be grateful. Gratitude opens doors. Find the things that bring you true honest energetic bliss. Bliss pulls down the walls and blockades that keep us from seeing the truth of who we truly are. Don't allow fear to be your only point of reference. The fear is only there to facilitate greater movement, but not if you let it control you. Don't freeze up in fear, but when it comes use it as fuel to propel yourself forward.

This change is upon us, it is happening now, but there is no set time frame. This all happens as it is supposed to for each of us. Be patient. Want to help yourself integrate these energies quicker? Help others. What can you do to help? Facilitate openings within people. Cultivate bliss in your own life and share that with others. Open doors to connect more and more people together in working with these new energies. “Bring the people together.”

Be the light that you want to see in this world.

InnerSelfSustained ~