I've had an amazing amount of potent synchronicities happening this week. One of which is that I've been led to re-read The Hathor Material by Tom Kenyon, this came up as a 'suggestion' in my morning meditation.

In part of the first chapter (page 10-11) is Tom was recounting his return home from Nashville after his 'failed' music career as a country singer. He was getting a ride from a friend from Nashville back to North Carolina and his friend wanted to stop for the night to see a teacher of his who lived in the mountains. This man was Jim Goure.

Jim's 'almost first words' to Tom were, “I'd like you to go out into the front meadow, and see what you can sense. Come back and tell me what you experience.” Odd as this request was, Tom did as requested and said this “To my utter amazement I had the visual impression of a dome sitting there.” “As I looked at the dome I could see inside that there were different chambers with colored lights, and there were people inside meditating for peace and an end to conflict between all the peoples of the world.”

Tom went back inside and recounted to Jim what he had seen, Jim then proceeded to pull out a blueprint. This was blueprint for the exact structure Tom had just seen in the field and Jim's description of the dome was just as Tom had envisioned.

After reading this I thought to myself that this description sounded much like the UR Light Dome in Black Mountain, NC. This dome is a beautiful space where I am so grateful to be facilitating a Sound Healing Journeywork workshop on August 20th. The next morning I googled Jim Gore, and it is in fact one and the same place!!!

It's absolutely inspiring to find so many of these amazing synchronicities happening at such regular intervals. They are such wonderful affirmations to me that I am on the right path, that stepping out on a limb and moving into this work with sound and resonance full time is leading towards something potent and extremely meaningful.

Deepest gratitude. I am paying attention.

If you are near NC or want to be, please join us for this event:

I'm very much looking forward to sharing this experience. Also, there is a full solar eclipse happening the following day which is only visible on the east coast from SC and western NC here on the east coast. <3