Are we individuals? Or have we merely become corporate programmed consumers?

Are we individuals? Or have we merely become corporate programmed consumers?

Many of us work meaningless jobs as cogs in a system. We trade our precious time for money which no longer holds any collateral value. The value that money does hold comes wholly from the belief that we have been tricked into putting into a manipulated monetary system of computer generated numbers and intrinsically worthless paper strips.

Our jobs, if we were allowed to work efficiently, could be done in a quarter of the time or be outright replaced by machines through technology that we already know about, and a lot more technology that has been hidden from us.

Most of us are taught to express our 'individuality' through factory made, mass produced products. We are taught that in order to maintain this 'individuality' we must keep up with trends and keep purchasing the latest clothes, technology, and whatever else through a highly targeted form of manipulation known as advertising. (…/marketing-politicians-manipulation-psych…/)

Our education system is designed to train us to mindlessly regurgitate the 'facts' we are told, not to think for ourselves. We are trained for standardized testing so that we can move into a standardized corporate workplace.

Many of us live in overpriced inefficient homes that rely on burning oil or gas to stay warm. We have no option but to use this outdated technology because of the large scale suppression of less lucrative more efficient technologies.

Our whole lives are set within this system of manipulation. Education, the media, the health industry, the food industry, the energy industry, the monetary system, they are all owned by the same people through a network of corporate fronts. A “super-entity” of 147 corporations appears to be running the world, and those corporations are completely interconnected with the Federal Reserve. (More info on this:…/davids-blog/1023-financial-tyranny)

How do we free ourselves from this system? How do we tip the scales towards this great awakening that we are all starting to seek?

Just being a guiding light of kindness and compassion is enough to affect this world. Kindness and compassion are resonances that help to affect this change in ourselves and in those that we come into contact with. This has been known for many, many millennia, which is why at the root of most religions, before they are subjugated for manipulation, kindness and compassion are the core of the teachings. This time of great awakening has been talked about by many ancient cultures. And the time of ancient prophecy that we have heard about from so many ancient cultures is this time that we live in now, it's hardwired into the cosmos.

I believe that once we free ourselves from these systems of manipulation humanity will have a massive revolution of consciousness. I believe this will happen in our lifetimes. I believe that we are all waking up to this change, some of us are awakening sooner than others, but all of us humans are headed this way. I believe that this change is hard wired into the Universe. I believe that kindness and compassion are the key tools in activating this revolution. I believe that together we can do anything. I believe that right now we are on the cusp of a great planetary awakening, one that has been pointed to for millennia, and with each one of us that undergoes this awakening individually, we are closer and closer to reaching the tipping point for all of humanity to awaken. <3

Be the light that you want to see in this world.

InnerSelfSustained ~