This world is changing

This world is changing. The energetic space we dwell in is shifting. How can we better integrate this energetic change / shift and what can we do to help this change along?

Come together in groups. Practice listening. Practice accepting others without judgment and without deeming others right or wrong. Realize our connection. Realize the truth of oneness. Do the self work. All that manifests 'outwards' is a reflection of the beliefs and programs that we hold within. Become aware of the programs that you / we may hold inside that run constantly, that may not actually reflect your / our shifting world view, but that still keep running nonetheless. 

All of us hold programs like this that have been integrated into our subconscious selves at very young ages. These programs always run, even though they do not match our current consciousness level and current world view. This creates cognitive dissonance, a clashing within, this is why we have such a hard time with the Law of Attraction at times. We must work to release these programs by accepting and working with the idea of infinite energetic oneness.

If we choose to believe in the Law of Attraction, then we believe that we are tuning in the world around us. If we choose to believe in Ho'oponopono, then we believe that we are tuning in the energetic version of the people that we come into contact with. This is significant. This means that nothing exists except for infinite possibility...and the physical world is something that we build from a vast energetic field of infinite possibility. 

This puts the power to change yourself, and change your world directly in your hands. These antiquated programs are holding aspects of ourselves out of tune. It's time to be objective about ourselves, find these programs and let them go.

Be open. Accept. Listen. Recognize the triggers that come up, acknowledge them. Let them go. Sometimes the easiest way to recognize your triggers is to look at where you are passing judgment. Judgments are showing us where our belief systems are running into friction with the world around us, which will show us where we may have contrasting beliefs, and cognitive dissonance as a result. Replace these triggers with an acknowledgment that you are the one that is actually tuning the trigger in, calling it to you subconsciously. 

You cannot change another through your judgment, only through your acceptance. 

You cannot change yourself through your judgment, only through your acceptance. 

Be the light you wish ti see in this world.

InnerSelfSustained ~