What is the “Major Scale” of our Consciousness?


I am a musician. In my music career, I am a performer, a songwriter, a recording artist, but more than anything else, I am a teacher...and because I teach, I am a perpetual student. Teaching music has given me a much stronger knowledge of music. The many students I've had have all had vastly different perceptions on what music is, and those student's perceptions of what music is, and their perceptions of how music is arranged has helped me to refine my own perception of music. Sometimes it's the person that knows the least about a subject that can teach us the most. When a person doesn't have the “rules” ingrained into them, sometimes they have a purer vision of the whole. When a person doesn't have all the answers, sometimes they have just the right question. An untrained person still sees the subject as a whole and not just the fragments that the knowledge gets broken up into from years of study and practice.

There is no "right or wrong" in music, we only make those judgment calls on what is “right” and what is “wrong” per personal preference, or per how we're trained...which comes only out of how it has been done in the past. Music is an art form. There is no “Right or Wrong” in art. In music, if it sounds good to you, then...that is music to your ears, it's that simple. Well...I think all of life is also an art form. I think we should always be asking ourselves, “Is this music to me? Is this life of mine, music to my ears?” Unfortunately, many of us never have the opportunity to see life as an art form. From birth, we are all trained to live within certain structures and taught to see things a certain way - “The way that it is.” Why is it this way? “Because that's the way it is.”

We've built these towering structures within our lives, governing systems, monetary systems, educational systems, religious systems...the list goes on and on, working it's way into everything that we do as humans. But these systems, using the metaphor of music here, are symphonies. They are already constructed and conducted, they are pre-defined and taught to us as whole systems. Though years of teaching music, I realize that you don't start by teaching whole systems, in order to understand a system you teach the building blocks used to build those systems. If you understand how a structure is built then you usually understand the structure. In western music the building blocks are the Major Scales. Everything in western music comes from and is judged against the Major Scale. The Major Scales aren't just the building blocks, they ARE the system of classification that is used to assign order and communicable understanding to ALL aspects of music.

Well...I have a question. What is the “Major Scale” of our consciousness?

What is the “Major Scale” equivalent in our consciousness? What are the building blocks that all of our structures are built from??? What are we working with that we build structures like government, education, religion, out of? What is it, exactly? And, not just our larger structures, but what about the structure of our day to day lives and our meetings with others, our daily routines, our trips to the store, our walks in the park, our day jobs, our passions? What are the building blocks of those encounters and happenings? Where does this structure come from? What are we working with here? Do we have a consistent set of building blocks that we are drawing from? Or are we just working with haphazard melodies and dis-harmonic chords whose tones are built from years of layering, rather than a consonant resonance?

It appears that a disharmony in our building blocks may be the case, and the cause of a lot of strife in the world. It appears that we are just building our structures off of pre-existing structures that were built off of pre-existing structures, and that we no longer even know where theses original structures have come from. We have no “Major Scale” system to work with. We teach our children that the “art form” they follow, which is the intuition they are born with, is wrong and “these structures” are the structures to live within if you want to survive in this world. They ask, “Why?” We say, “Because that's the way it is.” But do we know where these structures came from or how they were built? What do they represent? What did they represented originally? And what do these original representations mean to us today? Are they even relevant? Does each generation continue to build these structures higher and higher without any clue as to what the foundation is that we are actually building upon?

More and more people are awakening in this world. With this awakening comes the realization that what you put out to the world, is what you get back. I think “what you put out to the world, is what you get back” applies even stronger for these massive structures we have created. There is so much collective focus put upon these structures, from so many different people, so many of us focus our attention into these structures magnifying and maintaining the energy within them. Even those people that are starting to to feel a deeper awakening are still feeling the need to focus their energies on these structures, because we are trained that we have to...we are trained that these structures are THE structures we HAVE to work within because that is how the world works and if we don't work within these structures, there will be consequences to pay, that's just how it works, “Because that's the way it is.” But what is the structure that we are putting our energy into, what is it built form? What building blocks are we working with? And when we put our energies into those structures, what are we going to get back?

When we put our energy into systems of greed, we get a reflection of greed back within ourselves. When we put our energies into power struggles, we get a reflection of power struggles back within ourselves. When we put our energy into a system of lies and deceit we get a reflection of lies and deceit back within ourselves. When we put our energies into things we don't understand, we get a lack of understanding back within ourselves. Does this sound to you like how our larger structures are seen in this world?

It's time to become more aware of WHAT it exactly is that we are using as our building blocks...as our “Major Scales” to form our world and the structured beliefs and systems within it. These building blocks reflect and arrange large portions of our lives, greatly magnifying the energy put into them. When we find structures that no longer resonate within us, whether it's a major structure or a minor structure, we must learn how to step away rather than continue building from these structures only because we fear the consequences of stepping away. Step away from the separation that greed, deceit and misunderstanding brings to this world. Step away from the separation that not being true to yourself brings to this world. Instead of feeding the separation and going along with what has come before you out of fear, and “Because that's the way it is,” consciously decide to be the light you want to see in the world - “Because that's the way we want it to be.” When we decide to uniformly change the building blocks used in this world, the larger structures have no choice but to be built by the blocks that are used. That is living life as an art form.

We need to learn how to work in harmony with each other. We need to learn how to make music together, so we need a new set of “scales” to set the standard from which we can write new “symphonies” that actually sound like music to us. We need structures that support understanding and compassion for each other. And we need to learn how to pay attention to those that know the least about our structures, our children. They can teach us about this world, their view has not yet been fragmented. Be an art form. Be the light.

About the author

Ben Carroll is a musician, sound healer, songwriter, teacher, writer and perpetual student of life. 

A very wise man once told me that "In order to understand your spiritual growth you have to give it away."