Reconnecting With Intuition


There is more to us then we sometimes realize in our day to day lives. Sometimes the hustle and the bustle of this world keeps us focused outside of ourselves and we start to lose touch with our deep inner connectedness and our deeper inner vision. We, as humans, have forgotten the awesome power of intuition that lies at the core of each of us in this world. From the moment of birth to our last breath, we have this deep inner connection that allows us access to vast amounts of intuitive knowledge and the immeasurable transcendent energy of the all. This connection lies at the core of each and every one of our beings. The reason we don't always realize we have this intuition within us, even when we are actually looking and listening, is once we get entangled with the physical world, we tend to expect this knowledge to come up within ourselves as language...we expect English or whatever language we are comfortable speaking. This connection does not communicate in words, but with something much deeper and purer. We must remember how to interpret this within ourselves. 

You've heard the phrase, “Follow your heart.” This is as simply as it can possibly be put. Follow your heart. Look inside of yourself, focus and breathe into your heart center. Feel the warmth and the deeper connection forever emanating from within. We must learn to listen to our deeper selves beyond the dualistic confines of language. Language is limiting and it separates things, it's nature and function is dualistic. The use of language itself actually creates a separation between yourself, the thing you are writing or speaking about and the words you are actually writing or speaking with. That's ok, that is the nature of our existence in the physical world, but to find deeper knowledge that can transcend our experiences here, we must let go and find another way...a simpler way.

To listen to the deeper knowledge within we must let go, surrender and focus our attention into our heart center. Feel the power, the love, the connection, the creation vibration, all emanating from our heart center. We will learn to strengthen our bond with that feeling, that raw, unrefined, unassigned, uncategorizable emotional connection center...the connection to your center. Learn to find a way to flow into this awesome state of connection and bliss. This is the seat of your intuition. 

Make it a daily practice to allow yourself to let go and be enveloped by this connecting force. Through doing this you are finding yourself again, you are remembering why you are here, or at least remembering how to remember. Finding the deeper essence of who we truly are outside of our connectedness to our external worlds is very important at this time. Energies are shifting, as your old patterns start to feel more and more irrelevant, look within to start understanding the new energies and finding the new patterns that work for you now.

Once this deeply connected feeling state starts to become familiar within you, you may start to recognize some of that feeling of connection as patterns working themselves into thoughts. Those patterns may start to be able to be identifiable with words. Although words may greatly diminish the awesomeness of the feeling of connectedness within your heart center, words are what we currently have to work with to express our ideas and feeling outwards to one another. To bring forth and share with others the intuitive knowingness of your heart center you'll have to smash it's completeness with these dualistic references that are our words. Just remember the most important thing is to trust yourself, follow your intuition, it's time we started to open up to one another on deeper and deeper levels so that we can start collectively moving towards the new paradigm of existence on this planet. To know peace, we must know ourselves and find our peace within, only when we have peace within us can we carry it to the outer word.

As we learn to feel the connection to our heart centers, we will find the immeasurable depth within that space that casts fear and anxiety out of our lives. Use this awesome awareness to bring light into this world in any way that feels right to you. You have the power to change this world. It's inside of you. It has always been there, it will always be there. Find yourself. Be the light.