"I am a musician, sound healer, songwriter, teacher, writer and perpetual student of life. These days my focus is on teaching music & facilitating healing through sound. The music I'm playing is leaning more towards working with sound, vibration & resonance as a healing & consciousness expanding modality."

Ben Carroll is a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, former Universal Recording Artist, instrumental artist, teacher and a perpetual student of music. With a successful music career that spans almost 2 decades, selling more than a half-million albums; releasing nine albums with Ra as a lead guitarist, two albums of instrumental guitar music, three albums with The Hollow Glow as the lead vocalist and guitarist, 2 new age/ambient soundscape exploration albums, "Multidimensional Voice" & "Singing Bowl & Voice Meditations," a singer/songwriter acoustic solo album, “Illuminated Heart” and 2 albums with Half Past My Sin which features Jason Bittner of Shadows Fall. Ben has had experience on all levels of the music industry, from playing 30,000 seat arenas to playing coffee shops, from recording with big name producers in big name studios to recording self-produced music on laptops. Lately Ben is spending less time on the road (enjoying waking up in one place every day very much,) but is very busy teaching and recording.

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