Transmuting denser energy into Light ~ Part 1

Transmuting denser energy into Light ~Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~


There are so many of these denser energies coming to the surface at this time, showing up as fear, as prejudice, as intolerance... This is part of the energetic shifting we are all undergoing.

As these denser energies get bombarded with higher frequency energy they get forced to the surface. All of this negativity that we see coming to the surface at this time is doing so to allow them to be transmuted into higher frequencies. As we release this density the dense energy is transmuted into light, releasing density and allowing flow, cycling us further upwards and our resonant frequencies continue their ascent upwards.

We've been carrying all of these denser energies as programming, as traumas that we have undergone, as limiting belief systems about ourselves and about the world that we had trained into us. As these are coming to the surface they seem to be growing stronger, but the truth is that they grow bright so that they can ultimately burn way or another.

Do not slip into fear as you see this happening in the world around you, but stay in your own center, stay in your own flow, lighting your own light to be a beacon of light in this time of transmuting darkness. You are needed. 💚

Be the light that you wish to see in the world.

InnerSelfSustained ~

~Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~