Cultivate your own bliss


Cultivating bliss is a task of extreme importance in these times. Massive changes are on the tips of our fingers and tongues as new energies filter through our every state of being. Let us welcome these shifts in gratitude and bask in the bliss that can come with this warm open welcoming. We are here to usher in a new age. We are here to bring the light. ðŸ’š

Part of what helps us to maintain the access to our happiness and bliss is actively seeking the higher road at every intersection and maintaining presence of mind in all things, especially in those things that tend to annoy us and cause us to lose our presence of mind and shut down our higher connections. In this instance I'm not talking about the big things, death, destruction, violence...I'm speaking of the smaller things like not receiving what you would choose or something taking longer than you expected.

In these times of apparent misfortune anger can come bubbling up as our programmed belief systems of how things should be comes up against a trigger point. This anger is ok if used productively. Analyze the situation and find the root of the anger if you can. Also notice the patterns of when it is that the anger tends to come up. What invades your happiness? When things are not as you expect them to be, does that encroach upon your happiness and keep your bliss at bay? If yes, why?

Living life expecting every day to be one certain way is not living life to it's fullest. This puts conditions on your state of being. Happiness and bliss become dependent on how you think things “should” be.

Eventually functioning from this space of accepting only limited types of situations can develop into fear as you start to gain an understanding what types of situations may encroach upon your conditions for happiness. Once this happens fear gets triggered when a situation starts to seem as though it may be going in a direction against those conditions for happiness. This will grow into a fear of change and a clinging always to the way things are and how you feel they should be. Ultimately this closes you off from many potentially wonderful and life changing experiences.

Let go of your conditions for happiness. Be open and present and interact with all things from a space of curiosity. If you come upon something that you view as an intrusion, there is a message for you in that intrusion. You must be open to receive that message.

The more we can let go of our need to direct all things and all situations to follow only one path, the more we can become aware of the deeper parts of ourselves, our energetic flow, and the subtle energies that interact with the world and ourselves. Ultimately by freeing ourselves from this trap we will deeply reconnect to our own intuition and higher self on ever strengthening levels.

Getting out of routine helps with this openness. Go to new places. Find new experiences. Take a different path home. If you are always in the same environment, taking the same path every day, expecting the same experiences with the same people, then you will undoubtedly end up closing yourself down and cutting yourself off from the openness required to stay present and cultivate your bliss and your happiness in all situations..not just a few select situations that you've chosen.

Be open to change for we are now entering into a time of great energetic shifting. This shifting is part of the obvious chaos going on in the world today. It's only scary if you are struggling against this. Be wide open and allow these changes to fully permeate your being...physical, emotional, spiritual. From this path of openness you will find your way to experiences so amazing that they may be unimaginable to you at this moment in your life.

Good things are coming. <3