Happy Equinox ~ A perfect day for returning to balance


On this day of the Fall Equinox we have a day of perfect balance between the light and dark. This is the perfect day for us to focus returning to balance within ourselves.

Energetic balance is about maintaining our energetic flow. Denser energies can upset the delicate balance of flow between your energy centers. If you are blocked in one area that blockage will stifle the flow of energy through to other areas.

Your breath is deeply connected to your energetic flow. With every breath in feel the flow of energy through your entire body, through your physical body and through your energy centers. Notice if the breath gets stuck in any particular area. Notice if any areas feel stuck or denser than other areas. Breathe into those areas.

Imagine that with every breath in you are breathing in light, and that light is flowing through your entire body, shining light into any darkness and creating flow within and through any areas of denser energies.

Energetic balance is about maintaining flow by releasing any blockages. Blockages can be caused by any number of things, emotional trauma, limiting belief systems, stress... We carry these blockages around within us as denser energies, and if we can get ourselves into the right state of mind we can release these these blockages and return to a beautiful flow state.

InnerSelfSustained ~