To remember

To remember:
Just remember how good it feels to breathe and be alive. Feel every cell in your body tingling with life force energy, feel the trillions of atoms that make up each of your cells, feel the energetic connection of every atom within you to the space around you. There is no separation between the atoms composing your body and the atoms composing the chair you are sitting on, or the atoms that make up the planet, or all of the atoms in the entire Universe. As Nassim Haramein says, “all protons are entangled.” the center of each of those numerous atoms composing your body is a proton that is fully connected to all other protons in the universe, each is fully connected to this information network of the entire Universe. As we each learn about ourselves, the Universe learns about itself through us, and the more the Universe learns from each of it's infinitely large number of information portals, the more information we have within us. This Akashic information collection is fully available holographically in each and every proton within this Universe...which means, all of the knowledge of the Universe is directly networked to every proton in your body...ALL of the knowledge of the Universe lies within YOU. We just have to remember how to connect to that network from within this transitory filtered state of consciousness. Please help us each to remember that to access and engage this connection, to open this gateway within us, all we need to do is just remember how good it feels to breathe and be alive...this simple energetic entrainment puts us in direct vibrational resonance with the Universe. Allow yourself to find that feeling and move into it, dimensionally, within you. That feeling of remembering our connection through remembering the ecstatic joy of breathing and being alive holds the key. It is a beautiful simple truth. We each hold a key to the information gateway of the Universe.