A different perspective

Here is an easy way to see how 2 things can physically exist at the same time, in the same space. With a lit candle, hold a triangle space between your fingers/hands. Focus on the candle flame through the space between your 2 hands. See how depending on the visual perspective that you choose to see, the candle flame is either covered by your fingers or uncovered in the open space between your fingers. Practice seeing both perspectives.

Now, while still focusing on the candle flame, see both perspectives at the same time. Notice how you can see 2 triangles shapes side by side where your logical mind tells you that there should only be one. In one of the spaces your fingers are covering the flame and in the other space the flame is in the center of the open space, completely uncovered. Now, notice how you can see your fingers superimposed on top of the candle flame, seeing how the flame is both covered and uncovered at the same time. You are now seeing 2 contrasting possibilities in one single viewing.

The same type of overlapping is possible in our physical spacetime reality.

Right now, at this time, there are 2 overlapping physical realities on this Earth. Throughout the day yesterday, I came to understand that the Earth is really on 2 simultaneous paths right now...although that is a vast understatement because there is an infinite gradient of paths for each of those 2 paths...but there really seems to be 2 distinct outcomes within those gradients: The destruction of us (of sorts) or the shifting into the New Earth. Both paths are held here and are fully available right now...and now is the time, individually and collectively, to consciously choose to work towards one or the other.

It's time for us to consciously choose to work towards a New Earth. That is why many of us chose to be here in this specific spacetime time-frame. All these shifts that we've been looking for and talking about, they are right here with us, right now, and we are the agents of change.

We must choose to move into the spacetime reality of this New Earth by choosing to tune ourselves to that spacetime reality. Once in tune, we are then able to hold ourselves in resonance with that path. Let us work together to resonate with the path of the New Earth. Remember who you truly are, be the guiding light that you've seeded yourself to be in this world. Namaste.